Jesus, what an asshole. How can you say this to your friend after he's had his heart broken so cruelly?

Jesus, what an asshole. How can you say this to your friend after he's had his heart broken so cruelly?

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Because. as you can see by the whale-like mass he's become, the time for being nice is over. The truth is what he needs.

Real friends give each other the kick in the ass they need

It's the truth and real, close friends drop the truth like that.
People that lie to you (whie, gentle lies), don't care about you as much as you think.

user, that was what this episode was all about.

He's right, though. The problem ist that Futoshi is a fat guy who eats 24/7 with an unpleasent clingy personality that always needs reassurence.

Sometimes a good dose of reality is the best for you.

When a dingo eats your baby, it creates a painful, but instructional memory that makes you not put your baby in dingo pits. Those kinds of memories can fundamentally change a person and make them act completely differently. If fatty associates being fat with losing the love of his life, he will come to resent being fat.

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Fatso had to hear that real talk, having a cheeky dude to deliver is better than getting the same from goro.

Well you sure are happy with your hypocrite friends then.

And according to the pleasure scale that is officially displayed on their backs and on the big computer screens, she liked it even more than she ever did with the big guy.

He said the right thing. Fatso fucked up being clingey and stupid. Kokoro is a piece of shit too. They both should be sent in training bots on the frontline.

Fatties aren't actually people.

So when's edgy Futoshi?

Because he is his friend. When your friend is being annoying and should improve himself, you need to tell him. Otherwise he keeps making himself the laughingstock.

implying she was to begin with

poor girl had to put up the fat piece of shit.

Because he'd eat me if he continued to gain weight.

If you care about someone you've gotta lay down the the law specifically if it's physical unhealthy tendencies. If you want to spend as much time with then as you can in life motivate them with support of tough love to be healthy. If you've got people in your life that enable self destruction they don't truly care about you.

Keep encouraging him to eat and be a fat slob. That way you'll look better in comparison.

At least that's how I'd think if I was in that situation.

She wasn't his girl.

Ikumo liked it with futoshi then milkman

*shift clicks this thread*

We actually have no clue how much Ikuno likes it with Futoshi, since we don't have their numbers yet.
We just know that both can pilot together. But so could the plantation 26 parasites with each another, who are strictly business.

It's called tough love. Nothing else works.

He is a bro who confronts fatty with the harsh truth

Ironically if he listened to him he would have a better chance with her he needs to stop eating 24/7 and get /fit/.

Finally, a harsh reality hit straight at Futoshi's face and destroying his unhealthy obsession for Kokoro.

Let this be a lesson to him for get /fit/ and stand like a man on it's own.

This. Zorome was actually the most competent person in the episode.

Good. It is better than this kind of toxic friend

He and his partner are literally 5 year old tsun character baiting to the younger audience

You have to go back.

Because Nippons aren't Tumblr. He got told, son.

I want to fuck darling

>telling someone to get healthy and gain the ability to live out his full, natural lifespan with a reduced risk of heart disease is "being an asshole"
Leftist indoctrination at work, folks.

>best friend on path to heart disease and diabeties
>best friend crying about hottie rejecting his tub of lard ass

So do you
a) tell fattie she was a whore, and tell him he's beatiful as he is (even though it will land him in an early grave, and is unhealthy)
b) tell fattie to lose some weight and that maybe she didn't want to drown in his lard ass when they copulate, and that's why she dumped him for milkchad (which will encourage him to get healthier, and maybe do something other then crying about how she left him about it)

Of course you're a snowflake, so you'll want a); because how dare someone tell you you didn't get what you wanted because it was your fault.

>Leftist indoctrination at work, folks.
remember, big is beautiful; and fat shamers are nazis. Because if there is one thing we know, it's that the left can't handle "truth"

He's right, you know. That's how you know Zorome looks out for him. Zorome is a real friend.

I will never allow those leftists to control my behavior. I will eat as many burgers as I want and become fat as fast as possible.
That'll teach them evil commies.


All of you are bigots.

Why can't we just gas all the fatty I fucking hate fatty

If you really hate yourself that much then start jogging.

>Sup Forums believes that friends should be Yes-Men worshiping you

Imagine being this narcissistic. No wonder you guys never had real friends.

That is exactly what you say to your fat friend after he brakes out,
That is why you will never have real friends OP.

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>Based Miku chastises Ichigo after she is a cunt to Goro
>Based Zorome chastises Fatty for being insufferable
They are perfect.

Nigger what I'm 51 kg.

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Jesus do you live on Africa or are you 12? Start eating, you damn skeleton.

Eat a salad fatty.

>delighted when boys cuter than him gain weight
>this is user

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I eat 3 time a day user I just avoid eating junk food as much as I can and do some push up almost every evening.

Futoshi should just keep getting bara-er and bara-er and eventually fuck all the guys as revenge


>meme youtube shit

Fuck off Nishikata

>51 kg
Cute boipussy

>Cute boipussy
Nah I actually have a hairy ass but I'm some what of a cute boy tho.

kill yourself

He is his true friend user. He tries to take the thot outside of his mind and put self improvement instead.

I have to lose my virginity to a qt3.14 virgin female(female) first then I might actually think about that.

not your personal blog faggot

He's straight up. Thats the whole point of having male friends, they tell it like it is

>Lanklets and manlets trying to talk shit