Take an arc from your favorite part and rewrite it, either to improve or to worsen it (make sure to specify if you improve or worsen it).

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Give Valentine an actual personality

Part 5's initial plot is Giorno attempting to reform the mafia solo as he believes it is the best way to do so as it will maximize precision and minimize collateral damage.

Gold Experience is so overpowered due to him psychologically molding his Stand to echo his image of both his father and the mobster from his youth; the fantasy of an ubermensch who can change and save the world alone. Never mind that Dio had subordinates and that the mobster only survived to help him because Giorno saved his life; Giorno sallies forth believing his intelligence, beauty, charms, and strengths will be enough to win the day. He is wrong. He gains cherished companions, who he inevitably loses, inflicting on him the heartbreak he desperately wanted to avoid, but ultimately teaches him the worth of bonds and what love really is. His final confrontation with Diavolo, a manic control freak who couldn't even trust his gang's No.2 to anyone but himself, carries more weight.

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>The Steel Ball Run Press Conference
It ends.

>High Voltage
Make Diego NOT a rapist.

>Stone Ocean
It ends.

Stop it! SO and SBR are friends! Get along like Johnny and Jolyne!

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I love this picture. Never stop posting it.

Are you the one starting part wars so I always have to post it?

No, I'm not. But I still appreciate your posting this. You should post it even when there're no part wars.

>Battle Tendies
>Pillar-Men steal all the good boy points
>Joseph has to learn how to weaponise his autism

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The OP says "take an arc from your favorite part" you stupid speedreaders.

implying it's not one shitposter that starts the partwars

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Rai gets me high

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fuck diego

Why was the end of part 7 so terrible? Alt Diego is just an evil dick who comes in at the last minute. If Araki wanted the race to continue why didn't he keep Diego alive? He would be a suitable motivator and reason.


Your life,
How much more of it remains?
The sun is setting.


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4's not my favorite part, but I would rewrite Kira and Josuke's relationship. Actually give them more screentime together. I love the duality between them.
Rebuild and destroy. A student and soulless businessman.

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I love you

Sorry, I already have a beautiful wife. She can be hard at times but she's still mostly organic.

How about your hot mom?


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What a wonderful autistic battlecry!

>Battle against Alessi and Sethan
>revert Joseph back to being 19 years old again
>Joseph beats his ass
>Joseph goes on and beats DIO's ass by sending him to jupiter
>Fast forward to part 4
>Joseph crashes at Josuke's place
>fucks his mom
>beats Kira's ass
>fast forward to part 5
>Joseph is with Koichi searching for GioGio
>Joseph beats GioGio's ass
>fucks narancia
>fast forward to part 6
>Joseph fucks Jolyne
>Jotaro watches
>beats Pucci's ass

This is what should've happened.

I want a frog stand that goes REEEEE


Was part than part 5, which literally just cut to credits roll after diavolo died.

I want to beat Joseph's ass!

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Guys, I'm tired of waiting for part 5, I'm going to give in and start reading the manga, but the thing is that I don't know where to look, could you help me out here?

you can find it on MangaDex.

Why is Misterioso so popular here?

Doppio gets me Uppio

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Nice answer SBRfag.

Thank you friends.

>hand under his shirt
kira 2.0?

This. You should read parts 5-7 in color, and 8 in b&w. Then after you should re-read everything in b&w to appreciate Araki's art and refresh yourself again since you'll forget what you read since it'll take a while to get to where we are at part 8.

I think it's Diavolo about to lift the sweater, but it does look silly. I like the picture though since it's cute.
For some reason it makes me think his stand is that hand that just sticks out and it makes me chuckle.

I want to rip off Doppio's sweater and cum on his chest.

Wow! I love it!
Don't worry about the freckles, I'll add them later when I the time to continue coloring it.
I'm kinda curious how you shaded the sweater, did you use charcoal or something along those lines? It looks smudgy around some edges and it peeked my interest.

Fuck you! I'm in a good mood after seeing a pretty scribble and now you're starting to spoil it. If it wasn't for the picture I'd be at your throat so consider yourself lucky, but I won't forget what you said so you can bet your ass I'm already tracking your IP.

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Part 5 anime when?

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Animate it yourself

That looks painful.

diavolo is used to pain

Hopefully never.

Debito Production should skip both Part 5 and Part 6 and go straight to Part 7.

holy fuck that was fast.

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your mom is used to pain

Hah! Jokes on you, I have two dads!

debito really doesn't want to animate part 5 they even used made in heaven to reply

I guarantee they're going to announce at that JoJo's exhibition in August

I guarantee they're going to announce a Golden Wind pachinko machine at that JoJo's exhibition in August.

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>Why is Misterioso so popular here?



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the first video was a very nice powerpoint