Houkago no Pleiades and Etotama Archives

Around June 10th 2015 is where the Sup Forums archives lose data for over a month. For years now I have regretted not manually saving the last two-three weekly threads of Pleiades and Etotama. I doubt anything will come from this thread, but maybe someone else actually saves them?

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No I'm not autistic

A lot of data has been lost over the years.

I don't save threads but I loved both shows.

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Real men archive space butt memories in their brains.

The one with the glasses makes my dick hard.

There is this nude version of the eyecatch

If you’re on Sup Forums, then yes you are. Just embrace it.

Why is this so hot, who is the artist and where can I find more material like this to fap? Thanks.

Threads have value because they're fleeting. If anyone can go back and experience them, then it lessens the meaning of being there live. You're better off just remembering the good stuff than trying to retain every shitty post that comes through this place.

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I used to not care, but as I have gotten older it hurts more to lose something. All the discussion that happened the last two weeks or so. It hasn't even been 3 full years yet, but it is not like I can remember it beyond Pleiades' timeline pictures that I have saved. It is forever lost, what people thought and discussed.

I don't think I could help with your situation, as I rarely save threads - but I'll give you a bump in case somebody else does it with a greater frequncy. There's gotta be some user, or some batch file floating around from the time when archive.moe went down.

I fully agree; that's why I save threads. Maybe not every single thread, but the thought of being able to revisit these things one day (even if I don't have the full-size images) is comforting and makes me feel secure in some way.

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The original artist is Anmi, not sure about the crappy Photoshop, though.

>that's why I save threads
HTML format?


Thank you!

Yeah. There might be some other, more efficient way, but that's how I do it.
I revisit old threads every now and then when my internet is down (it happens frequently since I live in a remote region), and this does the job.

Oh, and also forgot to mention something. I did not watch Pleiades while it was airing (regretfully), so I don't have any Pleiades threads. I also don't sort them in any way, I just save any thread I want to save and that's the end of it, I don't organise them by series, content, year, topic, etc. I also zip them using 7zip when I feel the folders are getting too big; again, with no regard for years. I don't have a, say, 2017.7z. file. I have multiple "archive_n.7z" files.

These were the great memories.

Purple is still the best.

If it weren't for purple's nipples and yellow's ass this would be perfect.

came here to post this

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Which other role did her VA do?

Her voice was amazing.

>For years now I have regretted not manually saving the last two-three weekly threads

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I check the archives occasionally so I can learn how to take better care of my skin and hair better. There's a surprising amount of anons who have blogged about this stuff through the years.

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I loved this show. So glad the threads were comfy.

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The fact that it went under the radar of so many saved us from shitposting, but I really wish It got more recognition because it actually deserved it.

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Yes, you are. Don’t deny it.

Thread had the right amount of people for some healthy memes and interesting speculah and science.

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Here are some archives I collected a year and a half ago.

mega.nz/ #F!xtYXRIKY!gz8pkcMvdEcuHiJtsXxgCQ

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I used to collect noteworthy items in the thread threads, back when they were still somewhat common.
But I don't really feel the need to revisit old discussions. Most times, they were less impressive than you remember them.

Oh I don't know, you might know her as motherfucking Hatsune Miku (the base voice sample at least) among many other roles.

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