Anime and Virtual Youtubers

So this just happened

An established character from a game/anime turned into a Virtual Youtuber.

This Virtual Youtuber thing is really getting big.
I mean, Kizuna Ai got a TV show, a nendo, a scale, became ambassador of japanese tourism and the merchandise at Anime Japan is sold out.
You can bet that more companies will try to get into this market, including anime studios.

What effect do you think this will have in the anime industry?

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Either, more anime to promote those things and moeshit

Reminder they are attention whores and act all cutesy then go and fuck Chad after streams

JKgumi anime when?
No different from seiyuu that will fuck anybody who doesn't play bass.

I was under the impression that its just dudes with voice changers

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>Reminder they are attention whores and act all cutesy then go and fuck Chad after streams

Pretty sure Nekomasu oji-san isn't, user.

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They aren't real, user

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Ai-chan here, ama

Can't wait for VY Love Live show.

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Something about Hinata always makes my dick hard solid.

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Ironic weeb thread

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It won't. Have you heard of Japan pushing any other Vocaloid besides Miku? She got music tours globally, plenty of nedos, an anime based on it, and showed up on American TV shows for a few segments at her peak popularity. At best it inspires a few spinoffs like all of the phone waifu games coming out of established franchises or the reverse as with Kancolle. First mover effect is real and there isn't enough viewer attention or monetary investment for there to be another.

Kaguya Luna is the best. She just sounds drunk all the time

and I forgot that Kizuna is also going to voice a character in a mahou shoujo anime, but she is going to be credited as Kizuna Ai

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Luna is a paizuri monster with the voice of an angel

go back to /jp/

I have no idea what you're talking about but this was in the recommended videos and looks much morre interesting

Good for them! But why would I care about some 3D whores?


lol virgin

Reddit Chad-sempai please.

>voice of an angel
If all angels sound like that, I'd rather go to hell.

Not anime or manga.

> paizuri monster
My god.

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How hard is it to do the virtual youtuber thing?
Do you need a kinect or something?

In case you're blind and/or retarded, the girl that appears on 56 seconds got turned into a virtual youtuber.


Sup Forums - Youtube & E-Celebs

I don't think you really get the full scale of this.

Shiro became the promotional girl for a big mobage with Aoi Yuki.
Kaguya Luna got a nendo when she is been around for barely 4 months
Noja Loli got a deal with Sega and Niconico.
Mira Akari's merch sold out at Anime Japan.
A slot machine company made their own VY, and in case you don't know, slot machines are serious business in Japan.
New Virtual Youtubers keep appearing with no signs of stopping. Currently there are over 400.

And now this, Cygames getting into this market, which is just the beginning of game/anime characters becoming Virtual Youtubers.

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Uma Musume is anime, retard.

E-celebs aren't anime.

Why are their boobs so big?

>Not anime

Basically confirms what I said. Everyone wants their own VY for their own media franchise and barely any of them will be relevant besides the originator, Kizuna Ai. Noja will be known if Sega and Nintendo push her hard enough, mobages (big or small) come and go like the wind with public opinion, and a slot machine VY will only be known as "the slot machine VY" icon character and nothing else. 400 VYs means there's nowhere enough attention to be paid to any of them besides the big ones, which probably will be Noja Loli depending on circumstances and the pachinko VY, while Kizuna Ai will be always known as the originator.

Iinchou > *

you mean not big enough

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Oh fuck, is that really p_maru? Source?

Google it. It's her.

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stop spreading lies, faggot

is it her cheating?

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>Yua inst there

the bullying wont stop

>female seiyuu don't exist
This is you.

and I'm under the impression that you're retarded

Where's Yua?

At Akarin's JAV debut.

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Akari please stop wasting time on youtube, YrYr S4 needs to happen.

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Where is Yua? Why does every AI group pictures leave out Yua? Poor Akarin didn't deserve this.

>no nekomiya hinata
This is more important than Yua.

If Yua and Akarin can't get jobs, their last resort will be what this dude said
Poor Akarin, I really wanted her to be successful and happy. The world is cruel.

Kizuna Ai is the only worthwhile Virtual Youtuber


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