Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume

Where's the S2?

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Didn't you hear the news, op?

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No, tell me.


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what are those bulges?

Well, they gotta keep the balls somewhere.

1 week to Kiruka's birthday

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Nonexistent, as expected. Just because there's a general constantly up on Sup Forums doesn't mean that's a good indication of the popularity of the series in Japan. Most people have moved on.

There is nothing to move on to, since there is no replacement for that much sweat and most importantly there is no replacement for the ACE.

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There's plenty of replacements for mediocre characters, they come every season.

Yes, and none to the ACE.

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Imagine the smell.

This anime wasn't even that good, but I still really liked it.

Also the OST was top kino

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user, if you're telling me they have a penis then you're gonna get me all excited.

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They don't have penises. He was referring to ping pong balls, it was a ping pong show, that was the joke.

Okay, I genuinely feel bad about doing this now.

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built for anal

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Built for winning

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I am now very sad.

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There is a sort of futa doujin by that artist on sad panda though, and possibly another one but that was never scanned.

>[Kanidouraku (Kanibasami)] Kimochi ii toko sagashitai !
that one?

There are only 3 shakunetsu doujin scanned.

over 6 weeks to next chapter

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The wonderful drawfags from /e/ have worked miracles!

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Yes, miracles in plural because they did two amazing drawings of ACE!

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ACE with jeans is sexier than I could have imagined.

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After Tsubame ends!

The anime was okay, the manga is where it's at.

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Winning Kumami's heart, but nothing else.

>After Tsubame ends!
So after next chapter?

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>Asano's plotshield dog
>not playing
Choose one

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She'll play some matches with the strongest player there after they leave.

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Asano drew Tanpopo and another character I've never seen, maybe a newcomer to the team?

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>Asano's greatest character, genius of ping pong, ventriloquism, lewd and POTTERY
Your delusions will die in 6 weeks.

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Episode 2 BD this week?

>Asano broke the Twitter header

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ACE is the best at everything!

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She's a good loser at least.

Except in being the tallest.

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She has the perfect height!

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Perfect for IMAGINING.

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>[tanoshii] Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume - 02 [BD 720p AAC][FA1CAF0A].mkv
>2018-03-25 03:40

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Perfected pin-point precision ping-pong

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Which rubber for rough sex with ACE?

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I came here

>ACE gets loving fanart that's cutelewd
>BEAR gets porn

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I don't understand why, Bear is the cutelewdest and her smile must be protected.

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lewd bear > lewd Ace

I want muh English chapter but I also want the one after that.

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*blocks your path*

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Let's pray to Kinema Citrus for another season, for now they are with their hands full with shield bro, MiA and (not)Utena.

MiA having a sequel makes me think Takkyuu2 isn't totally out of the question.

I'd give her mushroom-themed goods, if you know what I'm sayin.

I want Takkyuu mushroom-themed figs

to the chopper!

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>2nd rate chopper

Post some Munemune munes.

Munemune has the worst munes, but I was about to watch ep2 so I'll do it.

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God I wish this had a proper scan.

I'll have to buy it myself I'm afraid, but then I won't scan it.

ACE almost got cucked.

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Sweaty ACEbutt (not sweaty yet)

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meido ACE

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What is it about ACE that makes her so beloved?

milking the cow

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I fucking love Kururi.

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Sweaty ACEpuff (well prepared)

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She brought us best girl. Thanks, ACE.

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Now I understand why this stupid dog fell to the ground after playing Kururi.

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The way she brings out the best (or worst) in other people.

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She's so good.

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>ACE brought the worst in Kumami
>Koyori brought the best in Kumami
Is ACE toxic?

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Bocchi got anime, Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san got anime, even happy sugar life got anime.
There's no way ACE doesn't S2 or episode 2 BD before they announce Yuzumori-san anime.

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I never noticed, but someone is hiding behind that door. Is it a new rival? Will they teach us the real meaning of doors?

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Gonna lock her in a ping pong rape dungeon

This fucking edit

BD user is dead. Just like the Yuusha de aru franchise.

Ep 2 is up:

dumb anons

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Did you color-code these after their hair colors

jesus christ

>so gay all she wants is to prevent someone from taking the spot between Hanabi and her in the rankings

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Why aren't you posting screenshots of the episode then?

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stop posting the spurdo edit

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I am.

By the way, this is clearly foreshadowing for Hanabi's backstory, did Asano had a say in those anime original episodes?

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Way too soon you cheeky cunt.

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I need Tsubame animated, they'd absolutely nail ACE's tears.

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I'd nail Ace to tears.

At least I'm happy that NoWaYu will remain a secret and never be mentioned outside the secret club.

Every thread until I win Nationals.

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It's time for someone actually competent to win those Nationals once and for all so Kinema Citrus can finally release S2

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I like ACE.