Why didn't he just, you know, keep the relationship with her even after the change?

Why didn't he just, you know, keep the relationship with her even after the change?
She is just riding another franxx, this isn't like marriage or some shit
literally no excuse to act like this

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Yes, I never understood that. This dumbass gave up because she changed partners? She never said explicitly about wanting Mitsuru's d.

>Get to stare at this butt everyday
>Now someone else is going to stare at your girl's ass everyday

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You guys are retarded.
These kids have no idea what sex or marriage even are.
Partners are the closest relationship they can even conceive, especially with how they require emotional/mental linkage.

You might as well yell at a baby for throwing a tantrum over loud sounds.

he is pretty all the delusions fat neets have
>never wanting to improve
>always wanting to be praised for nothing
>i had her first SHES MINE
>but we made a half assed promise that i shoved on you WHY KOKORO
prove me wrong

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Fatty is an entitled beta "nice guy". What's new?

Lose some weight, fatty.

>Why didn't he just, you know, keep the relationship with her even after the change?
Because she ditched him without telling him advance. Even someone as naive as Futoshi can tell that the only reason she did it was to get away from him.

If you didn't get the VERY SUBTLE symbolism, riding the FranXX is basically sex. He got 100% fucked over in every sense of the word.

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Probably because he's no wilful cuck who gets off to his partner having sex with other men.

But he should. She gets more experienced, and then he gets to benefit from the new supersex techniques she learned.

Unless she's so disgusted by him that she never wants to be with him ever again.

Goro and Hiro weren't nearly that upset about their partners riding with someone else.

Man, there's not even any effort in these baits anymore, at least in the threads right after the episode people still tried.

Hiro did
and Goro knew about Ichigo x Hiro thing

I genuinely believe in sharing being caring.

Wait for next ep where Kokoro will be feeding handsome boy in front of the fatty

No shit, Hiro literally asked for it.

The implications of partnership are pretty obvious. There is no relationship between them if they don't ride together.

"experience" is a meme made up by sluts trying to justify their sluttery and guys who end up with used goods sluts and their messed up vaginas that have been ruined from miles of cock that went through them.

Not like he had much of a choice.

user r u ok?

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user, that was the most obvious bait. Why did you reply seriously to that idiot?

is this on /wsg/, i want to watch it for feels

He did though. One episode later he proved that he literally did have a choice. He only had to say the word to 02.

>Partners are the closest relationship they can even conceive
That's most likely true.

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Because I wanted to make a disparaging comment about certain demographics that might be lurking in order to draw them out and remind them where they are.

>this isn't like marriage or some shit

The parasites has no concept of romance, marriage and sex so Franxx partnership essentially replace those concept for them.

Keep up the good fight

Don't hate on 02 and Kokoro.

I never understood why so many other fat people are like this. I'm severely overweight, yet I went on a couple of dates in college. If you're fat, you're not gonna have your selection of women. They straight up are just turned off by someone being fat. It's an uphill battle, but sometimes "personality" can win out.

The real issue is they always thing that being "nice" is the personality that will win them favors. It's completely the opposite. Acting too nice just makes a girl feel like she's walking on eggshells around you. If she becomes fearful of hurting your feelings, she becomes fearful of talking to you in general. The best date I ever went on at university was just me and her bullshitting about wine for a couple hours. We didn't feel a need to sugar-coat opinions or thoughts for fear of hurting each other. I definitely could do better if I lose weight, but I could never just prostrate myself like I see so many other fat people do just to slay some pussy.

Fat people can sometimes get a girl, but most of them are retarded enough to think that being nice is the only thing they have to do. Your personality has to be strong enough to outweigh your weight, and the bigger you are the better "personality" you have to have.

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Because he had no real relationship with her, beyond the compulsory pairing assigned by the mysterious "Papas," presumably on threat of the use of force if she disobeys. Volunteerism vs. compulsion.

It's like how in certain oil-rich countries, 8 year old girls are regularly married off to fat, ugly, balding assholes and if they disobey, they are thrown off a building by the state-sanctioned religious police, but in free countries, almost no 8-year-olds have romantic relationships with balding 40 year old men voluntarily. And people wonder why people in those countries have no interest in Western freedoms....

Well, Futoshi lost his first love; pretty soul-crushing when you're that into it, but he'll eventually... become functional again, since you never really get over that kind of thing. Still, people fall in love, fall out of love, or were never in love in the first place. Futoshi may also have mommy issues.

I haven't been in a proper relationship and I feel you on this one. Being only "Nice" won't get you the girl.

>keep the relationship with her even after the change?
Because there was no relationship. Her job was the only thing tying them together which is why he was overreacting.

>Futoshi may also have mommy issues

Not unlike a significant number of posters in Franxx threads.

I mean they're technically brainwashed kids whose value depends on their ability to "partner" and produce results.

So being able to find one you can live with for the rest of your life could be their equivalent of marriage in their society.

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There are girls that like big guys that look good with their weight, but otherwise you're on the ball. You can be big and it can suit you, and you can take care of yourself. Fat doesn't always equal obese slob.

Are by chance a member of the incel community?

Futoshi gets /fit/ cures ikuno of her dykeness and takes her as his own

This is true, but the problem for Futoshi is that his selection pool is pretty limited. For most people falling out of love isn't that big of a deal, plenty of fish in the sea after all, but Futoshi's only options now are a lesbian or cucking one of his friends. Pretty shitty situation to be in.

Agreed; if there's a candidate for pruning, it's probably him, since he needs an emotional support of some kind.

This is why manga Hiro is better.

>Kokoro has lower output with fatty than Ikuno the IMAGINE poster
Futoshi has zero chance since ep2.

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He had no idea that was an option and I don't even think he had the clarity about his own feelings to give 02 the confession he gives her in episode 4. I don't think you understand Hiro's character all too well.

piloting IS sex

This is one of the fundamental truths of /m/.

Piloting a franxx with someone is basically sex, you wouldn't stay married to someone while she's fucking another man would you?

I don't really care for fatty, but man, did I feel bad for him when his girlfriend got stolen by whiny teenager stereotype number 1

So, if piloting a mecha with someone is sex (which would make Pacific Rim quite gay), would piloting a mecha on your own just be masturbation, then? If that's so, then most other mecha shows would be properly wizardly, and FranXX would be normalfag-tier.


She wasn't.

The worst part is how she broke her promise as soon as possible at the first opportunity. Like she couldn't even take him somewhere and break up privately

Amen, brother. Don't stop dishing out these redpills. Cucks need to wake up and stop whiteknighting for this whore.

In that scenario, you're linking minds, regardless of gender, which has nothing to do with sex.
In FranXX, you're literally giving up your body to be controlled by a man. Sounds pretty much like sex

wow dude power rangers is a fucking orgy

she kind is. That's obviously the direction they were going for with partners.

It made the whole episode predictable for me. I mean they were building up this relationship between her and mitsuru (holy shit he's forgettable had to google his name), and on the next episode they throw in that promise. everyone knew it was going to be broken right there.

>wow dude power rangers is a fucking orgy
And therefore also normalfag-tier.

Fatso was in dire need of some healthy cynicism in his life. Sure he got rekt really hard, but world cant consist of nice things only, question now is what he'll make out of it and if he will be able to acquire healthy disdain for thots and get rid of nice guy mental affliction.

No, it's not. Ikuno and Mitsuru were partners and would rather kill themselves than get involved romantically.

Futoshi has already proven himself able to pilot with two different pistils.

Despite being heartbroken he was able to stop a large klaxosaur with a frosty lesbian, he might even be better than Goro at this point.

>she kind is
No not really. Kokoro obivously didn't give a shit about him, she even was happy to ditch him.

>people surprised that she ditched the fat clingy beta orbiter

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>He had no idea that was an option
He had no idea that was an option the episode afterwards either - he just did it. Before, he didn't have the courage because Milkman bullied him into submission like a little faggot.

When will he die?

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Given that people said it was going to happen weeks before nobody is really surprised. They are mad at her for being such a slut. This is always what happens when realistic female characters are included in anime. People realise how disgusting women are and get mad the world.

You have a point, but I think that partners are still intended to be a reference to high school teenage years relationships. Those aren't really stable, and there isn't necessarily any love in them. They are early experiments in relationships and often only happen to obtain status.

Can we all agree that Fatoshi can only reedem himself by sacrificing his own life?

wrong post, meant for


Funny thing is that while being first time in Chlorophytum cockpit, he piloted it better than Milkman was ever able to.
People noticed that it has legs as melee attack means, but Milkman never used those while Fatso started carving shit up right away. I think this has to do something with having his untouchable idol as pistil hindering him from properly piloting.
>Franxx design hints appearance of both pistil and stamen, so heavy fatso looked organically with heavy Genista
>Now has fast agile scrawny machine
Does this mean that ikuno will whip his fat ass into shape while Milkman gets fat instead?

The only one who needs redemption is Kokoro.

Nice blog

You wouldn't dump some annoying lardass for a cute girl you had better chemistry with?


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He is man enough to realise she chose another.
Rather than cling on like an autistic faggot he decided to move on and protect her with everything he has.

if thats the case then what did he mean by this?

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>if thats the case then what did he mean by this?
Yeah, that's probably what it is.

Why is Zorome so based? Fatcuckshi was acting like a coward pathetic little shit and he basically tells him to "Man up, lose weight".

He is the unsung protagonist of this serie. Can I have some Zoromes plz?

>Futoshi starts doing the whole together forever shit
>People call him a creepy fucker
>02 starts doing the together forever shit
>Wow that's hot

Funny how 02 will get away with it while Futoshi has to suffer.

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That curve

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If Zorome is so great, he should give Miku to Futoshi.

What did he done? For now only things he really needs to sacrifice is his weight.
No such thing. Man has zero value initially, and is defined by what he makes of himself. Woman has high value initially and defined by how well she keeps it, as it is generally unrecoverable once wasted. She wasted fair bit of it inducing this shitshow and best thing she can do now is not to become full on plantation bicycle, but unlike men women have little to no ways up once they get down.

This is the only correct reaction when you see Futoshi getting cuck and humillated.

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>NTRfags think their opinion matters
Kokoros the shitter here, Fatty was just honest.

02 has proven she has the strength to stand by herself, it has some meaning when she thinks they should be together. Futoshi is just a tubby beta who cant do anything by himself

They're children in a horribly fucked up, dystopian society where nobody even knows what the fuck a kiss is. To them, piloting a Franxx together IS the closest thing to marriage.

His thing is that he wants to protect Kokoro because he loves her. He can't do that now because he has to protect Ikuno.

Speedreader please, my whole point was about no redemption possibilities that'll return her to status quo being available for her due to how human nature works.

I wouldn't tell the ugly girl I'll never leave her if I don't even like her.

Teenagers always over react and make decisions based on their raw emotions, not rational thinking.

>Save the life of Kokoro and Milkman while they are on the ground being worthless
>Can't do anything by himself

Where is this meme that he is somehow incompetent coming from?

Wait, so this is the ideal society envisioned in Shimoneta?

Hiro is brutal.

Mitsuru easily got himself the hottest girl with the nicest personality

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You're right, which is why death will be her redemption. I thought that was obvious.

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The beach episode, where Kokoro almost got hurt because he was too busy being fat to keep an eye on her.

And also the thirstiest. Mitsuru's dick won't catch a break.

Is she going to back to him though?

>Funny how 02 will get away with it while Futoshi has to suffer.
You're kind of right. However I think Zero Two has more awareness of what the other person is feeling. Futoshi is oblivious.

If only.

>Why didn't he just, you know, keep the relationship with her even after the change?
>She is just riding another franxx, this isn't like marriage or some shit
Did you somehow miss that riding in Franxx is an allegory for fucking?