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are you kidding me Sup Forums? lets fix that

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I'm the stack of pancakes.

I'm the donut with its face full of feet

Is that Henreader?

Dude you want to be a little girl? Gay!

Children are sexy

Meanwhile a thread about a cowtit hag like Lucoa got over the bump limit. Is Sup Forums dying?
Never mind, it's already dead.

I only like american lolis!

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Is your brain working?

>Is Sup Forums dying?

Well, it's full of newfags, that's for sure.

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No but lolis can be sexy

Nobody likes your pedoshit oldfag

Why wouldn't you want to be a cute sexy loli? Are you gay or something

Make a thread about a loli character instead of a general

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Why don't you want to be a shota?

No thanks, shotas are gay. i want to fuck a loli by being cute loli myself. I want to have fun time with lolis by being a cute loli myself

Or... Don't make one at all. Works too right?

What a fucking homo jeez

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Yes, have a hundred threads of loli characters rather than 1 general. Be like DBZ

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the one and only. truly the hero of current era

Jail when?

>all those giant sweets or pillows shaped like giant sweets

They be damn hungry.