Mahou Shoujo Ore

First two episodes are out

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>Still need to wait 3 weeks for episode 3

Good fanservice.

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Why are they out early?


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Does it look like it's actually worth watching or is this just an ironic weeb thing?

Oh god no

Its an adaptation, read the manga or just fucking watch it faggot.

The first two episodes were very enjoyable, hopefully it'll remain that way all the way through.
Give it a try.

Picked up

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Supposedly there will be anime-original mahou jojo though.

I thought it was the psychological one (Mahou Shoujo Site) and I got pretty confused for a minute when I saw these. That one I'm actually looking forward to. Will this around episode 3's time though, I hate long gaps between episodes.


Mahou Shoujo Site is Amazon simulcast because it will air on Animeism block and replacing Killing Bites.

This is genuinely funny. Kinda reminds me of Konosuba where the shitty animation fits.

nice boat

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Threads already this dead,huh.

AOTS already.

It's good we have two mahou shoujo show even if one is parody. Possibly more since I haven't checked spring's lineup. We haven't been getting a lot of these lately.

Non-standard releases like these are thread killers, can't be helped

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I mean, even though I'm interested in the show, I won't watch. Those advance viewings aren't really worth it since you'd have to wait almost a month till next episode. Plus, a lot of people had no idea it's airing.

>No bulge

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It's actually three and it's four if you also count Cutie Honey Universe.

Five, there's Hugtto Pretty Cure going on too, last episode to air was either 7th or 8th.

Good shit.

That's mahou danshi, user.

>Cutie Honey Universe
Nice, I didn't know about this.

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ok no more internet for today

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Picked up
No OP or ED, but I guess the actual TV debut will have them and it's like an OPM situation, where the preair doesn't get OP and ED

>You will never turn into a magical girl and get into the magical girl Sup Forums squad and go on gay adventures.

It would be nice if it wasn't blatantly a parody.

>humongous tits turn into humongous pecs
At least this manga did it right.

Picked up. I can see the joke getting old eventually, but so far so good.

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>Main girl with good design.
>Turns into a magical dude.

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What did you expect?

What the fuck.

This is probably AOTS

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Watching this and I find it genuinely hilarious. I remember reading a few chapters of the manga quite a while ago but I forgot most about it.

Impossible. Hinamatsuri is airing this season.

I wish it was the other way around.

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I thought guys with big muscles would have smaller dicks

Watch Twintails.

Is this the ultimate reverse trap anime? It's my fetish so I don't mind

That was fun and main girl was very cute, but I feel the next episodes will have tons of quality.

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But user I already did.

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>three sub releases already
Which one is the best?

You can just watch Twin Angel Break if you just want cute girls then.

They're all rips of CR's subs

In terms of looks, I meant. They're all different filesizes.

I wish I could turn into the opposite gender. Then I can have sex with both genders

The first seconds of the OP sound really familiar.

This isn't the anime we wanted but it's definitely the one we deserve

Wait,i get it!

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HOLY FUCK, this is all I've expected and more

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So is this yaoi or yuri?

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Technically, this is het

I think it counts as both

This is too hilarious, I love it. Hope it doesn't get boring midway.

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I love this, nice meta humor and lovable characters so far, ep 3 when?

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Its Bara.

that's a cute girl

if she turns into that dude, I will drop

I got some bad news for you user...

>I will drop
He doesn´t like cute girl with penis.

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Well pack your bags buddy, that's literally the premise of the show.

That was super boring and unfunny

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traps are ok, turning a cute girl into a muscluar dude isn't

you like worst girl, so wonder you have shit taste

I will fight you and your entire family.

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mina a shit

a shit, I say

Wait, so it's going to be episode 3 on April 2nd or is it going to start from the first episode again?


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I'm just thankful for the male cleavage and backless outfits.


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what do you think?

I read conflicting things about it, that's why I'm asking.

This is a preair. So, episode 1 on 4/2, episode 2 on 4/9 and episode 3 on 4/13

man what the hell

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>Girl turns into incredibly buff magical dude
Picked the fuck up?

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I'm gonna watch both. This series is pretty fun outside of the gay fanservice scenes.

Just remember both are still girls on the inside


does that make it not gay, or what?

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It's both.

why does pierrot plus have the best female mc's?

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I had a lot of fun with this. I can't wait for more.

why didn't I see that coming?

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They make amazing faces.

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How come the thread is ded, this is great

Buffed dudes generally have no dick, that's why they /fit/

Because the first two episodes on kissanime are fucked. Episode 1 has italian subs, and episode 2 straight up has subs missing and doesn't line up with the dialogue. Naturally, people wouldn't put in the effort to find working subs to watch buff crossdresser antics.

Sucks to be them.

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people aren't ready for spring season yet

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Ain't that the truth?

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