Couldn't they have at least given this another week to at least fix up the QUALITY

Couldn't they have at least given this another week to at least fix up the QUALITY

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>this is the best they can do after a pause of 2 weeks
They didn't even air recaps to close the gaps. It's like they fired the entire animation team and made interns finish it up.

What do you mean? It was clearly a commentary on the state of the industry. Pure kino.

I don't think it works that way

Here I was enjoying the story, and now all these shit visuals are going to ruin it for me

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Shit conditions+shit animation producer+rushed outsourcing= terrible looking anime.

The problem lies deep at Hoods. Fuck, until this episode they couldn't afford full-on episode outsourcing because of budget. And even if they tried, they'd be paid as shitty as the other animators.

It's been brought up before, but still worth a read:

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I was actually kinda excited for this show as it portrays different types of tales in an interesting manner. But now I'm just worried that the show is going to be cancelled anytime soon.

geez it is just drawing pictures, what is hard there? It is not rocket science, just draw faster or hire more people.

>just draw faster or hire more people
You've never tried to animate anything in your life have you? Grab a pad of sticky notes and make a stickman walk smoothly without errors. It's going to take you a lot longer than you thought it would. Hiring more people isn't an option either, there's a reason they already get paid so little.

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wew, atleast there is an episode I guess

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at this point it is just better to read the manga with audio on

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I know Ariko is supposed to be short but she's not that short.

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She is now, just accept it.

At this point I'll honestly be surprised if episodes 11 and 12 even get made, let alone released in a timely manner.


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When does the Bluray come out?

this show is ded

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April 25th for the first volume. The other five over each consecutive month, so no volumes 5 or 6 until August and September, assuming the releases actually make it that far.


Holy shit this is so bad. At least we still have 3D anime, where publishers aren't so greedy for some reason.

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bumping the dead

It's a MMD anime, not real 3D anime.

It's so fucking bad holy shit I'm watching right now