ITT: Characters you are slowly becoming

ITT: Characters you are slowly becoming

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Kiritsugu was a fucking idiot.

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I need help. Im slowly becoming more and more of a lolicon.

Im 27 this isn't right.

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>Oh look I will pretend I'm similar to that cool/edgy character but actually I'm a useless fatass loser in real life

What is even the point of these threads?

Lying faggots
The only true choice

I watched Fate/zero ages ago and forgot it. Does it show a lot of him?
If so I'll give it another watch

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He really doesn't shine until the second season. Ep16 to be exact.

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Came here to post this. Maybe also Kaizaki before the experiment.

>E S C A P I S M

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>Studying software engineering
Now I just need to score a 10/10

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I just looked in the mirror one day and Nico was staring back at me. I've since accepted my fate. nii~

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This is truly where all of us are heading. But instead of being forced to work when the money runs out, we'll just starve to death.


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I'm 60%-70% closer to being that.

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filthy trannie

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Try not to take everything you read so seriously. Loosen up user-kun

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September is the day i gonna start to run out of money.
1st day of September 2020 is the day my money gonna dry completely
2nd day of September 2020 is the day that i die.

Count in inflation user. You might get to kill yourself earlier, lol

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Intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor.

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Unless shit happens, yeah. I die quicker.

I hope things get better for you, user.

Sup Forums-chan daisuki

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t. guy that is not smart, nihillistic and without wicked sense of humour

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Fucking fake neets

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Almost there

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And you're surely a REAL neat, the respectable one on a higher plane of enlighted neetism.

but minus the friends

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Why the life is so hard ?