Post girls getting beaten to the prize in anime/manga

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That brunette's got two holes. There's no reason why they can't all get happy together.

Your image is neither from an anime or a manga.

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nothing in a pot

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Female: netorare is only good when the girl who gets her shit jacked is an objectively terrible person

just a moment when she turn yandere mode on

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It's so sad that chitoge lost.

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>Laughed at the fact that the whole Onodera sad ending was a message about losing everything because she did nothing to get what she wanted.
>mfw realize the same thing happened to me
>mfw she had a crush on me but didn't notice her
>mfw she also read Nisekoi

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delet this.

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Me on the right

context pls

>mfw she had a crush on me but didn't notice her
Bruh don't make me remember

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>reading/watching shit with girls losing
Come now, some things are built in with a guaranteed harem end.

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Girls loseing is so popular all the big shonen shows have

then why are you crying?

Cause I lost a chance I can never take back.

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Long legs are LOOONG

Come on Sup Forums

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Good artist, thanks OP

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>implying Itsuki didn't win by chapter 1

Miku best

This is sad. How does one enjoy this crap.

she won in the end though, so it's all good

this is good

human suffering and catharsis

dating/relationships in anime seems so foreign to what I'm used to.
>like girl I know
>been friends for quite sometime
>actually hang out and do things together(away from other friends)
>eventually realize we both like each other and decide to make it official

>I like this boy in my class, but he hardly even notices me
>he's so handsome, I think I'll try to talk to him
>eep! he spoke to me
>i've known him since elementary school, but we've never really talked before
>I think I'll write him a letter and confess
does this ever work??

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NTRing (You)

Anime is not like real life

Shooting learning star whooshes into the horizon.jpeg

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>anime/manga is made by delusional and irredemable social outcast losers with 0 real world experiences that know nothing aside shit from other anime and/or manga and somehow they dont understant how basic human interaction works
pottery. just enjoy your fiction fag

>engagement ring

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Is she wearing nappies?

He dicks the loli in the manga. The woman was the boy's mother

Yes, leading to this.

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Oh here it is

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What if everyone ends happy?

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It would still be nice to have some anime with more realistic romances, break ups, cheating, guys deciding to date a girl just to escape the social stigma of being single, guys hitting on a girlfriend of his bro, sisters loving the same guy, stuff like that.

I remember when this first aired on here. everybody flipped their shit when this happened and that thread blew up with hundreds of posts.

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>implying you have any reading comprehension
5 part brides

You know what's the worst? That now you're all alone while she's happily(?) married. It happens all the time.


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WA2 made me feel horrible. I felt so bad for Setsuna. I still feel physical pain

Emotional NTR is the best kind of NTR.

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WA1 has his moments too
"i love you..."

"NO , you can't love me , you can't love anyone
becouse you don't even love yourself"
Said the most heartless girl in the series

I don't get it

She beat literally everyone.

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Manga name plz

Usago drop. For the record it's not while she's a loli. He raises her and then they get together when she graduates high school.

>tfw this won't be the canon end and it'll probably be typical fucking open-end when there's clearly no contest
>tfw no oneesan widow wife to teach to love again

In kishuku gakkou no juliet the childhood friend lost early

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Are there any where tsundereshits gets ntrd?

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Setsuna was such a sweet girl. Hearing that last line broke something inside of me.
Are you me?

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>eating the green plastic divider in the bento

She's very distraught.

Never been so happy to see an imouto lose.
God damn what a clingy bitch she was.

Me on right ;_;

Shinmai maou no testament.

That's, like, the opposite of how I interpreted "getting beaten to the prize."

>go in for the lulz
>emerge a broken man
I wonder how many people have been ensnared by that screenshot?

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I fucking hope so. I don't dislike the other girls but Lala has hips and legs out of this fucking world. Props to Darling for being a legs man.

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I felt so bad for her. Monkey paw'd to hell

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Better in color.

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You're missing the point.

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I'm not a Setsunafag by any means, but that shit was uncalled for.
The VN further proves that Haruki is a gigantic piece of shit who deserves neither girl.

The moment it all sinks in is the most delicious kind of despair.
Of course she ends up NTRing Araragi later on, so I guess she got her revenge.

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strange usually its the other way around irl

Does this count?

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hi vengie
get aids and die

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>she ends up NTRing Araragi later on

I don't remember her fucking Shenjogahara.

god I cant wait for this to be the real ending

>trying to be a hero while pursuing selfish interests
She deserved every bit of it.

Ochaka doesn't like Deku that way.

Stop, Yui will win

I get a strange satisfaction from it yet I feel terrible when it happens to a guy.

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Now post the plane version.

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My husband's son.

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This makes me feel weird but also arouses me.

To make it equal, I'll post one where the sister loses instead.

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Ochako realized Deku is a manwhore and threw her feelings for him in the trash.

I'd rather be posting this in a "best girls" thread.

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