Is she correct?

Is she correct?

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Going to go with eggplant purple here.

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And anything>Nero>>>>>>shit>>>>whoreslikeKiaraandMedb
Kohai strong

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I prefer chocolate purple myself.

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Fucking disgusting
Blue is the colour of nobilty while red is the colour of the plebians judging how king arthur is the king of the brits i understand why she choses red for all anglos are dirty unkept barbarians compared to their french counterparts and ancestors God damn William the bastard

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I prefer pink.

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Can you back that up?

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I see you're a man of culture aswell.

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No. Purple is best


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No, they just went and upgraded blue.

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Fate need to die

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Only one seiba matters

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William was French you mong

But that's what he said

So why is he damning him if he's a bluefag?

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Fate makes some much cash now only an act of suicide could stop it at this point.

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