Explain this

Explain this.

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forced animation is when a studio wants to waste time animating pointless scenes because animation is all the show has to offer since it lacks actual substance through storytelling. You'll often find it in SoL or moeshit related show which dont have any actual plot or story


Ignore . The answr is rotoscoping.


Even for rotorscoping this looks awful.


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Kana is the most beautiful creature in the world

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Moeshit barely has animation

What kind of monster packs chips in individual bags

Good storyboarding, good drawing, atrocious tracing and coloring.

oh shit, I'm sorry

Sorry what was I supposed to see here? I was thinking of Hellshake Yano

no, "forced animation" is just a shitty buzzword insecure faggots use to smear other shows because the shows they like have trash animation and they're jealous

>this piece of shit movie killed a possible ML anime adaptation

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It looks like the animation in the Take on me video

Shit rotorscoping.


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