Is Marii kawaii ~ ??

Is Marii kawaii ~ ??

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I find her quite fucking sexy.

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She has a cute butt.

Don't ask stupid questions!

I like how she casually flaunts her butt


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Is she even a girl?

I'm not a boylover, so no.

>I'm not a boylover
What a homo.


One of the best girls of any show.

Marii is a beautiful being called Marii.

She was best girl by far, I dunno why the others kept bullying her so much.


Nice ass

The cutest.
I wanna lick her delicious flat boy-woman chest.

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What a cute boy!

I want to cum on her mole.

Gan here, you all need to stop sexualizing my precious wife.

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Is that the backlog girl?

Because she's not Kukuru, aka the real best girl.

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A Joshiraku thread is EXACTLY the cure for any occasional Sup Forumsilment.

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Hope she still keeps in touch with her nii-chan every now and then.

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child of Genghis

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I don't remember Megane having honkers that big

enjoy the cuteness of the girls

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Neither did the guy responsible for drawing the manga.

Yes, this is just a show about cute girls doing cute things.

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No, that's the backlog boy.

Oh shit it's Kukuru time

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Her honkers are by far the biggest of the group.
It think it is like:
Gankyo > Tetora > Kukuru > Mari > Kigu

She's a G-cup according to the manga. But the mangaka would often forget that she had giant bonkers, and the anime character designer just made them smaller.
And of course fan artists will just draw what they want.

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chichi kurabe

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