Do I seriously need to watch 100 episodes before watching this movie?

Do I seriously need to watch 100 episodes before watching this movie?

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The key is not to watch that shit series in the first place.

Express route to Beautiful Dreamer:

Episodes 1-3
Episodes 5-10
Episodes 12-18
Episodes 21-22
Episode 24
Episodes 30-33
Episode 35
Episodes 37-39
Episodes 42-45
Episode 48
Episodes 50-51
Episodes 53-54

Movie 1 - Only You

Episodes 58-65
Episode 68
Episode 70
Episodes 75-79
Episode 82
Episode 87
Episodes 89-90
Episode 94
Episodes 97-98
Episodes 100-101

Movie 2 - Beautiful Dreamer

You should watch at least that much if you want to get the best viewing experience from the film.

I'm really about to watch 100 episodes to enjoy the movie, aren't I?

Watch all 195 episodes, 1,3-6 movies, 12 OVAs and read all the manga then watch it.

That's up to you. You can watch either 100 or around half that.

Remember when Mamoru Oshii did stuff like this?

Remember when he did stuff at all?

Literally why wpuld you have to watch anything other than the character introduction epsiodes in order to watch Beautiful Dreamer
Ep 1
Ep 2
Whatever epsiode Ten appears in
Whatever episode Sakura appears in

Not that I think you should skip any episodes but I don't get this list

Why wouldn't you fucks not want to watch a classic and central piece of anime is beyond me.

Because I want to watch the films but not have to wait after watching 100 episodes first.

Because seasonal-only fans have the attention span of a 13 episode series at best these days. Split cours are necessary so that they can actually handle any stories that require more time. None of them can handle watching weekly episodes for a year, much less nearly 3.

Why yes, why wouldn't you?

because they're furrett and enjoy getting people riled up over tastes

I watched only the first few episodes of the TV series, but I don't think you even need that. Rumiko Takahashi stuff usually keeps running around circles for ages and does nothing to progress the story.

Comedy changes over time. What was funny some decades ago might not be funny to young folks today.

Very few big series actually have some content that isn't repeated scenes or stories that drag on slowly as hell. Just read the fucking manga instead.

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If you want the best way enjoy the movie, I say yes, otherwise you can just watch it, but I think it's better to see the film knowing the characters, their relationships and interactions with each other.

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>repeated scenes
quite possibly a directorial choice with some directors, reused scenes isn't exclusive to longer shows
>drag on slowly as hell
aka they take their time to develop their characters by showing things that aren't exclusively checking off requirements on a standard 13 episode character development checklist

there will be filler in anything long running but if it's enjoyable filler and/or still relevant to the tone of the show it's much easier to forgive compared to a rushed ending to sell manga or a non-ending with most new manga adaptations

in any case, big these days is anything longer than 13 episodes while big back then was probably anything longer than 70 or so.

Classic doesn't necessarily mean good.
Something hugely popular can be considered a classic thanks to its popularity rather than its quality.

While I understand that 100 episodes are a lot, why wouldn't you? Did you watch only the current season of GoT, TWD, etc...

I never watched any of GoT and TWD got boring over time.

Rumikoshit is real garbage. Although I agree with this opinion, as I've been seeing recently on Sup Forums people thinking it's fine to just watch the Gundam movies rather than the original series.

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I'm at episode 13. Can I watch movies 1 and 2 and understand who most of the characters are?

Speaking of mecha, can I watch Do You Remember Love? before Macross?

>directorial choice
aka save some money

Anime has been advertisement for the source material for the longest time. Times have changed. There is a shit ton of titles available, people want more options, and they have less free time.

I doubt you'd find many young folks who'd prefer the way it was before. Only older nostalgiafags who will greentext titles from this list.

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>can I watch Do You Remember Love? before Macross?
I don't recommend it, DYRL is like a great payoff for watching the whole show first. It's also pretty different from the TV show.

I assume the movie has more in common with the series than just having the same characters
Are there really zero allusions to any of the plot that comes before it?

they are faggots

Its just Young-fags cant watch more than 6 episodes to enjoy things

You are an actual idiot, and way too braindead for a film like Beautiful Dreamer.

The film expects you to have a clear understanding of the characters, and make it feel like you've spent a lot of time with them. Beautiful Dreamer was a farewell to the series from Oshii and half the TV staff at the time, and one of the things the film touches on is how long they've spent on the series. If you don't watch a large portion of the show, you won't be able to connect with one of the core themes the film addresses.

Alright, I'm watching Only You right now, having only watched 13 episodes. Last chance to change my mind.

>less free time
this is wrong, people just tend to spend it on discord, Sup Forums, twitch, reddit, youtube, mobage etc. people who don't have so many distractions have similar amounts of time as before to spend on a few focused hobbies.
>shit ton of titles available
>more options available
there are quantitatively more good series these days because of the sheer quantity being released every season. but there is a type of story you can tell in 13 episodes and a type you can tell in 70+. if you can't see the benefit in each you're short-sighted since the stories told in the longer runtimes typically aren't attempted now. also even in your 1981 chart 50 episodes was standard fare which is hardly much of an investment even up through the 2000s.

I'd watch 10 more episodes if I were you, just to get all the necessary character introductions in.

Alright, cool cool.

Can I watch YKK before reading the manga?

idk I watched Beautiful Dreamers with little more than an episode or two of Urusei yatsura, and enjoyed the movie and its message greatly. It made me start watching Urusei Yatsura only to be mildly disappointed in how different it is to the movie.

The original Gundam are overrated.

>let's have a whiny autistic kid as a protagonist and show his development, also war is bad
>now let's do the exact same thing for Zeta, and also include Amuro as a useless cameo character

If I've read the entire manga and found the ending to be anti climatic, what should I watch?

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Let me rephrase that. Less time to watch anime.

I am saying that there are more options because of the cumulative effects of each year's addition.

I've seen very few 70+ episodes series completely, but all of them felt like they dragged at some point.

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Do I need my eyes checked? Am I seriously seeing people in this thread imply Yurusei Yatsura isn't funny and that it aged badly?

>and enjoyed the movie and its message greatly
Except you didn't actually appreciate the message.

>people complaining about stuff on Sup Forums, Sup Forums of all boards
First day here?


Just watch it. Both are good. I prefer the manga, but it is not necessary to read it first.

That movie is shit, why would you "need" to watch it?

It's not Urusei Yatsura, it's just an emo fanfic.

Please respond, and also consider I've read it years ago and don't remember chunks of it. So would I have to go through some of that again?

Chronologically speaking, yes. I'd highly suggest you don't skip episodes or just not watch either at all.

Instead of watching a single 100 episode classic and central piece of anime I could just watch 10-ish 12-episode classic and central piece of anime or 5-ish 24-episode classic and central piece of anime.

Name those 5-10 anime that are more worthwhile then, I dare you.

Teekyuu S1
Teekyuu S2
Teekyuu S3
Teekyuu S4
Teekyuu S5
Teekyuu S6
Teekyuu S7
Teekyuu S8
Teekyuu S9
Jackie Chan Adventures

Something that one learns by watching older stuff is that 20~something episodes are pretty rare before the 90s. And 12 episode ones are nigh non existent.

anime ages like milk, at least if you give modernish anime a try, you'll only have to torture yourself through 12 or 24 episodes not 200

>it's just an emo fanfic.

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which of these are actually worth watching/actually have subs?

>anime ages like milk,
The only anime that has "aged like milk" is 60s TV animation for obvious reasons. Beyond 1968 or so (and to be fair, Toei was pulling great animation in standalone films before that), if you think anime is "aged", it isn't the material, it's you.

Queen Millenia, Unico, Natsu e no Tobira and Sayonara Galaxy Express 999 are fantastic, for starters.

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Are there any other charts for retro anime?

Frankly, Oshii does such a masterful job that you don't need to.

Before watching the movie, I think I had watched maybe 1 or 2 episodes of the series. I basically knew the setup and the general characterization for the core group.

The characters are all pretty archetypal, and the writing and direction make it really easy to suss out what everyone's deal is. You do not need a lot of back story to grasp the character dynamics precisely because the dynamic is so much in the foreground.

And as far as the plot goes, you really don't need any outside knowledge, as it's self-contained.

This. I'd actually argue that modern anime will age much worse than older ones. 20 years from now, who will be nostalgic for an isekai?

And then there's the technical aspect of cels vs digital animation: older stuff like UY could be remastered in true 4K or even 6K in the future, assuming of course the original prints survives.

Meanwhile, even today most series are made at 720p or 960p and then upscaled for broadcast and blu-ray release. And no matter how much technology improves, these will always be upscaled, since a proper "remastering" would mean redrawing stuff and recompositing the scenes together.

Watch the whole show. Once you get past the first 25 episodes, it's great. Way better than current long running anime like Gintama, Precure or DB Super.

You can actually see the tv show becoming more Beautiful Dreamer-like in the 2nd year when the anime-original stories or just larger anime original segments in manga adaptations start going towards that style. There's an episode about Sakura which ends up pretty bizarre, switching between slow dreamy backstory scenes about a sickly Sakura by Oshii and then random Takahashi humor in the real world.

It takes a step back closer to the manga's style after Oshii leaves though, but it still has some different stuff once in a while.

Here's a zip from 1960 to 2013 :

>1,3-6 movies
any particular reason why watching second movie is best?