Worth watching?

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The first episode is good. The rest, not really.

I liked it when it was anime Dragon Quest.


Only if you really love redheads with big tits. Shit gets super-boring after the first ep.

If you want a busty redheaded demon lord to teach you economics, then yes.

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it's a pretty enjoyable show desu

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Sign me the fuck up.

Above average.

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Not really, I remember it's about potatoes and some shit.

I watched it because someone told me it's like Fox with Plant. What a disappointment. The economics parts were barely above Nogenora-level.

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Poor girl who should have been born as pettanko

Did Mamare Touno pay taxes yet?

It's by the writer of Log Horizon if I remember correctly but it's not even half as good which says a lot since LH isn't exaclty the pinnacle of game world isekais. I dropped it at episode 10 when I usually finish even bad shows at this point. It's tried to use real world economics and politics (with the understanding of a kindergartener) in the context of a fantasy world and failed miserably. It's boring and it oversimplifies solutions to difficult problems. Something like Realist Hero did it way better. I'd say skip it.

Well, I do love big thing.

Forget about this. How come there's not more Hataraku Maou-sama?!

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Unfortunately, no.

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Read the manga instead.

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The ecconomy part was fun. The romance between those two not so much.
Come to think of it, that's the same problem as Log Horizon, only this time it's the male who is boring and should erased from the story.

It's like Spice and Wolf with dumber economics, and more fan service. Did you already watch Spice and Wolf? Then watching it would be redundant.

Did you not already watch Spice and Wolf? Then watch Spice and Wolf instead.

Its a super discount spice and wolf.

>bigger tiddy
Choose one

It's super fun. Economics and adventure.

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To add on, if you studied economics or really any business related field you will be frustrated with the simplification and ideas.
If you haven't studied economics you will be bored and uninterested. Really it doesn't serve anyone very good.

At least the microeconomics of Spice and Wolf were interesting on a more personal level and since no one can explain the stock market of today anyway you get less frustrated if you think the trade principles are stupid.

I watched the first 5 episodes, but then I had vacations, went to a trip and forgot to download - and watch - the last episodes.

I dropped it just because I was lazy, not because it was bad, but ofc, it isn't as good as Spicy and Wolf (if it was, I would have watched everything).

>all these actual faggots in this thread who refuse to admit that big titties make everything better, even economics

I'd say it's worth watching, even if only for the atmosphere. It was a pleasant watch.

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I want to rape her and burn this demon

What's funny is that this is slightly true for the medieval period.
Due to artisans exclusively employed by an incestuous aristocracy, their features depicted as "beautiful were Pear-like bodies with flat chests, and large doughy faces with big foreheads. Large breasts were viewed as lower-class and "primal", as it made corsets and other fashionable items difficult to wear in high society. Additionally her remark about the "flab" in the arms after these shots was also more in line with the fixation on thin, flat women.
I'm aware the scene is not taking that kind of subtle nuance into account when doing obvious fapbait shots like this, but it's a funny observation nonetheless. She very well could be viewed as "unattractive" to higher society, but a goddess to the simple peasants

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This. Just make sure you're reading the right one, since there are at least two different manga adaptations.

I've only found this manga translated to volume 14, did the scanlators drop it?

and the right one is..?

Realist hero is garbage all the same though.

I recall a fan-translated volume released fairly recently, but they're still a few volumes behind the official English translation.

I don't know if the manga just releases slowly or that scanlators can't find the raws, but there's been like 3-4 translated chapters in 2 years. And from comments, I read that the webnovel or light novel has been finished for some time.

Both the LN and manga have been finished 2-3 years ago.

Nope. Read the manga, it's actually good and takes itself seriously. Without that serious tone, and sense of urgency, it's just another comedy harem. Though I must add, I didn't like how the manga ended, it felt like it was building up to be more than just "humans are the good guys, let's just do what they want".

>manga written and drawn by humans, for humans
>expecting it to NOT be human-centric
Pick ONLY one.

waifu shit, Mary sue main character, boring world

it was a pretty nice anime
from what I saw the way the ln is written it's really annoying to read

>waifu shit, bland fatassed neckbearded main character, boring world
Wow, sounds like (You) IRL.

No, humans were clearly in the fucking wrong and Demon Lord's thing was about stopping war, so I expected more than just humans are the good guys, all demon kind needs to calm down and live with them. What the fuck was the purpose of demon lord then? It's so stupid, I should have dropped it earlier, but I kept going cause I had been following the series for years by that point in time. How it all ended left me feeling very unsatisfied and bitter, since there were hundreds of interesting ways it could have ended.

I followed that shit for 3 years only to get the barest bone, fucking shit out, bland by the numbers conclusion. Japanese suck at writing good endings. They just do.

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>not expecting the barest bone, fucking shit out, bland by the numbers conclusion from nip writers
That's your own fault, user. Complaining about it here won't change anything, let alone give you your precious time back. Use better judgment next time.

Fuck off, I won't stop complaining about it cause I took the time to read and follow it. If asked about Maoyu, I would still say Manga > anime > LN, because the manga is the closet adaptation to the web novel from what I've been told by other anons. But it's hard to recommend anything, then turn around and tell that person to stop reading at X chapters and drop it. Who does that? You either go through it all or you just don't bother. Maoyu is pretty good, not horrible. It's an entertaining and interesting 8/10 manga, but then at some point, it starts going down hill quickly. For me, it was when Mao got shafted (pun intended) by the arrow, yet I had been feeling that it was waning by that point.

9/10 when it starts
Then it falters to a 7/10 mid point
Then it ends, 4/10
So I'd say 6/10 over all for my enjoyment of it, I've read better. What makes Maoyu worth reading, is that it is a complete story that pokes interesting but ultimately shallow holes, in the Isekai fantasy adventure, only to turn around and do exactly what it was parodying.

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Well at least you thought about it instead of brainlessly shitposting like a lot of anons do. Carry on.


Worth reading

I wish this was true.

There are lot better things, but is not harmful either. Is watchable but nothing else.

This never happened in the anime, in the anime all the problems were just solved in a Doraemon fashion, the Red Scholar just takes out from her magical pocket an invent from the future that "fixes" the problem.

>This never happened in the anime, in the anime all the problems were just solved in a Doraemon fashion, the Red Scholar just takes out from her magical pocket an invent from the future that "fixes" the problem.
That's fine, as long as it's a busty redheaded Maou that does it.

It reminds me a lot of KonoSuba, but less interesting, yet this is finished and has a proper end while KonoSuba is on going. Now that I'm putting proper thought into it, I don't remember any recent fantasy adventure isekai that has actually come to an end. Log Horizon, Overlord, Sword Art Online, KonoSuba, etc are all still on going. There's a certain charm and satisfaction delving into a new piece and finishing it in a week.

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watch it and find out you stupid faggot

It's pretty shit.
If you want titties, go watch Manyu Hikenchou

It's only a discount because it's trying to undercut the market, which will increase it's popularity.

Kind of a shame it flopped so hard. I didn't like some of the character changes like Dragon Princess, but overall I liked it. That OST going to waste is criminal.

If you want a pseudo 3rd season of Spice and Wolf.

>Author in jail for tax evasion
It really makes you think.

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Then why is the flattest girl superior?

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This one
If it's any other art style, it's the wrong one.

Freckled knight was god tier.

[X] Rape the maids

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