NTR chapter tomorrow. Are you ready?

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And nude posing in ch12

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is this another franxx thread?


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How the hell did he manage to make such a cutie fall in love with him?

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Things like this is when Nagatoro is cutest.
Mangaka probably realizes that after the second original image set chapter was by far the most popular.

After what I just finished reading, I'm as ready as I'll ever be. What if she goes back to being more of bully than a teaser as punishment?
Go back to your containment thread

Is it really Senpai's fault? She's gonna kill a bitch in this one.

>tan lines from last chapter suddenly gone.

Maybe in her eyes Senpai did something. Either way, someone is getting chewed out and it's going to glorious.

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My dick is ready

>Actual lewds
Fucking finally.

That is not how swimsuits work.


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>Nagatoro NTR'd
YES! nothing feels better than watching villans humbled

Funnly enough, at this point I don't give a shit about lewds. Only smugs.

I hope the other girls are just doing it for bantz, forcing Nagatoro to make no retaliation.

He's actually passionate and good with his art, and Nagatoro alone knows it. Senpai is not like that musician guy her friend set her up with.

Because he's a self-insert.

>Yandere Nagatoro


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>[Laughter stops]

That first panel looks almost like pic related

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>bring slut friends around your future husband
>surprised when they make a move on him

>smug sadist no so smug once NTR'd

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do you think 774 have a personal secret collection of nagatoro hentai doujin?

Something's wrong with these breasts.

It's just an imagination.

Too big.

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Of his daughter?
I don`t think so.

Ah yes, the age-long question : do porn artists fap to their creations?

>Senpai is less a faggot than Maa-kun

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>slam crash bam bam
Little does she know those are the sounds of Senpai’s potential children rocketing out of his dick

Was it rape?

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>that white day special
When this manga first came out, I didn't liked Nagatoro and never thought that it's going to be this sweet. Jesus

I wish that were me.

She raped him first

You can't rape the willing.

So, has anybody translated the Nagatoro escape game?
Can't find an english verision anywhere...

It's being "worked on".

STALKER is currently translating it.

Links to the blog/dev progress, if there is any?

HI guys i think i found fatty, maybe it was mentioned earlier but i dont really care

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>Tfw I accidentally did this once to my female bully, only slapped her on the ass instead.

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i will go to my thread now

Well fucking greentext it already, you tease. How did she react?

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i'm mother fucking ready negro

senpai did take his hand from the gyaru grap right away

Dont bully me 774, release it already

Apparently he forgot to draw tanlines. This guy, seriously...

How long ago was that post?

It has a date/time included, are you blind?

>female bully
some people have all the luck

He should just alternate it each time

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I hope you asked her out after you did that, extra chad points if you slapped it again.

>Accidentally hit a friend in the boobs once
>she actually liked it
>Constantly had to be careful in taekwondo and karate sparring not to kick the girls in the boobs or crotch

The occasional sideboob kick is acceptable, anything more and you are in trouble.


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> haha it's just a joke sis chill haha nigga how can you get triggered by NTR like nigga just don't be in a relationship hahaha

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I hope Slut-chan gets more characterisation since she got eyes.

That guy looks like a bro, I feel bad that he has to deal with such a cunt of a gf

is there a compilation of links to this series' chapters that doesn't suck dick? every single one I've tried has the chapter numbering wrong or simply don't display pictures at all

torpedo tits

actually it's her onii-chan

Wow, what a pervert she is, I feel even more bad for him now

What would her Onii-chan do if he found out she was pretending pictures of him were her boyfriend?

Make her suck him off in front of maggot senpai.

That doesn't sound like something a good Oniichan would do

Oh shit, you're right. I guess he'd force her to give senpai head to apologize.

its one of nagotors friends you dunce shes in the first chapter and the family restaurant chapter.

>"forcing" her
yea she totally wouldn't enjoy it herself, trust me, i'm an expert on this topic

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>Nagatoro tries to make it look like she doesn't want to but can't completely hide it

Give her a spanking

She can be as tsuntsun as she wants and act totally disgusted, but once her big bro grabs her hair and forces her to her knees, she'll be looking up at senpai with heart pupils.

Simply delicious.

How soaked would Senpai's lap get if he spanked Nagatoro?

>Nagatoro flips out because someone else is bullying her maggot-senpai
Please lawd, I am not asking for much.

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>soaked lap
she wouldn't live long enough to do that, his dick is gonna stab her stomach, splitting her in half

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>Blogposting about bullies in a Nagatoro thread
Like fucking clockwork.

I want the losers to leave.

I would berry my dick so far in her stomach that I'd be given the rank of centurion and be called Longinus.

So you regard her as your savior?

Are all nagatoros friends fanged girls ?

This page will never not get me hyped for this chapter.

I mean I'm going to nail her so hard she'll have her own religion.
I'm going to bang her so roughly she won't be able to walk for three days.
She's going to suffer so much Passion she'll make up for all of mankind's sins.
I'm going to wreck that ass so badly her best friend will thrice deny knowing her.
I'm going to finish inside her so many times she'll gain the power to turn water into cum.
I'm going to make such an example out of her that a thousand years from now white dudes will crusade wearing reaction images of her smug face on their flags and bully every brown girl in the cities they sack.
I'm telling you that the sex will be so good her dying words will come out as a lustful moan:
>Forgive them, Daddy, they know not what they do

oh shit, more characters with actual faces? i guess that means they will be regulars?

do you think 774 lurk every Nagatoro threads?

On 2ch? Maybe.

sometimes i had the feeling that he like to check the threads and use some random anons ideas for the manga, like that "accidentally" penis grab, i remember someone joked about that before it happened

I doubt it. He can't into English.