Finally. Chapters 4 and 5 are scanlated

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No dump?

Dump it.

Hmm, I assumed for some reason the user who said he would translate them was Sup Forumsnonymous but this is great either way

Chapter 4:
Chapter 5:

Same here. The scans look washed up too, so it's definitely not the same person.

Washed up as in?

Thanks. Someone dump them.

Not much but still noticeable. Some speedlines in panel 3 disappeared, for example.

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1) I'm still gaging whether or not this manga will survive for the long run, so it's not perma-picked up. It's just a spare time project. If it manages to break top 5 or stay consistently in the middle, then I'll move it to weekly.
2) I just asked someone who was interested in it to help me out. I let him clean it the way he wanted to.

It's like the author knows the whole premise is bollocks. She belongs in a mental ward.

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Who's the translator?

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I am.

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Figured that would be the response. Anyway, ch 6 whenever my typesetter/cleaner is free.

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Okay then. Nevermind.

That’s a pretty clever way to get her to stop jumping into the scene.

Chapter 5 starto

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I hope this goes on long enough to get doujin

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Oh okay, well thank you, I was surprised because the release wasn't credited to you on mangadex. I really hope this one stays in Jump because it's a neat idea and I love the art style.

I know you translate a lot (including some of my favorite manga) so thanks for giving this a chance.

I want her doing porn movie

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Huh. Mind if you name some of those manga? I may or may not have actually worked on them.

Thank you based translator and based scanlator.

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I really like this manga, i hope it will be able to stay in the long run. I hope shonen jump keep this.

>this girl is dangerous

like its just acting bro calm down

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Is that supposed to clear the doubts? Because all I get from this speech is that she's even more of a sociopath than I thought.

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She's a shonen sociopath, which isn't your average sociopath. So most of the downsides will be overlooked until a crisis comes.

Thanks anons. I hope this becomes a regular in the jump lineup.

In later chapters she runs straight into a painted scenery wall because she forgot she wasn't in a deserted island.

I like how insane the MC is.

The absolute madwoman!

just tell her to act as the person who literally destroys the universe, then see what happens

She's cute

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Post more


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I don't see much

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So purdy


>Tags: Mindbreak

I really hope this manga survives, I love the sociopath MC.

How has it been doing int he ranks so far?

Decently, not in danger.

Good to hear

30k club here we come

thank god

I hope even bigger. Is there even anything left in the 30k club?

Zumou's still the president, I think. And then there's than Tomato thing. That's all.

Still the president after all these years. It's time to graduate.

Ironically, the MC isn't even in school anymore in his own series.

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Time to update it with the Act-age characters.

There's one thing I never understood about these edits: Are they based on the first week of sales or total sales over a certain period of time (like say, a month)?

Total sales over a certain period of time.

Well shit, I don't think there's any Jump manga other than Lycopene and Hinomaru with total sales as low as 30k.

The new manga which currently don't have any sales also count.

No they don't.

There's a special club for manga that don't sell though

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Did Lycopene end up hitting 30K in sales for its first volume? I wish Samon were still around...

This is fun for now. I'm enjoying it.

Can't wait to see the author introduce power levels at some point.

Dunno. Even if it doesn't sell 30k, it's still in the club, though.

OMG! Thank you so much!
The ranking might not mean much but I'm positive that AA would mostly stay in the middle. It can't fight against other battle shonen but it's still more interesting to read than other sports and ecchi at the moment.

I really like this man now.

And battle auras, can't have a proper shonen without battle auras.