Remember this show?

Remember this show?


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Haruhi is dead, it's about time we accepted this fact.

What would be a "proper" ending?

Is it true Kyon was the actual god and not Haruhi? I've read some theories and they are pretty convincing.

Kyon was the god all along

What happened to the author anyway?

Disappearance was a good place to end. I started reading the novel after Disappearance and it wasn't as good.

He judges amateur LN competitions now.

Timeloop with Asahina and Valentine were quite decent though.
However, the author simply ran out of the original energy and inspiration. It is okay to accept it, besides the disappearance is a decent end for them.
Last volume damn sucked btw.

>Last volume damn sucked btw.

Nah it really didn't. It was awesome. What sucked is that we haven't got a new volume for 7 fucking years!

I demand college days OVA.

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>Remember this show?

He actually fucking gave up writing in 2007 but then kadokawa and haruhi fans wouldn't shut up cause haruhi novel 9 is part of trilogy book series. Kyoani made disappearance anime which completely moved him so much that he finally decided to continue writing. He at last somehow managed to end the trilogy arc. I'd rather want him to continue gakkou wo deyou even though that's even more improbable than haruhi. So yeah he gave up on writing 11 years ago and only broke his hiatus status in 2011 just to finish his major backlogs from 2007.

It's so out of character though

Try getting them in a bathtub together without breaking the characterization of either one

Kyon bending over Haruhi and fucking mercilessly while Nagato watches

Sauce ? SauceNAO doesn't work atm

You don't. So?

He said he ran out of words

Disappearance universe at least had an ending.

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original airing chronology had the best ending

>that art style

Wait for the 15th anniversary of the show and then the 20th

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Or you could just stop waiting and accept the fact that the series is dead without any prospect for future continuation of either anime or novel.

The guy below you is right, you know.

Haruhi is a pachinko series now.

That pachinko project was canceled.

No, stop making threads

I'm not "waiting" really, it's just that my heart skips a beat whenever someone makes an announcement bait thread or similar.

What is the author actually doing these days?

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I don't know that but what i know is that he's not writing anything these days.

>Kyoani doing anything good again.
Sorry mate that's not happening.

Surprise is pretty good and is a good deal better place to end than Disappearance.

Fuck it I'm waiting till Haruhi's copyright runs out, then I'll finish the show by myself.

When's that, 2040?

Is it really?

It is easy to imagine them like that after they stop being tsundere to each other.

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