Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai / BokuBen / we never learn / we can't study

Where's the new chapter?

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I kidnapped Nariyuki as in Tsutsui daughter, i ask him to draw as i deem fit

Anyone here?

Last page gave all jaiminie staff heart attacks.


>Photoshop automatically uploaded the finished chapter.

It's boruto isn't it? They got more work to do this week because of boruto.

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I want to fuck Fumino perfect body and cum in her perfect tummy

TL when?

That Name sounds retarded anyway.

>brand recognition

Vizanon will rip it anyway if JB still not done with it tomorrow. Really hope JB use digital RAWs though, I really can't stand their black Uruka, but the TL is definitely better than Viz, especially after they got LRR as translator.

Jamie's doing so many of the top manga this will only end in a disaster.

TG:re, kaguya, OPM are all collaboration with other groups. Jaimini doesn't do the translation.

scanlators are crzay


World End Harem is better than this shit.

fuck you

Post lewd already

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Yah, just decided we may as well use digi raws this week since a lot of cleaners were busy this weekend. Not a lot of redraws this chapter so it shouldn't take long to get it out later tonight.

Nice post more

Why isn't this on Mangadex? Couldn't JB use the delayed release thing and set the time until release as infinite or something? Or convince the mangadex admins to have the chapters link be an external link to JB's website instead of the chapter hosted on MD

We never learn

Or maybe they can stop being fucking faggots and not try to stop Batch reuploaders when what they do is already illegal?
Like honestky jaimini is turning into the new mangastream in terms of their cancer, they killed Kaguya threads just like how mangastream killed souma after they sniped Casa

Please at least dont watermark

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At least JB does some things right that a lot of scanlators get wrong, chiefly that they offer zip downloads of all chapters.

>he hates Uruka NEGRO

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Fumino go home you're drunk

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Why fumino gets so much memes?

cuz shes best grill


It really makes you moe, huh?

Best Couple Bump

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That's Uruka, though.

Yes, and?

Considering it's her, you may want to revise your statement about that being "best" couple.