ITT: Touma speech; 3 words each post

Behold my fist

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It's a lizard

Destroying maiden's faces.

Is my surname

Mister punch bitches

The pleasure of

Cumming inside Kuroko

Living life corretly.

Billion raging orgasms

With uncanny precision

Sniffing my fairy.

Mikoto a shit

That truth is

Kongou is better

*punches face hard*

Said Baba, the

fat fucking bitch

hot delinquent granny

Mikon is my wife

Your immoral ways

It bothers me

Prepare to face

my hymen breaker

Various snorting apes

Coming full force

Will discipline you

moe~ moe~ kyun~

unforgettable and detestable

fuck the slavs

Listen up, headcrab

I'll rape you

go fuck yourself

stop fucking eating

and start dancing

out of here

on my cock

This bothers me.

my penis grows

OBJECTION! Your honor

Fukou da niggers

where's my wallet

Look you faggot

Riddle me this:

If I fuck

Nya nya nya

did I beat

The pussy good

Does fucking headcrabs

Count as zoophilia?

Give me the

crabbypatty secret recipe

You fucking headcrab

Ravioli Ravioli give

Me my pasta

and the formuoli

never ever raildex fags

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I wont allow

Fate nigger to

cum this time

it’s time to

tickle MP's throat


prostate orgasm only

choke the UMU

at all costs

I will protect

My sand castle

fuck off Mikoto

the umu, umu!

He has no

stop vibrating it

I'm cumming

Get ready for

splash town, Kuroko

But I’m rambling

This is the

Main issue: You

Need to quit

Smoking so much

At living your

fucking traps for

are going to

Had a stroke

Sorry about that

I want Touma's speech to randomly have umu as his face in the middle

sucked a cock


as expected of

Saten the whore

But Umuposter is

Traps aren't gay.

Check these out

The point is,

Ohohohoho. Prepare yourself

We must remove

Mikoto from life

Every single shitposter

here it comes

Needs a punch