Toji no Miko

Praise Hiyori.

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Toothpaste eater.

Please go and discuss in /vg/ instead.

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She is very aerodynamic.

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Picking a fight, bitch?

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I wouldn't mind if this was /ag/.

But it is though?

So there are actually people who watch this anime and NOT like Yume? Not only is she the strongest, but also the cutest.

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Some people have irredeemable shit taste.

>the cutest
Maybe if she got her hair, voice and personality fixed.

I would've liked it better if her backstory wasn't revealed completely and only just stayed vague until the 2nd cour, like the other guards.

I guess I dont see the point of the tied up hair other than style, but her personailty and especially her voice are perfect. how can taste as shit as yours exist?

I'd reveal Suzuka's backstory if you catch my drift

The only one I'm really curious about is Suzuka, especially if the conspiracy theories are true. Maki's story should focus more on where she's headed, and Yomi is Yomi. I'm not sure if they're actually going to do anything with her.

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You are also very aerodynamic

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Kaoru is good at calculating flight paths, she often makes other people fly around.

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It's worth to watch this anime for her? I'm kinda interested after knowing she voiced by my seiyuufu

Suzuka is just a bully.

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Suzuka femdoming Mihono




She really only gets screentime episode 7 onwards but it was worth the wait.

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Her personality is the "elite tensai snob" in this anime, so you probably shouldn't watch it for her.

She's dead Jim

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>episode 7

Whoa, Yume alive confirmed

Wait..people actually die in this anime?

>episode 7
That's a lot of 7.
Yume becoming the tulpa of a girl called Nana confirmed.


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>there are people in this thread RIGHT NOW who think Suzuka isn't hiding anything

I can't wait for the tears once she returns as aradama hime.

No, she's just sleeping.

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What are those two doing in the bushes?

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Nana doesn't deserve that.

Is no one gonna point out Yukina is conducting human experiments and left two innocent girls emotionally and physically scarred for life, where are their fucking parents

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Of joy? I get to see Yume steamroll everyone again!

It wouldn't be the same character, though. If we're going the optimistic route, one could hope that Yume's soul is stuck in the netherworld and could be useful to someone like tulpa mom.

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polishing swords

anal sex

It wouldn't be Yume anymore.

Hiding from the authorities

Partial Yume is fine too.

Not only two, she make Kofuki an aradama addicted barbarian.

It'll just be her rotting carcass being worn by an aradama.

Renpu girls don't have parents, they're unwanted and unloved.

>It wouldn't be the same character, though
She already showed she's stronger then the aradama inside her though.
Even Yukari still had self consciousness after 20 years of possession.

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Guys I sure love Ga-Rei Zero

Waiting to take advantage of their broken daughters to crush the scraps with their futa cocks.

Mihono-sama's character single soon. Screencap this.

Hiding Kanami's sword from the authorities.

What part of "fine too" do you not understand?

So are they bringing her back as an aradame?

Yukari was possessed while alive.

Yume ;_;

>there little girls here that wouldn’t get the aradama sex change
Explain yourselves.

Excuse me?

Thiss. for the glory of Yume.

Speak for yourself


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She's second in those aspects.

To whom.

Sword switch is the strongest move

This. She will overcome the aradama and take control, living for the glory of fighting and having a good time, continuing being the strongest and cutest.

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Why is Kanami's mom so strong? What is her secret?

She has the shounen MC hair and personality.

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Isn't switching hands just how Westley beat Inigo Montoya in Princess Bride?

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She can stroke her sword with both hands

She has Kanami's grandmother in her sword and she trains every night while sleeping.

Well that was "I am not left-handed", a taking off the limiter sort of deal. In this case she switches constantly because reasons.

Yume got her aradama while she was alive too.
We already know a toji's spirit survives after carnal death too.

Sayaka is the cutest.

like, what the mc of Claymore did?

I like(d) her, but she is(was) not the cutest. That's Hiyori. And also Kanami and Mai are cuter as well.

She's a cute autist

Kanami and Yume are also on the spectrum.

>It wouldn't be the same character

Why? It's not like she's a rotten corpse.

>because reasons
I think those reasons is because it makes her unpredictable.

This might be an unpopular opnion, but I honestly don't think she is cute at all.


Suzuka took care of her body.

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Is it because of how she was raised?

doin gweed

Battoru autist just like kanami she switches styles so much tagitsuhime couldn't calculate what she'd do next

Who's that girl with twintails and a chipmunk mouth?

A shit

Permanent resident of flavortown mihocchi

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Whozuka can't do anything right.

Definitely not, Hiyori is only good for bullying about her flat chest. also straight bullying