what am i supposed to feel with this?
i dont know if i should be sad
or be happy that this shit is finally over
how are you handling it?

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why de fuck did freezer become the villian again
and why the fuck did jiren suffer so much
it was not fair

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I mean I'm sad there won't be weekly DB anymore but I figure we'll get another season after the movie anyways.

>he thinks it's over

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I'm glad since this board will finally get rid of underage spics.

Don't you realize Dragon Ball is done after this new movie.

How new are you?

Less new than the average DBSpic

i will never understand why people who call this anime absolute shit,keep coming every week to comment about it,watch it,make threads on Sup Forums etc? i mean why,is your life really that miserable or what

>he thinks it's over after the movie
Why introduce a new saiyan in a canon continuation of the plot after ToP then

Jesus Christ, can you fuck off? We've already got a million DB threads at once.

>is underage himself since he didnt watch dbz because he wasnt even born that time

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What about Haruhifags, Evafags, Idolfags and K-onfags?

>Implying it'll ever be over

One question, OP, did Pokemon ever die?

Because Dragon Ball became more of a childrens' show more than ever.

>Merch out its ass for little kids
>Timeslot conveniently for them
>Marketing every fucking where with kids in them

like, compare it to early DB where there were a lot of instants of gruesome gore and abuse in it or do I need to remind you of CALMA VIDEL

I'm sad that it's gonna take a break but at the same time, I'm not that eager to have more of this series only because it's getting that kind of oversaturation Pokemon has

it was bad for a dragonball
but dragonball finally got a continuation after so many years
also wanting to discuss shit with someone is a human need

Why do peruvians love K-on so much?

i just woke up, sorry i dont live in fatmurica?
you missunderstood
i dont know if they continue, most likely sometime they will
but i mean its at least over for a few months

Guess who's back, back again
Cauli's back, tell a friend
Guess who's back, guess who's back?
Guess who's back, guess who's back?
Guess who's back, guess who's back?
Guess who's back?

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Thinking about picking up Super again.

I watched film 14 and 15. Then later on started DBS, it felt like watching a bad rendition of film 14... I've been putting it off ever since.

Should I just skip to episode 28?

A fitting end to a sub-par series.
Are Humans the weakest species in DB?

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You should feel sad. There's a chance any of the VAs dying while Dragon Ball is on hiatus.

But I'm from El Salvador

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You should feel autistic, because show takes a break and will come back after movie release.

no.18 dumbass of the millenium

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it all felt so rushed to me

Not to mention that such a wish can be granted by the normal Dragonballs as well.

speedwatch and take note of the fact that the power levels differ between the films and the anime (i.e. Beerus is far stronker than in BoG)

You should feel ashamed for finishing this load of crap and making this retarded thread. Kill your family and End your life

Not even, the finale boat was funded by CC.

I didn't see it as Freeza being a villain again. Just that he finally returned in a smug sense, but secretly he had a change of heart. If you get me.


can you fucking spics stick to one motherfucking thread?

I would rather stick it in your mum

I feel legit sad cause of the loss of weekly laughs with spic memeposting. Definitely best part about DBS.

As for the episode itself, it sucks but who expected anything other than this super lazy writing? Best part was when Krillin was so surprised at 17 reviving the universes. Who could have expected it, when he wanted a cruise so much?!

It will be back, anyone thinking otherwise are retarded manchilds who don't understand basic economics of supply & demand

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> thinking the most popular show in Japan will shut down when its ratings are skyrocketing

Of course, It's already stated it will be back after the new movie

>most popular show in Japan
How new and Mexican are u

what happen
I won't watch it but I'm curious

this is what i wanted to say

i will kill your dumb family you piece of shit

Just caught the episode late, fuck all ya'll.

Post your fucking face when Jiren had the biggest grin before charging against Freeza and Goku in the last push

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literally nothing
all universes are back and no.17 was last man standing


he was the hero of this arc
best man
he deserves more love

it was cringey as fuck
the last 2 episodes were cancer and cringey as fuck to watch
no cool fighting
jiren was not a villian where you thought fuck yes goku is going to mop his ass

It's Toeis biggest franchise by far. It makes nearly twice as much as One Piece domestically and three times overseas. They're not just going to drop it.

>this shit is finally over

As if.

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Super did it for me.

It gave me half an hour a week in which I could forget all the shit of modern life and feel like a 7 yo kid cheering for goku all over again.

And there is nothing wrong with that.

>tfw she'll never be relevant ever again

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Cutegang is back, so im pretty happy. But i'm also happy we're getting more db in the future. Even though super had some dumb things going on all in all it was good fun

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>Super could have been better

They're all too busty.