>I am an edgelord.
You're a moron.
>I'm like Frankenstein.
And who is that?.
>A reanimated corpse.
I died 3000 years ago.

Best girl.

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Were is Tamamo?

>doesn't know the difference between Frankenstein an the monster
What a retard.

I don't want it to end ;_;

Too bad her anime sucks and no one is watching it

All good things have an end.

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>He so prostituted his own chastity that after defiling almost every part of his body, he at last devised a kind of game, in which, covered with the skin of some wild animal, he was let loose from a cage and attacked the private parts of men and women, who were bound to stakes, and when he had sated his mad lust, was dispatched by his freedman Doryphorus; for he was even married to this man in the same way that he himself had married Sporus, going so far as to imitate the cries and lamentations of a maiden being deflowered.
Nero Alter when?

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That's Arc's shtick. Nero Alter should be a Berserker/other half of Beast VI dressed in skimpy furs, prowling on all fours and assaulting the genitals of her opponents for all of her normal attacks.
I mean, Tamamo Cat kind of does that already, but still.

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Nero is cute, CUTE, CUTE!!

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Why is she so cute?

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I could praise her all day

>tfw no Nero alter rider to go full beast and batshit.

Rider is kind of redundant when Beast is already its own class.

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>Praise me~
I want to pat Nero on the head and call her a good doggie.

If I remember right the reason rider is there is Nero seriously thinks it would make her go beast class soon after being summoned as it.

Being more important than Nero in Lostbelt.

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Have any of the new character's identities been confirmed yet?

Busy being a poster girl in F/GO 2.

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N I P P L E!

M O D S. This isn't official art!

None of their true names have been revealed yet.

Caster Anastasia for Lostbelt 01, other than that no.

NotScat is apparently her sister or something, alje or whatever her name is, I don't know irish mythology. Dude at 8'oclock is possibly napoleon.


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>tamamo cat(suit)

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It's a new tail user.

The fuck is that a new da Vinci on the bottom there?

So is this Tamamo-vitch, or is it the other one?

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>Fgo quartenary knows about tamamo's tails.

Da Vinci is dead, we are now Da Vinci (Lily).

Probably yes, if you look closely her zipper is the same as Koyanskaya's earrings

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Nero is a disgusting cockroach turd and sounds like one too.

I would definitely welcome this.

Yeah, here's the thing. I'm not sure I understand how the whole 'Lostbelt' thing works. Are they like, Minus Worlds?

What I mean is, let's say I go back in time and impose a Fourth Reich. I rule over a Nazi-dominated world with the help of my Servant and my army of alt-righters. This world ends up in the Lostbelt as a kind of parallel universe, and slowly fades into oblivion because there's no more room to grow? (As in, I've inadvertently created a world where the Nazi empire rules indefinitely, causing stagnation for the foreseeable future?)

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So you know how there's a main timeline right? If anything fucks off too hard from it it gets cut off from everything else, and that is a lostbelt, those timelines that have fucked off into weird shit land.

Rude, I played the F/SN and HA.


So it basically creates an alternate universe (i.e. a 'splinter') that is doomed to fade away, because the main timeline has been changed too much?

Fucking key priest.

So was [Mona Lisa] Da Vinci's actual body, or just a vessel he made for himself? Why is Lolivinci not synced up properly, in that case? Or is Touko still the only one who can pull that shit off properly?

Pretty much as far as i can tell.

Its amazing how whenever you think Grand Order can't get shittier designs, they manage to find a way to go even lowe.r

I'm vaguely reminded of the Dark Knights from the DC Metal event. Are these alternate universes objectively real? Because it would seem that an easy way to conquer the real world would be to bring it endless hordes of soldiers from the alternate universes. (Unless that just creates ANOTHER parallel timeline, in which case why bother.)

I don't know I kinda like the cyberpunk eggplant kouhai.

Put simply, timelines that diverge too much or make "wrong decisions" are pruned. But some of these, for whatever reason, haven't been pruned. They're cut off, but instead of being pruned, they turn into a Lostbelt. The planet is singled out, nothing remains.
WHY this happens, we don't know. But this is a mistake, one that needs correcting. The job of Chaldea will likely be to either manually delete those Lostbelt timelines, or to somehow save them.

Yeah I remember the epic roles the original 7 fgo servants had ...... oh wait

nero a shit

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*a best

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Basically his soul goes into puppets sort of like Touko, except hers was an exact copy were as Da Vinci is more "fuck yeah time to be a qt girl". and loli is a spare he made.

So is loliVinci the same person, or is OG vinci dead?

loli has all of her memories but they're considered to be different existences. OG is dead.

Think of it like a second one that had the memories of the first downloaded.

Well that fucking sucks.

Like I said earlier, fucking key priest.

Also Galahad has decided to be a edgelord which may be affecting Mashu's servants power or being revived as a human may have done it but at any rate she is now tacticool.

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It's lame, Da Vinci was kind of fun. Never cared much for Kirei even in the original VN.
What happens if you had a summoned Da Vinci of your own? Shouldn't the copies activate ala Touko?

Oh good, I'm so glad Nasu is taking even more liberties than before.

The story completely ignores your summoned servants.
Canonically, the MC clears every chapter with Mashu and whatever servants are helping them out.

It was in the lost room anime, telling us we fucked up from stopping Beast I and it would have just been better if history was incinerated despite the fact him giving his powers to Mashu was what allowed us to stop it in the first place.

But who knows maybe that was just a lostbelt version and ours is still chill with Mashu saving the day.

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Not gonna lie, I already miss when it was just Bill & Ted: Nasu Edition. Say what you like about Nasu's usual narrative, but this kind of stuff just doesn't suit the gatcha game model very well.

>It was in the lost room anime, telling us we fucked up from stopping Beast I and it would have just been better if history was incinerated despite the fact him giving his powers to Mashu was what allowed us to stop it in the first place.
It's incongruous considering that of all the Knights, Galahad was supposed to be the best, the "perfect" knight and the only one worthy of the Grail. He should be above all that shit.

>Mashu and whatever servants are helping them out.
>JANNU and Sumanai vs dragons
>Mode Red

More like literally carried their deadweight by those overpowered servants except Okeanos.

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Best girl.

Shame there was no new anime projects announced.

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No gentleman would dirty his hands with that foul demon woman.

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I want to pat her head all day long

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Nero beast will be her just wearing a scarf while nude

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Would whale for.

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Reminder that Nero is not a beast. Only retards believe that. Mother Harlot, Beast of Babylon, whatever you want to call it, Nero isn't that. She gets that beast as a Rider, as the thing she rides. She herself is not a beast. Don't make retarded mistakes. Nero herself is not an Evil of Humanity, changing classes won't change her personality into being that.

Eating shit

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Nero is not mother harlot, mother harlot will be all of Rome evils but she will likely use Nero appearance.
There's 2 beast VI "The Holder of Nega-Messiah" and "Beast of 666".

>Nero is not a beast. Only retards believe that.

Retard. Nero Claudius is literally Beast of Babylon since ancient xtians compared Rome with all its debauchery and pantheon based religion to Babylon and Nero was the Beast of that place because he was a sinner who was hunting xtians like a wild beast.

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Basis of that confidence? I don't see any reason to assume Nero's appearance will be used.

In real world. In Nasuverse, since Nero wasn't evil, she was a good girl, everyone else around her was evil, so Rome is the beast. Nero isn't.

Whore of Babylon a shit.

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In fate universe doesn't matter what you did, it matters what people think of you Vlad was not a vampire but he can use vampire powers because people think he's one.

Nero is hated by jews and christian and is used as a symbol for how evil Rome was, besides Nero is the most popular Rome character and hinted it's hinted to ber

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and she is ROMA, she has been called Whore of Babylon since her first introduction, avoids being summoned as Rider and even as caster gains three crowns and her migraines have been used as foreshadowing.

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oh the skill is seven crowns.

She's just too cute aaaahhhhh fuck I will miss talking about her every week after LE ends

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Makes sense considering Galahad isnt with her anymore right?

That's why King Arthur was a guy, right? Because everyone thought he was a guy, so Artoria grew a dick and turned into a man?
Stop spouting bullshit. People's perception doesn't mean shit as far as the figure itself is concerned. Vlad didn't turn into a vampire, he gained a Noble Phantasm that turned him into one.

This isn't a matter of debate. It was outright stated she is not the beast. Whore of Babylon, "that term commonly referred to Rome itself, and not to any one individual, royal or otherwise." Nero is COMPARED to the beast, isn't considered it herself. Even in that image you are referring to, you can see the beast itself below her. She's sitting on it. "Riding" it.

Stop spouting bullshit. Nero is not a beast, she cannot become one.

>That's why King Arthur was a guy, right? Because everyone thought he was a guy, so Artoria grew a dick and turned into a man?
>He does not know there are at least 9 Arthurs you can summon
>Including Male one who is canon too

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Assuming you're not making pathetic attempts at humor by pointing out the fucking obvious everyone knows, you're wrong. Arthur has jack all to do with people's perception. He's just from a different world, where he was, in fact, a guy.

I love how Nasu """""tries""""" to make Nero seems like a monster but make her suicide heroic or make you ""dude feel sorry for her okay?""

What about the "The Holder of Nega-Messiah" beast VI is separated in two entities

>so Artoria grew a dick and turned into a man?

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He pulled that shit with Artoria too. Removed most of King Arthur's problems, still had those problems exist, but separate from her. Turned her into "too perfect", instead of being just a flawed king who couldn't keep his shit straight and dick in his pants.

All Saberface are a fucking mess. Ruined characters, turned into jokes.

Wasn't there a statement of Nasu long ago about CCC being the last extra entry he's taking part in?

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Tamamo killed a fuck ton of people and Mumei killed a fuck ton of people and Nero did too, but none of them are really bad people can't you get the fucking theme ?

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It was supposed to be his last Fate work.
What a joke.

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He clearly wants to do scifi stuff and because of FGO he still needs to work in Fate so Extra is as close he will get

>Tamamo killed a fuck ton of people

It was just self-defense goshujin-sama.

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Context matters. Emiya killed people for the greater good. Tamamo made a stupid mistake, she was a monster and she just assumed people will accept and worship her. They didn't. Why would they. She's still considered evil, because unlike Nero, who just took her own life, Tamamo massacred tens of thousands of men. All coming from her baseless assumption.

Nero did only good for her people, they betrayed her. She was, in fact, just good. People who want historical accuracy cry about it, but there's nothing wrong with that.

>Just now got around to playing the Rome chapter of FGO

Wow, that was hot fucking garbage. The way they tried to parade around Nero as being so "perfect" and "amazing" actually made me start to dislike her.