I want to protect this smile

I want to protect this smile

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hairy vags turn me on

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>cheetah won

I love this stupid ass show

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inabest won

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>posters: 1

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last episode will just be a bunch of dumb chameleons?


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Will we get a still feral Ratel running around stabbing them with her severed arm? This show went from fun to my AOTS at this scene. I couldn't stop laughing.

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>Here, you look like you could use a hand

Ah my AOTS

Hitomi is cute, CUTE!

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Brown Ratel was an improvement in every single possible way.

I'd definitely blow a huge load in brown hitomi

I want to reward her with cummies.

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>lose your job
>wife leaves you
>takes your kids
>sell your house
>put all of your money on the bunny and a cheap bottle of whiskey because you're going to kill yourself anyway
>the Destroyal comes down to Cheetah and Rabbit
>I don't know how she made it this far but it's clearly over now
>get the noose ready

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If Cheetah had had bigger breasts they would have blocked the somersault.


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All I wanted... was change...
A change that turns everything around,
One that brings me a new life...!

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I want to be protected by that smile

Friendly reminder that happiness my ass!

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Isn't it White Ratel?

Hitomi Blanco

her fur is white, but her skin is brown

I kind of wish the whole season wasnt just the destroyal it got dull pretty fast

Tell me about Youko, why does she emote so much?

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she is trying to hide her insecurities

She should wear a looser dress then.

Becsuse she was built to be mindbroken when her prized piece effectively lost to a fucking RABBIT.

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I don't think so myself (liked the decisions and there was a lot of backstories to be told during the season, gather those too much, and people won't like the apparent lack of action), but then, I didn't complain about the length of Kaiji's Bog arc or Washizu Mahjong.
Fortunately the next arc's game format seems more friendly about variance (letting other people interfere with it, and not having as much screentime on the tournament as before), while also having already laid most of the more important characters' backstories.

You can't beat the lucky rabbit feet!

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I get the feeling that the anime might not have the Lion animal trivia for the final episode. This way would apparently still work without any conflicts with the latter arcs.


>This way would apparently still work without any conflicts with the latter arcs.
Then you would have to redo scenes like pic related and i don't see the studiogoing out their way to change the history in a potential season 2

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I wonder...

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Why is this bun so cute?


Then pay your admission fee of 1 million $, doc

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>Keep smoll badger posted

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>be me
>read the manga until the Tiger vs. Hippo fight (iirc it was the last scanlated chapter by then)
>forget the manga for a while, thinking that nothing interesting enough will happen
>anime happens, see the spoiler summary
>smart things happen (players movement choices, battle tactics, political alliances)
>well-presented main antagonist, hard for the series to top him
>also hard for the author to conceive these twists while keeping the bunny's win route hidden from the readers/viewers
>awesome OST
>several cliche subversions/aversions
>and this is just the arc before the main story; most of the necessary information about the setting (world building) was already given, more interesting characters and possibilities start coming
>the two MCs end as unwilling antagonists (and as antisocial as Hitomi may appear, she's been showing signs of change -- first by sparing Ryoko by Nomoto's request, then by sparing Den on her own)

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The first 5 posts were made by the same guy?

I cant think of another character I've enjoyed as much as her. I love that she initially came off as a calm collected traditional japanese girl, and then she ends up giving the best reaction faces of the season.

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Bunnyfags give me cancer.

she is literally peak waifu.

It's ANOTHER fucking rabbit.

But it's done well.

>Ratel's severed arm.
>the black haired bitch with her weird faces and sounds.
>bunny winning over fucking cheetos.


Unironically my AOTS

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>you hear, you lose
On the other end, you have the super energetic announcer. The two VAs really did a good job on their characters (which are among the most expressive in the arc).

The announcer was easily the best voice work for this season.

She stole the show by her own.

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I hate that outfit.
Bunny should wear nothing but a bandeau.

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But this show is actually trash.

She jobbed to the fucking rabbit. She won nothing.

All anime is trash so I don't really see your point.

I wonder why Taz seems to respect her so much, could it be that she wants to fight against strong people, and considers her a really strong fighter?

S: School uniform
A: Classic, Idol
B: Don

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Probably she thinks of bunny like her imuto because she's weak and defenseless.

Shut the fuck up.

>be monster loli
>get shot

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She will grow her arm again right? ;_;

Don't worry, they reattach her arm with the power of science

killing bites is best furry anime
beatless is best robowaifu anime
franxx is best ntr anime

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Why don't you read the damn manga?

Getting a limb off is merely a scratch in the world of anime, she'll be back as normal soon

No. Also everyone is dead, the island blew up

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>tail erection

Man, Shinozaki-san made some great noises this episode.

>Replantation requires microsurgery and must be performed within several hours of the part's amputation,
>Parts without major muscles such as fingers can be preserved for as long as 94 hours (typically 10–12 hours), while major muscle containing parts such as arms need to be re-attached and revascularized within 6–8 hours to have a viable limb.
>The repair of the nerves and vessels (artery and vein) of the amputated part is essential for survival and function of the replanted part of the body. Using an operating microscope for replantatation is termed microvascular replantation. However, vessels and nerves of large amputated parts (e.g. arm and forearm) may be reconnected using loupe or no magnification.
>In replantation surgery following macro-amputation (e.g. arm or leg amputation) maximal length of the replanted extremity can be preserved by vascular grafts for blood supply and pedicled or free soft tissue flaps for defect coverage.

>the island blew up
If it does, then how the fuck did Shidou turned it into a designated Hybrid area where Killing bites was located?.

Is that what Killing Bites is?

I was bullshitting you user
Though in the recent manga chapters they are back, so maybe it could blow up

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>using your own dismembered arm to do a rocket punch and then shove your other fist down a nigga's throat to punch his brain

Hitomi is hotblooded as fuck


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LITERALLY copied from HxH though

OST soon can't wait.

This one is quite awful.

It could be lot worst looking at some of the other stuff airing.

>implying it hasn't transcended trash at this point

Wrong image.

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What do you mean? this is the best part

It's so bad it's AOTY.

There is no best part.

You couldn't be more wrong.

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Eruza is so fucking sexy holy shit

Hope the author can top this fight and antagonist somehow. It'll be pretty difficult.

I like how she maintains the ability to control her fingers


He can top it because Hitomi is the antagonist.

wtf im a furry now

More trashier than this: youtube.com/watch?v=Ch4ZqqevbmM

>characters were worried about how they could win against Kido
>Hitomi Blanco defeats him with the help of many characters, hooray
>now you have to worry about how to win against Hitomi Blanco

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>still not knowing what kemonomimi is

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The rabbit is literally (for real this time) made for breeding. As fast and as often as possible.

muh dick

I actually felt sorry for Kido.

is kido actually dead?