Darling in the FranXX

>There's people on this Earth who WILL defend this bitch
This is a board is filled with abhorrent anti-social creeps who basically believe girls should go after them due to
a) the color of their skin
b) their height
c) (insert any other shallow physical attribute here)
So obviously, many are going to love vapid whores who don't know loyalty. Catching one such as Kokoro is their last chance at loosing their virginity

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>White master race
>6ft+ broad shouldered god
>Very dexterous fingers made for bean flicking
>No big titty hoe gf
You're right OP it's not fair. I'm gonna go kill myself now.

>bean flicking

>c) (insert any other shallow physical attribute here)
Yeah, you forgot the most important one, no, actually the only one: YOUR FUCKING WEIGHT
If you're a fat pig shitter you'll never get anyone.
>be in high school
>fat guy was going behind this not very beautiful girl
>one day he literally ran away from classrom crying
>discover she rejected him just because "he was fat"
Eventually I also found out she liked me but she had some serious problems so I didn't even try. Fat friend found out tho and never talked me again because he's also a fucking retard.
This episode was trying to send you a message. Be kind. Just like Subaru's embarassing dialogue in Re:Zero with Rem. Too bad you'll never have Rem backing you up.
Grow up lazy faggots and lose weight.

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>Be fat
>Think girls have to like you because they work/study with you
You fatties are pathetic.

Stay fat

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What do you expect, this show has probably attracted literal whores who follow Kim k to this board. Just look at some of the posting styles in the threads.

She did wrong and betrayed the fatty. But can you blame? I can't. She saw a way out and took the opportunity to escape from a miserable life with fatty.

she didn't like fatty

what part of that is hard to understand?

She lead him on enough to prove otherwise. Bitch even (half-heartedly) made a promise she shouldn't have.


all this salt

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How long did this take you?

nothing, just saved from the other thread

So does Kokoro’s feelings don’t matter anymore? She only did wrong in not rejecting that fat fuck who does nothing but stuff his face earlier.

holy fuck this is so good
el classico

she literally couldn't do it, if the fat guy gets heartbroken hey might compromise the compatibility in the franxx and may never get to pilot again.
fatty holds her hostage, because she can't say "you're disgusting stop treating me like a god please" and even goes as far as pretty much emotionally manipulating her into promising to always pilot with him, and while she does so you see PAIN in her face. he did all this accidentally but holy fuck, poor kokoro.

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Hiro might have met 02 in their childhood days by accident and the adults mindwiped him for it.

Women just can't help it when the milkman comes for their milkies

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>She lead him on enough to prove otherwise.
she was in an arranged marriage. why make things uncomfortable for you and your partner by hurting their feelings? when she was offered a way out, she jumped don it

If you can't get a girl friend go on a diet you fat fuck. Don't spread your fat acceptance crap on Sup Forums

B-but how does fat faceless men get girls?


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Scale of 1 to 10, 1 being hate and 10 being Based
How would you feel if Ikuno straight slapped Kokoro and telling her she's just as much at fault as Futoshi and telling her that she should stop playing the victim for sympathy?

t. 214

Sup Forums's tolerance for NTR genuinely makes me think they are a bunch of "My wife's son" types.

It's just Sup Forums being contrarian as usual m8

someone post the pic of Hiro piloting Mitsuru, I didn't save it

At fault for what? Futoshi seemed to have accepted it by the end of the episode and Kokoro wasn't acting a victim. She acknowledged that she wasn't a perfect person.

We are thinking men

Ikuno doesn't give a fuck. No one does, really.

The only thing I'm loosing is your mom's asshole.

Why does Futoshi love prepping his bull so much?

>Ikuno doesn't give a shit about futoshi
>Kokoro doesn't play victim. She lowkey admits to being hoe, and betraying Futoshi

Stop with your moping headcanons

Someone has to do it

Mitsuru isn’t the bull though. He legitimately took Kokoro away. There is now a strictly monogamous relationship between Mitsuru and Kokoro that Futoshi has no part in whatsoever.

She reminds me of Kawai from Koe no Katachi. They even look alike. Also, Miku-Zorome is the best couple for now.

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man i feel sorry for him
i hope Ikumi dosn't abandon him

if Naomi return then there could be a problem

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I'm surprised Sup Forums is so forgiving of 02's past since girls with multiple past partners, even when they're loyal, are usually shitposted to death.

Ueno was worse

loyalty is the important part

>Sup Forums's tolerance for NTR
That's because it's the fatfuck who gets NTR'd. It's hilarious.

I wish I could see the look on floweranon's face now.

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I like this show because it teaches anons about real life.
If you're an obese clingy crybaby then no girl will like you.

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More like Fatoshi

If Futoshi is over this shit within 3 episodes without any assistance then Trigger has zero idea how depression works.

This isn't a trigger show fool

>friend tells you that maybe she left you because she doesn't like you the way you are, and that you could at least try improving yourself

is this compatibility for kokoro mitsuru or ikuno futoshi?

Kokoro Mitsuru.

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Who gives a shit, really. When is anything actually going to happen? This could have been easily a 1-cour series with all the worthless padding they're doing.

They didn't show Ikuno and Futoshi.


Floweranon would be happy. Floweranon is Kokoro, and Kokoro loves Mitsuru.

>wanting 3DPD
this show really does reel in the trash.

I don't think floweranon actually believed anything he pasted for (You)s

>if you're a weak beta manchild who's okay with being cucked you'll have an hot girl all over you for no reason
Thanks FranXX, can't believe it was this easy to get laid

It shows you the code names under the pulse numbers.

im not fat like fatoshi im pretty skinny but getting /fit/ slowly

but i can sympathies with fatoshi a bit
I loved my childhood friend from 13 years i used to think that she angel sent from heaven she was clever then me popular with everyone bossy at times but it's because she cared for their well being
but i was average looking and wasn't good at flirting with women during my exam years she started dating a classmate like milkman good looking, sociable and popular
my heart broke to pieces that it caused me get depressed for a few days but i got over it

but after that i realised that i didnt actually loved her but idolized her it took me passing(she didnt) my exam becoming social then her (she become less popular as time went on)

now i told her about this and she said she would've have rejected me either way because she only saw me as the brother she never had

so i hope futoshi can realise what happened and become a better person

only good looking part for milkman not the sociable and popular part

You really don’t know anything about flowerposting. Only Strelitzia is the faithfulness in romantic relationships flower.

Also Kokoro and Mitsuru were both in “unhealthy” relationships, Genista’s sync rate was always low as seen in episode 2.

There is nothing wrong about leaving a bad relationship to find a good one.

It is not ntr if the guy who do ntr is better than the guy that got ntr.ed

i am happy
oh yeah, thanks user, was looking for it but didn't find them lmao

She did nothing wrong and i’m starting to think that fatfags need the gas treatment.

>so i hope futoshi can realise what happened and become a better person
Nah he's dead.
Ikuno isn't going to do shit to make him feel better and they'll become the lowest sync unit and die.

I don't have it, but this is close enough.

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>this much damage control
Fucking hilarious. He used to preach about blah blah blah faithfulness and he shit on Mitsuru for being so-called "unfaithful" to Ikuno in Episode 3 and switching partners.

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>Plays the victim when she easily could have just told Futoshi to stop coddling her/putting her on a pedestal any number of times
>Then just out of the blue leaves him.
You're a morally bankrupt delusional retard, and are hypocritically doing the same thing Futoshi did by putting her on a pedestal too.

>forced to be with an unbearable fatass who constantly embarrasses you
>the superiors who put you together offer a partner change
It was a bitch move but I'd do the same thing honestly.

The people who thought they would crush and burn and Kokoro would be punished for her transgression of not being the obedient waifu because, inshallah, women don't get to choose got BTFO.


>superior aryan girl choosing anyone except the nippon boy

yh that what im thinking if Naomi does return and become ikumi partner then fatoshi gonna either die or become bad

That was then and now is now. The unhealthyness of Mitsuru’s and Kokoro’s partnerships were not revealed yet.

Back then Mitsuru was purposely shown just as a jackass trying to one up Hiro, there was nothing about Ikuno being a fucking lesbian.

>Fatfuck a selfish retard that never considered Kokoro's feeling
I don't blame her at all she made the right decision

>It was a bitch move but I'd do the same thing honestly.
It was a bitch move born out of her meek character and Futoshi's un-self-aware pushiness. Some people act like it was some hardcore bitchiness.

>tfw 17fag and mitsurufag
This Saturday was glorious

>>There's people on this Earth who WILL defend this bitch
only half of them, and they're the shitty half

I really don't know who they think the target audience for this is, the characters aren't going to be killed off for acting like teenagers in a coming of age show.

You mean 17 from DBZ?

Floweranon sucks Mitsuru's dick.


How long before she thinks the relationship is moving too slow and rapes him in the greenhouse?

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Us based fatbros are much more fun to be around than whiny annoying skinny shits. Fat people have humor, know how to have fun. On average we're also much smarter than others. We're objectively superior partners.

Out of curiosity, what relationships would not be allowed by flowerposting logic? Mitsuru not wanting to be with his partner and choosing his own was no different from Kokoro, yet that wasn't okay and this somehow is.
It can't be you're just making shit up as you go, right?

floweranon was revealed to be Kokoro in episode 8 though, stop speedwatching.

>admire the cool kid of the class and want to be his brother in arms
>make a promise to become stronger
>take an injection that will most likely kill you
>other guy forgets about it since his memories were fucked with or something
Mitsuru is a true bro, deserves better than the Kokoro bitch.

>Ikuno isn't going to do shit to make him feel better...
He doesn't need another Kokoro cuddling and enabling him right now. He needs an Ikuno to break it down for him.

Damn that's hot

>Kokoro sucks Mitsuru's dick

We know.

isn't that basically most ntr plot though?

Nine Iota will fuck Hiro in the ass while Milkman, 02 and Ichigo watches and cries, Koro feels cucked and Fatty feels unloved

Is Nine alpha even gay

Literally only Fattyshit and the fatfucks self-inserting Think there's anything wrong.

>Kaworu clone
>not gay

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The blond guy's name was 9-alpha btw

>think Fatoshi deserved it because he's a useless lump of meat
>still think Cock-whore-o was a slut
what do

Realize that they're both shit and become gay for Mitsuru.

Whatever helps you sleep at night.

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