Manipulative Oni is Dangerous

its been evident since ep.5 and becoming more & more obvious that she has something big in her mind and Hiro is nothing but a tool for her to achieve that.Her line in the last episode and the way she said with the grin on her face,"We will always be together until the day we die." is enough to send chills down someone's spine.

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Oni is bitch.

Fuck off Ichigo.

Ichigo is nothing but a slut.

Run Hiro, ...Run.......

I really hope this goes the "Hiro has to become stronger (maybe even the blue oni) so he can reign her in and make her is obedient housewife and mother of his oni children" way, would be very Japanese and arousing to me.

Oni will die, and Ichigo will win Hiro bowl...

Oni is always talking about dying and expecting to die, so she will surely not die, I know how this works. If anything Hiro will sacrifice himself for her, but will survive thanks to her pure oni-love.

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el klaxosauro tenebroso...

>mfw spiderfag was right all along


Go away Ichigo.

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> Be Mitsuru
> Fatoshi's coming in for the kill
> Secret ninja technique
> Switch places with the nearest wooden log
> Look over
> Ichigo takes the hit
It's her own fault for being flat.

*Bramisaurio peligroso

Sorry I don’t spic speak

>Switch places with the nearest wooden log
fuck, i laughed out loud

What if Zero Two is the protagonist, not Hiro?
Think abou it

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No she's not.

her VA said this was the case

I doubt it, Hiro already got shat on for his retarded ideas about self-sacrifice, then Goro got shat on for roughly the same ideas once again and both of them were forced to drop them. At this point I doubt this show will use sacrifice for anything positive. The whole point is that giving up on your life is not OK.

who broke your heart hombre ?

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I like that image, tried to clean it up a bit.

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Probably. It's certainly not Hiro, at any rate.

Hiro got an entire arc focused on him (and on 02 to some degree, by extension) so he's the closest we've got.

>Seriously now, what will be each & every character's endgame?

*Oni's future is unpredictable, as at this point we really don't know what's going on inside her head, she also seems mentally unstable for the past few episodes starting with her psycho laugh at the end of episode 5.

*Hiro's fate is likely for him self-sacrificing to save his friends & humanity.

*Rest of the characters will begin reviving & re-living human customs of the old times in pairs probably married in the epilogue like Ichigo-Goro, Kokoro-Mitsuru, Miku-Zorome, and Nana-Hachi but Ikuno & Futoshi are likely to struggle to the end as their respective partners have literally dumped them which will surely affect their performance, I hope Goro dies and Ikuno gets her Ichi-bowl as if it will happen.

*Dr. FranXX will likely be the main culprit responsible for the deaths of the APE council & their downfall.

*APE will be revived as real apes in the epilogue as well.

*Oni might give birth to Hiro's child after his death, the same seems highly posssible with Kokoro wiith Mitsuru's child.

*Klaxosaur finally wipe out all humanity for good.