Some new Aquarion project

Some new Aquarion project

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I'm sure they won't fuck this one up.

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Oh boy. Can't wait for another stinker that doesn't have Akino doing the theme songs again.

Please let it be like Evol

>original is shit
>EVOL is perfect
>Logos is shit

But Logos was great you faggot

I liked it but I wouldn't call it good.

>>EVOL is perfect


MORE 10000 years
Fuck you Kawamori!

Oh boy can't wait for another 12,000 years of being mad

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Why? No one cares about his new show?

The second half of LOGOS is better than the entirety of the franchise.

Next you're gonna tell me you think Tomino isn't a god awful director.

EVOL wasn't very good, but the threads were fun here.

How? Logos was running on a 3 digits budget (maybe even less) and had no audience.

>EVOL is perfect
Better get that brain tumor of yours checked asap.

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Plamo? Concerts?

Fuck if I know

Make it stop


Mikono is my waifu!

It's sad that I've grown to expect nothing from Kawamori.

Go away Kawamori