There's people on this Earth who WILL defend this bitch. Humanity should stop reproducing like in the show.

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Nothing. Wrong.

Post this in one of the other 4 threads fucking retard

No because I'm too fucking pissed

This, they piloted a robot together it's not like she slept with him. People are blowing this out of proportion.

You still think this show isn't about sex?

Piloting a robot isn't sex regardless of the fan-service positioning.

The girl who stile the baby book and literally talked to the guy about wanting to make babies isn't interested in having sex with him?

Are you delusional?

>There are people in this planet who watch trigger's latest NTR bait flop.

I'd gladly protect this happiness.

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Hit the gym, fatty.
Maybe stop being clingy to girls that are nice enough to talk to you as if you're a human being.
>inb4 roastie
No way out fatties.

Unpopular opinion: she is at fault for being a whore. Fatboi is also at fault for taking her for granted and being a fat slob. Verdict: both to be executed by firing squad.

Personally I quite like a woman with a spine to back up that ass

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I want to destroy her happiness

i hope she get pregnat and miscarriages

Why are the mecha fights so shit


Because they're just the throwaway plot device of the series, the actual meat is the character drama.

They're great. But the focus clearly isn't on them.

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>Humanity should stop reproducing
One step ahead of you there pal.

It's not a mecha show, hence why I actually like it.


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nc Ort hu ded it?

They're so cute. When do they get to go on a date together?

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They aren't

Is this elvish?


She hardly did anything wrong. Fatso was being weird and creepy with his "pilot with me forever".

nothing wrong.

She is the Nina Purpleton of Trigger.

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It's time.

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Objectively superior opinion.

I don't even watch the show but these two look perfect together. Fuck the fatslob.

you are missing the point, its about the 180 degree turn in two minutes

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she's cute

People are blowing this way out of proportion. Sure, she should have been honest and rejected him, but Fatoshit was being unreasonably clingy as always and she played allong with him because she is to kind to outright reject someone.
Meanwhile, the fatty is a complete mess.
He is completely selfish.
Is a lazy glutton, that's two deadly sins right there.
He is acting like a spoiled brat, thinking he is entitled to Kokoro's love just because she was his partner (not her choice)
Takes out his anger on everyone.
Resorts to violence.
Is a fat disgusting pig.

Don't mind me. I'm just passing through to remind you all who the best girl is.

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In fact the squad will benefit from this switch up. They had two average pairs where one had connection problems all the time. Now they've got another 100 sync rate unit and another that is at least functional because they connected without a problem. Not only didn't she do nothing wrong. She did good.

It's debatable if the way she did it was good.

>its the NTR episode


>In two minutes

Based Zorome.

They should let Miku pilot with Futoshi, and Ikuno with Zorome. Miku x Zorome does work, but perhaps being switched up will also produce even better results, and more 100% stable connections.

Don't forget that she was in a dependent position towards him, as his emotional stability also affects their chance of survival in combat. Turning the manchild down could literally get them both killed if he started resenting her for it

It was so fucking annoying. Fatoshi and Kokoro should both suffer.

If they tried to break ZoroMiku apart I would be genuinely upset.

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I don't think separating couples that are at 100% is a good idea, I guess that is a safe threshold for now.

Yeah but I really doubt it. Goro and Ichigo made their peace. Hiro can't be swapped.

>Splitting up Miku and Zorome

Those two are literally made for each other. It's like they skipped all the steps of a relationship so they could enjoy being a pair squabbling grandparents with each other.

Their love is so pure it's literally beyond our ability to comprehend

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Why should anyone care or be considerate for a fatfuck anyway. He deserved it for the sole reason of his weight.

But what if Miku loves doing it with Futoshi? Perhaps she wants some cute blubber to fluff with.

>there are people defending that whining lardass

Fatso being pathetic piece of shit her being stupid cunt. They both should die.

This is truth.

The tsuncouple love each other user, don't try to fool yourself.

>They should let Miku pilot with Futoshi
Too far.

Mitsuru gets to tap this

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miku thinks hes gross

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What do we think is gonna happen next ep?

>Hiro returns 02's kiss
>And they go even further?
>Ichigo returns Goro's feelings
>Zorome and Miku briefly go full dere
>Kokoro and Mitsuru procreate
>Sakuratime 02?

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Or is infertile, that would be poetic justice.

That's really the only thing that brings Kokoro down imo, the way how she could just brush away that as: Yeah I did break a promise I gave to fatass whatever, some people do things like that. She absolutely doesn't care.

we will find out if the children are infertile soon

>trying to ship Miku with Futoshi.
Don't you even fucking try and start that shit. Miku loves Zorome only. She might be a bitch to him but they're very much in love. Also, Zorome even admits to himself that no one else would be able to handle her when she's being a complete bitch.

She is not interested in any other guys.

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Miku is a tsundere. She likes talking mean with Zorome, but is fine with him. Thus, she could tell Futoshi that she hates his fat body, but then take his big meaty baguette inside like a champ.

It fucking pissed me off. I hope something will happen next episode. First she shit on fatso and made problem for Mitsuru and avoided explaining why to either of them. Then she entered radio silence and tried to go solo berserk ignoring orders. If they just let her like that it will be annoying.

Goro would think circles around any of the girls and handle them easily, but he has his strawberry and he's happy that way.

I guess a Ikuno episode, her coming yo the fact that Ichigo is not interested in her. Maybe some interactions with Futoshi to share the disappointment of not being able to pilot with people they wanted to.

Now that I think about it, this show actually has a point. I am scared about the future of humanity. Maybe we will not be able to reproduce anymore.

In the near future, people will need to get a license in order to procreate in the United Kingdom.

being a cunt, and saying you find someone gross are 2 completely different things

theres no recovery from being called gross by a girl

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You fatfucks delusions are getting out of control.

good, make it illegal for those muslims to breed

Why is it unpopular? Both of them deserve suffering. It's just that fatty got a little more yesterday. I do hope that corrects itself by Mitsuru turning out sterile because of his drugs and Fatty turns into a stud.

The only person I have any sympathy left for in this show is pic related.

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But user, it's the muslim overlords who will hand out the breeding license to the white minority.


There's people on this Earth who think professional relationships are like marriages. She's just with a better co-worker now, that's all.

It has actually been statistically proven that couples with a low tolerance for each others bullshit are the healthiest and longest lasting one.

Both Miku and Zorome aren't even being bitchy towards each other. But they both immediately call the other one out for their bullshit. That's why they are so stable compared to the other kids (who have no idea how to resolve relationship conflicts).

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Fatty had plenty of warning she wasn't that into him.

He shouldn't have tried to confess to her with everyone listening in DURING THE MIDDLE OF A COMBAT MISSION. Of course she's not gonna tell him what she really feels.

Thank god our boy Goro is actually respectful of his partner, confesses to her privately and is cool if she's not ready to return his feelings yet.

Basically be a Goro, not a Fatoshi.

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She's going to rebel against papa because she wants to shit out babies. I'm not kidding.

This. Fatoshi shouldn’t have acted like a retard and white knighted a slut like kokoro

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>a slut in her natural habitat

Fucking NTR...

>fatfags latching on to Miku
absolutely repulsive. Enjoy your cold lesbian.

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They need to experiment a little bit. Futoshi might not be so bad for Miku after all.
He's just a little bit big boned.


>this picture

brilliant, the only thing missing is kokoro holding a box of pregnancy tests

I'm sure you meant condom package with a giant hole in it

never thought of it like that

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Miku is for Zorome, you fucking deviants.

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Heh, she did what she had to do. Mitsuru should have said no, shit would have been funnier.

I'll never forgive her.

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the 2 leftovers will work well together

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>I love you Ichigo, I have to say it because I can't lie to myself anymore, but I won't hold you to it because you're only human and I can understand if you don't immediately reciprocate my love

>Kokoro-chan you are so beautiful and awesome, you must promise to be my official partner forever and I will protect your honor always because you are an innocent girl who needs protecting always.

The difference between how Goro and Futoshi think of their partners is enormous. Futoshi's romance with her was doomed the moment he said that. Stop putting women on a pedestal.

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Well at least we'll get a ton of NTR doujin out of this mess.

based milkman would have taken any out that allowed him to get rid of the gimp horse that had been holding him back for years

Can we agree that 11 episode is controversial AND it's better than just a beach and bath fanservice?

I thought girls like attention, why does she get so fired up over it?

unironically this

mitsuru wanted to switch partners back in episode 3

why was he not happy kokoro said that?

>all these delusional fatshits and ex-Kokoro fags ITT

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