Milkman in the Kokoro

This is your yamato nakadashi tonight.

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Milkman going to pump milk inside her 24/7 and Fatoshi can do nothing.

Give me one reason why kokoro would like the ugly loud sperg who never talks about anything but food. They have no chemistry, and their sync values showed it. Despite being seemingly perfect, they always had low values.

She makes my kokoro go doki doki


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>wants the milkman
>gets together with milkman
>happiness achieved
>milkman lies next to her at night, masturbating while whispering "Hiro"
>wants to feel wanted again
>asks fatman to make her feel like a woman again
>fatman agrees, but his love is twisted by his hurt feelings and dominates her during their secret gettogethers

Will she be the teams cumdumpster

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They are so cute.

It's time.

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>tfw no qt 3.14 flowerfag mommy gf

user, she only cares about Mitsuru.

Roastie in the Milkshit

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I loved this episode.
They could have pussy footed around the issue with Mitsuru, Kokoro, Futoshi and Ikuno like having one of them die or conveniently use Papa forcing the change as a get out clause to avoid the pain.
Instead they just took the plunge with the NTR issue and it was absolutely brilliant.

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Fatfucks getting desperate. Last thread you guys were trying to pair fatshit with Miku too.

She did nothing wrong. Partner switching wasn't even a thing before the higher ups brought it up with them so the promise was more about making the most of a bad situation.
I'm sure most people probably would have done the same in her position.

I love reading the delusional headcannon that has been pouring out from desperate Fat fucks after this episode.

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I thought the status quo wouldnt change
Im glad they did prove me wrong

>kokoro want's procreation
>Milkman is Hirosexual who wants to prove himself

Just imagine the strategies Kokoro wii have to plan, just to drag Milkmai into greenhouse
>So.. this kissing makes you stronger? Are you sure Kokoro-san?
>Of course, 002 and Hiro did this during their first mission, you have to stick out your tongue, Mitsuru-kun

>Kokoro san this massage makes me feel weird. I feel hot, is this fever coming back? You said It will make us stronger.
>It means you are just healthy boy, don't worry about your... ara... boy part growing. it's all like in the book.

>Kokoro-san, what is this rope for...?

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Stay fat

I'm loving how they're ignorantly trying to portray Milkman's messiah worship of Hiro as "hurr durr he gay", it's projection of the finest sort.

>user, she only cares about Mitsuru.
She said herself that she wants to have many relationships with people, so you're wrong.

She's also a bad girl

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Why do they call him......”The Milkman”?

He does come of as a major homosexualy. This anime is truly about Hiro and his harem

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I can honestly see this happening.

Because he fucks your mom.

He's tasted every boys' milk.

I hope she becomes a Yandere.

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He sucks pregnant kokoro's milkies every night.

Because he loves Hiro's milk

What the fuck is a thot? I mean I know it means something like sluts but where does this term come from?

One frame in episode 2

>Kokoro handcuffs Milkman
>tell him she knows how to make him a better pilot
>runs her fingers across his chest
>plays with his nipples while reaching for his Milkboy
>whispers sweet nothings into his ears
>Milkman pants
>"Don't worry, we're only getting started"

She just saying she’d know how to discipline her kids when the time comes.

What does Kokorochan's breath smell like?

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Jesus fuck I watch anime to not be reminded how shit modern women are.


It's a good start. Let's keep going.

Obviously the quality of relationship is different. The contrast between how she treats Mitsuru and Futoshi from now on will be eye opening.

Dom Kokoro is truly a miracle of the universe.

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So she will be impregnated by many guys?

Nigga he wanted Hiro to ride him. He wanted to bend down on all 4, stick his ass up in the air, put his mind inside a robot and let Hiro take the wheel.
Kid is gay as fuck.
He's so gay his girlfriend had to threaten to kill herslef to get him to actually pilot her.
He's so gay he's been piloting a lesbian this whole time and never noticed anything was wrong, because he's every bit as not into it as she is.

He was paired with Ikuno from the getgo because they had the best compatibility. They're compatible because they're both gay as fuck.

Milkman is gay, and Kokoro is his psychotic faghag beard.

Stop avoiding my filter, retard.

It just means that ho over there

She made the right decision. They were partners, not lovers. If she doesn't love him why should she answer his feelings? These kids don't know what love is, and especially that it must be shared to become lovers.

She was right to run away.

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What the fuck is that? Is that the origin of thot?

>drops her current partner like a bag of trash
>hopes immediately on Milkman train
>humming happily after absolutely destroying fatty's heart
>talks about how she's not a nice girl
>literally goes into rampage until Mitsuru connects with her
She is, hands down, the thirstiest and most obsessive of all the female characters.

so this is one of abe's plans to attempt to cure homosexuality

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Kokoro will betray the team to pleasure the APE

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>It was like she was looking at walking garbage.

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>>asks fatman to make her feel like a woman again
He never did. You don't feel like a man or a woman when you ask someone to help you make a machine move.

>Listen to me very closely Mitsuru-kun...
>If you don't cum inside of me I will snap your neck, is that clear?
>Think of Hiro if you need to, I don't really care
>We are going to have lots and lots of beautiful babies together, do you understand?

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Wasn't that drawn like, after fifth episode? Drawfaf a nostrodomus

What’s weird is how Mitsuru seems to be so much more into her after finding out how crazy she is. Is this what it takes to ungay a man?

A piss drawfag femanon.

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There isn't any NTR, they never slept together nor were lovers. This love was one-sided and it's good that it's over.

Don't ruin his head canon

God I wish that was me

>They're compatible because they're both gay as fuck.
Then the others might be too.

Figures it'd be a woman pushing ntr shit.

Kokoro is an angel. She was sent from above to help Milkman let go of his grudge against Hiro.

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Going stampede mode shows him she is dedicated to heal his kokoro(heart)

But he and she then achieved a 100% synchronization rate.
How to explain that?

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Considering how random of a match-up Fatoshit and Ikuno are, I'm thinking they might end up being the guys who die before the final stretch.


>are you gay?
>find some nice oppai and you won't be anymore
thank you based abe

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Happy for her, too bad mitsuru is a death flag walking.

>These kids don't know what love is
She does now. Her kokoro is going doki-doki with Mitsuru.

what are these comics called?

He went from a 7/10 to a 11/10

I didn't mind Futoshi getting NTRd since I think MitsuKoko is a better pair.
I just hope he moves on and that this show will give us Punished Futoshi redemption.

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Okay, so since Kokoro is with milkman now, would that make her doujins with Futoshi Netorare?
Or once netorare never stops being netorare and all of her vanilla milk doujins will have ntr tag?

Dykes always die. And now that Futoshi was revealed to not be useless in battle, he'll die trying to save Kokoro.


Don't worry, he knows

What stage are you fatfucks on right now?

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That was the final straw for his dick
But she was already one of the few people he didn't find unpleasant and even spend time with even if it was just standing there and listening so it wasn't that hard.

At least the lesbian has an ongoing character arc they can milk drama from, Futoshi has nothing except food. i guess they could have him try to lose weight to steal kokoro back but he's just seemed like a filler dude from the start.

Mostly between anger and bargaining from what I’ve seen.

Still awaiting for the return of the TSanon. TLanon posts his translation and then the TSanon has vanished. Might as well repost it here incase he sees it.

>Zero Two's been cold to me recently.
>Did she get tired of me?
>Does she hate me now?
>As I thought, maybe mimicking how Zero Two acts would be better?
>Everyday Zero Two (unbubbled text next to her head) Darling. Kiss? Or maybe sex? (Sharp bubble)Either one is bad here! (Above her jumping on him)I love you Darling!
>Zero Two, wait!
>I said I'll be brave!
>I, I never could say it due embarrassment but,
>I've always thought that I want to love and cherish you properly...!
>Kisses, sex, those,
>I'll try my best to get better at it so...
>So, with me... (Here by chance)
>Well uh, sorry...
>That isn't... Sorry...
>You're fine...
>So this is how you spend your time with Zero Two when it's when your both together, huh...
>Just forget this

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Even edgelords can't beat the Kok

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Abeposting is the funniest part of the show

she destroyed peaceful community on franxx threads

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You'd think after sharing so many neardeath experiences they'd get closer.
Hiro did it, Zorome and Goro as well.
As for Fatoshit? His highest way getting fed.


I want Fatoshi, who never put an effort on losing weight, to get an incurable disease that will slowly consume him inside and kill him in a few years.
I want to see Fatoshi, every night, crying in the bed and thinking, between coughing mucus and blood, on how Kokoro doesn't give a shit about him, even if he's about to die.
I want to see Fatoshi trying to repair the relationship with Kokoro, also by using his disease as an excuse, but without effort.
I want to see Fatoshi slowly losing control of his body due to the disease, and being forced on a bed.
I want to see Fatoshi realize that Kokoro will never come visit him in hospital.
I want to see Fatoshi cry in his bed, powerless, as he watches his old squadron fighting the monsters with the Franxxs in his room's monitor/TV.
I want to see Fatoshi cry even harder as he watches Milkman and Kokoro ride together and become famous.
I want to see Fatoshi die in bed and, finally, Kokoro visiting him on his death bed with Milkman's child.

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She was the worst girl when she was an enabler.

She became the best girl when she finally quit it.

>dumps a fatty
>gets the hottie
>ungays a man
Was Kokoro the ultimate Chad all along?

>seemingly purest girl is the slut
Well who would have thought. Surely not the japs since this trope is pretty common in NTR h-manga

>peaceful community on franxx threads
Literally never existed.

>mfw fatties.

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rational thinking on my Sup Forums? woah buddy shes a thot who shouldnt have agreed to a promise pushed on her in the middle of a mission