So they fucked, right?

So they fucked, right?

It's pretty much confirmed

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I can confirm this.

Yes, I was there and I saw that.

Can confirm

Evangelion is not an ntr bait series, there are even less allusions to ntr than Darling in the FranXX

I was there, can confirm.

Duh. Who has that many Dakis and figures of his waifu and not do that?

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>Ikari we can clone your wife
>...make her 13

He has an entire stockpile of Reis for this purpose

It had to grow up. It probably started as an embryo. He didn't choose the age.

Unironically yes

Asuka is the only main girl that isn't used goods (but not for a lack of trying)

question: as ritsuka - the slightly younger old hag - killed all the dummies, does this mean rei III is last rei ever?
follow-up question: as shinji goes to rescue rei at the end of 2.22, are the dummy rei's already all dead, or still alive?
and most importantly: weren't it for that fucking old and ugly ritsuko bitch, couldn't we all have had our own rei and be happy ever after? FOR FUCKS SAKE WHY DID SHE DO THIS?!

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if pic. related isn't seks, I don't know what is.

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Fuck off I know for a fact that none of you faggots were there.
I was the only one there and yeah, they fucked

Anno is such a virgin he doesn't even know where the vagina is

>babies come from bellies
>you make babies by inserting your rod into woman's belly
It's a sound logic user.

If you fuck one Rei, do all the others become used goods?

Rei lacks a libido so it was rape

babies come from men balls

>back of the knee maybe?

>babies come from bee storage
Don't make me laugh.

Why did they keep giving Rei medical treatment when they could have just got a new one at any time?

why you laugh?

I don't, I lost the ability long time ago.

me ttoo

And why did they keep her living in squalor? That can't be healthy. And I get Gendo not giving a fuck about Shinji, but wouldn't he care about her waifu/daughter fu?

I laughed audibly

I laughed inaudibly

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Based Gendo, fucks clones, becomes king of humanity, ends the world, and doesn't afraid of anything.
You guys ever wonder if he ever had sex with just Rei's parts? Like they're floating around in a tank, before assembly, an arm here, a leg there, a vagina maybe...

>Rei I looks like a 4 year old in 2010 when she is strangled to death by Old Hag
>Rei II looks like a 14 year old in 2015

I think it's pretty clear he can age her as much as he pleases.

Or clones bodies just ages differently from other humans.

That never crossed my mind and I hate you for bringing this up.

This is correct. She goes to my school, and tole me about it.

Gendo fucked with her

>and tole

Does Rei ever show this amount of emotion around anyone again? For someone who supposedly has emotions but has no way to express them she sure looks happy.

That's because you aren't looking hard enough, its there.

Rei fucked everyone in the world.


That's why he made a clone of his wife

Given that Rei III doesn't seem to remember much when she wakes up (which may be due to Rei I and II rejoining their fragmented souls) I assume it's more convenient to give her pills than have to deal with having to explain why she seems to forget everything once in a while.

Shinji mentions that Rei's apartment looks like the room she was "born" in so I guess it's a familiar comfortable environment. Why they moved her out and sent her to school is another question since Gendo would need her to be completely under his control (since it was Rei's connection to Shinji that led her to betray him) so he could just keep her at NERV and say she was being homeschooled. Fuck just say Fuyutuski was doing it, he needs more to do than stand behind Gendo.

Can you NTR the dead? If so then Misato did to Kaji with Shinji at the end.

1. Yes
2. No reason to think they got destroyed in Zeruel's attack
3. Probably but they'd be more like Rei Q from Rebuild 3 than any of the main Rei's. Unless you can spontaneously generate a soul or copy one for each.

she's a younger version of his wife. Of-course they fucked.

>Why they moved her out and sent her to school is another question
That got explicitly explained at some point, saying by having her being and living like a normal child, people wouldn't become suspicious and ask silly questions about her. Her life was supposed to look like that of any other kid.

Physically no but if you transfer the soul of the one you fucked to a new body then mentally yes.

HAHA what? Did we even watch the same show?

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>old hag

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I don't know homeschooling seems like a pretty normal thing especially if you have the money for a tutor which I assume Gendo has.

I feel fortunate that when I called people old as a little kid, they did not strangle me to death in a murderous rage.

Seriously, what the fuck was her problem?

Dunno, why he should fuck the younger clone of his dead wife?

She's an aging woman.

never talk about a women age. worse if she is stressed out working a stressful job.

the worst kind of woman.

I wonder what it would have been like to be a janitor at GEHIRN and see the boss man introducing his new ward one day and then once it becomes NERV see what is apparently her older sister walking around.

Do you think Gendo ever tried fucking EVA-01?

He's at least jacked off to it. I know I have.

Don't forget Asuka had stronger feelings for Kaji, and Shinji was second place.

I imagine LCL has more components in it than just Eve womb juices, if you catch my drift.

This, when you think about it. NGE had alot of NTR.
>after Kaji's death, Misato offers sympathy sex with Shinji
>the lead heroine of the series, Asuka, prefers an older guy over the audience self insert
>Rei prefers an older guy, the self insert's father
Anno is an odd fellow

None of that is NTR.

Then why are people screaming about NTR in DB and Franxx threads, which is considerably more tame than NGE's relationships?

I bet you also post "driving mechs is not sex" in Fran threads

Because it's easy bait and a controversial subject.

Pretty much this.
Imagine if a modern anime had this scene:
>Shinji talking to his friends
>"Misato is so strict and tidy"
>"That's just an image. She is messy and lazy at home, I hate it.
>"Dude! If a girl shows you her real self that means she really likes you!"
>Shinji blushes and smiles
>immediate hardcite to Misato getting fucked by Kaji

Like, could you imagine the outrage?

She did mean it. She spoke the words of Gendo, she wasn't just being a brat.

In a spiritual sense probably. Although I guess Instrumentality could be seen as a giant orgy with all of Humanity.

Yeah, I can already see what the memespouters would say in a situation like in "Asuka Strikes!"