Dragon Ball Super

Best bois.

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>Vegeta is no longer Goku's best friend
>new best friend is power hungery lizard man and muh family ayylmao

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>that moment Goku was stuttering in and out of SSJ
pretty fucking radical duder

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As shit as the show might have been in general, that final episode was amazing with Frieza and Goku and 17.
Prove me wrong.

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Vegeta is the strongest mortal in U7 at the end of Super.

>Frieza inflicts emotional damage on Jiren
>it gets healed seconds later by his supposed best friend (until Jiren suddenly went edge mode) Toppo
>goku and freeza are now bff
>17 of all people wins and then wishes back everyone
It's past time for you lot to apoligize to GT.

Lmao U9 is garbage

So who would have actually wished the universes back?

Goku, Gohan, Geets, Toppo, Jiren at the end maybe, Cuckba

Some south american street reactions?

Surely this is a parody, right?

Furries are always shit.

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it just seems so random for 17 to have been there. why not piccolo or vegeta?

Vegeta would've only wished back U6.
Jiren, doubt it.
Cabba, would've only wished back U7.

You're correct. 130 and 131 were kino

>those ki blasts hitting Jiren in sync with the music

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I want to protect this smile

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>throw me at him

Frieza is a real nigga

>17 winning the tournament was part of tori’s outline

How will he do it in the manga? He’s nowhere near anime 17’s power

I want to fuck that rabbit.

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He doesn't need your protection bitch

Jiren was the single strongest fighter in the ToP.



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just how fucking big are Toppo's hands lmao

Is Jiren still considered the strongest mortal? Goku had to rely on asspull powers to fight him and those almost killed him.


but he didn't win

>no tails in U6 because of Evolution
that was a shitty Upgrade

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reminder that caulifla is the son that goku never had

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Strength =/= winning

I want to protect THIS smile

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But it took three of them just to win. 1v1, he is the strongest.

I want to be friends with Jiren

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So, what was Jiren's wish going to be? He clearly wasn't planning on wishing the other universes back.

The smile of a rapist.

17 and Frieza killed this show. Fuck them. Vegeta is still the gratest DB character.

>and thus Frieza was added to the jobber squad

>smug Saiyan woman challenges you to a fight
>beat her up
>she's trying to get up "I-it's n-not over y-yet..."
>grab her by the tail
>drain the rest of her power
>pull her panties to the side
>stick your dick in her and make her your woman

Why can't I live in the Dragon Ball world lads?
It hurts so much.

>keklifla confirmed a tranny
We all knew it already but it's nice to have it confirmed.

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Early on he said he wants to know what is beyond strength. He learned that in the final episode - connections to others and trust allowed him to go beyond his limits and stand up again.

He got his wish bruh

The only reason he was still in the ring was because muh Goku can't solo win so we have to make him detransform before he can throw Jiren out.

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Final form freeza and ssj goku fighting together hit me in the nostalgia so hard I almost died

Either wish his dead parents and master back, or he simply doesn't make one just to spite everyone.

This guy.

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ToP was undoubtedly the hypest arc in DB history.

Post yfw Gowasu is now alive and can now make godtube videos again.

At Least now they can reflect on their mistakes and make their universe better

>you will never be a kid from universe 11
>you will never idolize jiren after he saves your planet from some space tyrant
>you will never spend the rest of your life training to be a pride trooper

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Because both characters have been focused on before. Having 17 and Frieza be main characters in this arc was something Dragon Ball has never done before.

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17 is SSB tier.

Retards who say otherwise are retarded

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Roh and Sidra look so sad. Almost like they wish they hadn't been revived.


>more lines than gohan in the final episode

back to irrelevancy you go

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There's nothing hype about a dragged out predictable piece of shit that changed nothing.

stop falseflagging gohanfag

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>King Ox
>Z the neko majin
>future Trunks
>future Trunks #2
>Future Mai
>Future Mai #2
>the Tenkaichi tournament announcer
>the sea turtle
>the Turtle Hermit
>the fortune-telling crone
>Upa's wife
>Upa's son
>#17's wife
>#17's adopted child #1
>#17's adopted child #2
>#17's biological child
>U7 north Kaio
>U7 elder Kaioshin
>the oracle fish
>the Gran Priest
>future Zeno

Tell me if I missed some Goku's direct or indirect friend

>make their universe better
By suicide.

OH SHIT, this pic is going to be deleted isn't it?

I get all the El Grande Padre and Gohan Blanco stuff, but where did the whole El Hermano thing come from?

Nah, The real GOAT gets the BOAT

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Imagine if all of U9 was only furries and monster girls/guys. Would likely explain a lot about U9, actually.

Vegeta is best boi for who matters to him

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>beating saiyans
You gonna get raped poor little human boy

>he's the first person to attack someone mid transformation
Why is he such a Chad?

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This is your grand champion of the multiverse. Say something nice about him!

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>caulifla is trans

caulifla is the saiyan in pic related confirmed.

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But he got his wish

his voice actor is great


From a mexican youtube channel that had pic related as its thumbnail

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Thank you for being one of the few characters in this series to have empathy for the lives of complete strangers, to the point of using your one wish to help them.

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>vegeta and bulma reunion with bra


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Because he has to live with a bunch of worthless fighters that got their assess handed by U7.

I want to protect this smile

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Even if you were in the Dragon Ball world you'd be weaker than Yamcha

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>45 minutes ago

Is there people who genuinely deny this?

If 17 was able to face god tier opponents just because of him being smart, then why didn't he beat the shit out of cell?

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Says the one posting the girl that is never appearing again.
>will get SSJ3 at best
She could get SSJG for free with the ritual but guess what, it isn't happening in u6 because no Yamoshi ever existed there.

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lmao. Frieza talked so much shit to Jiren throughout this episode. Absolute gold.

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Also made more famous by youtube.com/watch?v=AmOzHNc2dBw


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>Goku forgets ultra instinct

So it was literally plot armor

>Frieza bullying best boy

FUCK OFF LIZARD, gonna die for a third time

what trash

Glad the show is over, Z shall forever reign superior

So, given that they were almost annihilated forever, will it be incentive for this universe to unfuck it's shit?

So Super has ended? Were all the universes wished back?

So....could Goku defeat bills or not?