Now that it's over, rate it

Now that it's over, rate it.

I give it a solid 9/10. That was a superb ending, even better than the one the original series got.

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3/10. I feel I'm being pretty generous.

fuck no. I feel it deserves way more than that even with the shitty quality of the early episodes

Hey, If i were to eliminate the arcs It re-used from existing superior movies it would be even lower. Don't push it.

I'd say it's more of a 7/10. It had a few good moments but the pacing was all over the place and the plot was pretty weak. There's still some potential if the series continues after the movie, particularly if the Grande Padre meme becomes true.

shit, pretty much carried by goku black arc everything else was so whatever.


more holes in the plot than a road in detroit.

>Story 6/10
>Animation 3/10
>Memes 17/10
>Waifus/Husbandos 100/10 pic

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I skipped directly to the Black Goku arc (mostly due to the movies already covering that part but also because of the QUALITY) and I would give it a 5/10 at best, average.

By Dragon Ball standards though, it's dogshit. They nailed the designs but I thought the pacing, characters, animation (in places) and music made it unrecognizable as a DB series. I still can't really believe that old time fans ate this shit up.

I'll go for a 6/10.
The predictable boring wish takes off a lot of points.

That was an anti-climax.

Zamasu arc was the peak and it crashed and burned. 4/10

4/10. Perhaps a little too high, but there were some enjoyable moments.

fuck you haters

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I dont get the people who unironically think GT is better, Super isnt good but it still treated the characters 100x better than GT did, and didnt have the worst arcs ever, like Super 17

I was entertained but the designs of the other universes really left a lot to be desired and the fact that Universe 7's power came down to "trust" in others instead of going your own way was hilariously bad
I what is this, Naruto?

The kids have to learn that friendship is the strongest so that they don't become like jiren and lose because of it


just fuck up my childhood, senpai

only hipsters think db is better than z

Goku vs Piccolo at the World Tournament is still the best fight in the entire franchise


3/10 at best

I'm going to delete this fucking shit

fuck you haters really

I mean, original DB features actual fights, so it's not really fair.

Not to say that the ones in Z are not cool in their own way, though.

dios mio

A lot better than expected. Original contents (not from movies) are quite good. Some are a bit dumb. But considering what is its main targeted demographic, it is passable, I think.

Can't give it a 9, so it has to settle at 8/10.

>people who like dbs ladies and gentlemen
This better be some convoluted bait

>this is the kind of person who's been on Sup Forums for db threads
I really am glad this shit show is over.

Did frost get revived too?

>"memes 17/10"
>tfw you missed out on the Black Arc shitposting

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Black Arc memes are probably the greatest thing to come out of any anime ever

literally my face when

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A 4 for the first half and an 8 for the second half

I liked the fight, the drawings were done good as well.

Ill miss you Jiren

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4 for the Zamasu arc and 1 for the rest.

7/10 with ups and downs, it was definitely 8/10 towards the end though, Freeza and Goku downing Jiren was 10/10


Ultra Instinct and the last two eps were literally the best parts of the entire Super arc/saga/whatever.

honestly a 5/10

3/10, thanks for wasting my time. I thought GT was bad, but super hit a new rock bottom of the likes that almost makes GT look good.

0/10, it will become easy 5/10 if it redoes GT in the future though. 10/10 for the redone GT arcs and 0/10 for everything before it, for an average of 5/10.

Super was worth it.

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They feel like 2 different genres not just anime. 1 is an adventure martial arts with fantasy elements, the other is straight up superpower shounen. DBZ had a lot of good moments and better pacing, but overall I still prefer DB for the true nostalgia.

I have thoroughly enjoyed it, I give it a 6.5/10 because:

>no frieza shenanigans
>no grand priest evil plan
>no twist whatsoever
>all universes were eliminated by U7

It was a 0/10 every episode was worst then the last.

Oh and

>black not bein voten so the rivalry with trunks was more meaningful for the viewer.

>1 is an adventure martial arts with fantasy elements, the other is straight up superpower shounen.
That's what I've been feeling. I think Super would have worked a lot better in the later stages if the tournament hadn't been the only focus, or if it was at least structured better, or shit, sense universes were on the line, if it had been more of a mad scramble for dominance instead of several people always standing around.

I give an 17/18.

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Its a 4/10 the last fight is a 9/10 and what the matches should've been more about but because of power level scaling the only way we got a old fashion fight where every hit mattered was when everyone was 2 steps from death.

If you think the filler universes and all the other crap doesn't drag down the score so hard you're an idiot even if I only could the good shit its a 7/10 with a few 9/10 moments.

>not goku vs vegeta


It wouldn't be meaningful at all because Goten was never born in that timeline and Future Trunks never met him.

>asspull after asspull
>not a single well made fight
>deviant art tier recolours
2/10 for zamasu

8/10, ending saved it

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The kids learn all right, they get in groups and bully loners.

I won't

I just want to set him on my lap and rub his belly, maybe squish his cheeks a bit

only good meme it produced was vegetto shitstorm, everything else was shit

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6/10 at most.

Goku and Frieza fighting together at the end while Goku barely struggled to hold even Super Saiyan was legit awesome to me. That final fight was amazing.

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The last two episodes did manage to get me really hyped and I enjoyed them. It had good animation and was a solid ending. The rest of it was a boring drag though. Can't do better than a 4/10 but I'm glad it happened and I want to see more. I wish they would do fewer episodes with better pacing and animation.

Better than all the Mexican memes, which are quite literally reddi-tier memes

Solid 5/10, where do I even begin?

>Animation was awful at every point, par for the course for Toei
>Anything that wasn't SSB or UI got written out of the story too quickly, SSB Vegito was a cool idea that amounted to basically nothing
>Zen'o is the worst character in all of Dragon Ball
>Frieza and Vegeta are the only side characters that get serious attention, otherwise, Android 17 is just there for memes and everyone else was given fake importance
>Power gap widens lightyears between Goku and everyone else instead of trying to make things more competitive
>Absolutely terrible array of villains culminating in Jiren who is basically a hurdle with an alien face

2/10, at least it tried, oh wait it didnt

Animation really did kill it, I dont get why Toei didnt give one of their biggest franchises an actual budget, or why they dont fire the shitty directors. Takahashi is the only one worth keeping.

BoG: 3.5/10 - Got some entertainment out of the meme magic that was bad animation

RoF: 3/10 - Got some entertainment of Gohan jobbing miserably, but that's giving it points for the wrong reasons

U6 v U7: 2.5/10 - HEY IT'S SOME NEW CONTENT wait it's still shit. Every time a U6 counterpart or character could've taken an interesting direction they swerve back to the most generic outcome possible. Because I was actually expecting something out of this arc I hated it even more,

Zamasu: 4/10 - Started off ok, not good, but that made me knock points off because it just kept wasting potential after potential, things got really inconsistent and I just couldn't give a shit about the villains and the memes weren't even that good as much as everyone tries to meme about gowasu and godtube. It's not funny.

Tournament of Power: 2/10 - The best part of the Tournament of Power was the hype leading up to it, and the exhibition match between Buu and Basil. Otherwise it had every single flaw of every past arc despite better animation at times dialled up to 11. This arc was whatever the fuck the point is after the nail in the coffin in the series for me.

If anyone mentions they like DBS, use the words or phrases chad, bro, my friend, (which thankfully has only happened online) I use everything in my power to remove them from the community or group. Fuck DBS and fuck everyone who likes it, nothing pleases me more than the autistic screeches of someone with exceedingly shit taste who cries persecution because they got banned or removed for being a DBS shill.

Five and a half, and mostly because of Zamasu

There's something warm and fuzzy about Jiren enjoying himself, I went from finding him dull to loving him these last few episodes.

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To me, Super's only saving grace.

I really wish they would do more with goten and trunks though. It would be nice for them to take over for Goku and Vegeta after a time skip or something. Not that I'd want them to go away completely but let someone else take over ffs

It's a hard pick. Super had some good moments, but all those boring filler fights really dragged it down. The young Saiyan fights were okay, as were the justice warrior fights, but the love warriors and robot one were so unnecessary and really dragged the shown down. That these trash fights got so much screen time is even a slap in the face of the important fights.

The ending was, sadly, very predictable. They tried to give a little twist with the moral test that was the wish, but ultimately that wasn't enough.

Freeza and constantly switching Goku in the last fight were a really nice touch, the plot device that was C17 didn't tarnish it too bad, even though I would have wished for a resolution other than "a triple ring out and we need someone from U7 standing".

Without the filler fights: 75/100, with the filler fights: 65/100

I know, it never lived up to the hype of great arcs like Baby, Super 17, or the Dark Deviantart Dragons

I was thinking about it it was no story at all what was the point of super.

It was okay, like 6/10
The ToP dragged on for too long, but the final episodes were great.

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the manga is a 4 or 5 out of 10. the anime is a 2 at best. straight up garbage

5/10. At least they didn't fuck up the ending

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2/10 for the anime, had some decent moments of animation buried in a mountain pile of shit
1/10 if I start considering the fanbase, because the fanbase made Super more insufferable than GT

3.5/10 for the manga for me, horrendously mediocre and uninteresting

2/10, something you leave on for your retarded 5 year old cousin when you want him to shut up so you can leave the room


Story only enjoyable for braindead people.
Even kids have more brain than that.
I wonder what kind of drugs those storywriters take at Toei.

to be fair they played it to the anime people. No wonder it's retarded.

I agree with these.

>Resurrecting everyone
>Some Android who got vored by Cell last man standing
>Hakai means nothing

It's the opposite of a great ending.


GT have a better ending

Why would I bother rating some doujin anime?

Now, we can get to a better arc.

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So what are your predictions for the movie?

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I was hoping the final fight was going to be good because of how much Anons hyped it up. However it turned out disappointing with ultra asspull blanco and tired/beaten up jiren not being able to one shot base form goku. The animators did a good job but the writers are literal trash

Do you think we'll get compilation OVA's of the individual arcs?

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If it didn't waste its time with BoG and RoF remakes it would have been better. Still, I loved every second of it and honestly having these characters appear weekly for nearly 3 years after all this time was something I was very fond of.
Very generous 7/10

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>giving shonen a 9
>watching shonen to begin with
I know Sup Forums has never been good, but jesus christ this place has fallen.

Look to your left when they show Universe 6. Frost is shown for a brief second.

as for each peak,

as a whole,

Yotsuba is shonen

>>Zen'o is the worst character in all of Dragon Ball


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I give it a 7/10, it was bad, some things were really bad, but it also had it's moments and i'd be lying if i said i didn't enjoy it. The lows of the series where very low and the highs were very high, and surprisingly i ended up liking Jiren even though i hated him when they revealed his backstory, but watching his character emerge throughout the fight was entertaining, especially when Goku gave him PTSD and Frieza shit talked him into submission.

That said the best thing to come out of Super are some of the new characters, Hit, Zamasu and Black, the Gods and Angels, Gowasu, even the waifubait Saiyans, Zeno and Jiren feel like worthwhile additions to what is going to be decades and decades of videogames and toys. And i liked how many team battles there were, usually fights in Dragonball were always 1v1, but in Super we even got some 2v2s, like Black and Zamasu vs Goku and Vegeta.

tl;dr: I liked it.

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8/10, they didn't show chadroid 17's trophy wife.

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