Shingeki no Kyojin

Is Armong retarderd and dumb?

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He best boy, he wants to see the sea.

Erwin is better

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I want Willy back

>retarderd and dumb
We know exactly WHO is retarded and dumb here. Considering what happened in the last thread.

Also, why do people keep saying Zeke is allied with Eren?

No, he just makes other people retarded and dumb with his presence.

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Stop making these threads nobody cares about /snk/ anymore. You'd have a thread up for 3 hours and not reach 100 Posts. That is the absolute state of the manga.

No, he's intelligent and smart.

Lil bit yeah

RE is canon.

We'll havr to wait for the next chapter to come out then it'll kick off again for a while.

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>What are timezones
Fuuck off outta here.

Levi and Hange is better

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>Rico Eld
Why not

What happened in the last thread? We had an actual discussion going on, I went to sleep and now its 404'd

Strength v Dex

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Bit of oil, a bit less clothes. You've got a fun looking time.

Is it wrong to fantasize about my OC-chan doing lewd things to some of the characters? A sea of lust overcame me after Miche sniffed her

If you are a filthy homosexual.

>Mike vs manlet
>"""STR vs DEX"""
>Implying a Hackerman doesn't have both

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>Playing second game
>Able to give gifts to increase character bonds
>Everyone on Levi's squad's favorite item is Ultimate Dustrag
Holy shit, he's really scarred his team hard with his ocd

I think the mods are faulty as fuck for not giving any indication of why they delete the threads so nobody knows what the fuck is going on.

That being said, I suspect people talking about the game are to blame. This is Sup Forums after all.

Because his whole, "I want to save Eden from the sins of our father" bit during Return to Shigashina arc. People construe that to mean Zeke is on Erens side. He's not. Saving can also mean killing him to put him out of his misery

Fuck it, mods delete AoT2 threads on Sup Forums because Abime isnt Vidya or some shit. Bad management/communication if you ask me

Did that ever happen ?

Probably something close when they were captured underground.

>Mezame Tamae, waga aruji-tachi yo

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>nuclear runes
Nobody can read this shit. Nobody!

I thought it was because one of them is a Mikasafag and nobody talks about her?

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levi is not his son

Eren's Titan looks really skinny here.
I think that really was his last transformation.

In the full body shot it looks pretty normal to me.

>ywn have a harem of armins
why live?

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>A video game isn't a video game
Thanks Sup Forums

Levi is pure Dex

There was Levi vs Erwin. Also one of my favourite SNK moments because we got to see ODM Trigger Manipulation.

>Mike tackles him through a fucking wall
How can people watch this and still be worried about the APODM in the political arc?

Well that was an OVA, which usually have better animation.
You shouldn't expect the same level of animation for the TV series dealing with production hell.

>Well that was an OVA, which usually have better animation.
That's weird, since the quality of No Regrets was fucking garbage.

No it wasn't

Aside from over budgeted YH scenes, the OVA uniroinically looks far better than season 2.

I think next season has potential to be the best season so far, even if it just adapts Uprising.
There won't be as many titan fights, but there WILL be a lot of action, and these can look even better than fights against titans as shown in the video.

I'm extremely excited for the showdown between the Suppression Squads and the Scouts beneath the chapel. I'm also looking forward to the arrival of Kenny, even if it means I have to see Nifa die.

Isayama tends to make this kind of mistake,but he looks fine to me.

>Levi is pure Dex
That's explain why he is able to takle and fight head on against guys over 6ft and 200lbs.user,Hackermans aren't only DEX,they have all the physical skills over the maximum,only their social and intelectual skills are low.

Armin is a hottie cute.

Eren please,don't you have more buildings to destroy and kids to kill?

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>muh kids

Im honestly just excited to see big ass Rod animated, although it'll probably be heavily censored

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What the fuck is even the meaning of this pic?

How and why would it be censored?

I'm so happy

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I mean I'd guess they would censor the organs atleast, not like they havent done stuff like that in the past before. Just my guess though, I'd be glad if they didn't.

How did the know it would have its mouth open?

it's a segment of Isayama's thought process

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Dex build > Strength build
Ackerdex's don't hit hard. Ackerstronks hit hard.
Levi Ackerdex.
Mikasa Ackerstronk.

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>gambling again
This fucking manga is worse than kaiji.

>you can go back and save most of the characters who canonically die up until the end of season 2 of the anime
Was there a character in particular that you hoped didn't die?

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>you can get the thread deleted in this one simple step

Let me save it by refocus the attention on the manga with this cover for example, where only Jean is alone

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Let me guess, people are dumb enough to post blatant spoilers without putting it in a spoiler tag?

They are all alone, delusional shipperwhale.

armin is the best boy in the whole manga

No. Posting pictures of the video game seems to get the thread deleted almost every time.

I'm usually not into shipping because it's pretty much rock bottom as far as Sup Forums posting goes, but Sasha/Connie is pretty good.

I'll just delete it and repost the question then

Was there a character in particular that you hoped didn't die?

>They are all alone
>in a group

>Posting pictures of the video game seems to get the thread deleted almost every time.
The game hasn't been a problem, it's the shit posters that turn up when certain timezones wake up.


>"Eren,you will kill all the titans,I'm sure of it"
>"Eren,if you come with us we will attack the walls no more"
>"Sorry about your arms,I had to cut them duo to the hurry"

>"Gonna kill this kid,all the people living in this building and all of you"

Nice to see that Eren really wants to kill all the titans,let's hope he kills himself in the end.

>Dex build > Strength build
Heh,what a fag.

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>using the shitty translation with the opposite meaning of what was said
user, I'm sure you're better than this.

>He doesn't know

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In that case Jean isn't alone either, but you obviously meant it in a cancerous delusional shipping way again, like in the last thread.

That's the kind of "great" commander that Erwin was.
Now compare to Armin who has a 10/10 intuition and wits, and can identify the enemy's weakness on the spot.

I now understand it even less.

Huh, a strange place to stumble upon a John Wick joke.

>Replying to a deleted post
Nek your kek faggot

Was Rod just in constant pain while transformed into the half-titan?

Also Eren:
>I'm glad you made it back home
>I understand you
>I'm just like you
>Forget it
>It was painful for you, right?
>Stand up Reiner
>I keep moving forward

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The two friends that were with Levi from the underground. I think that's it.

The restorationists were NOT wiped out by the way.
The letter Eren sent was probably to one of the disguised eldian doctors in the Marley army, or some other support they have in the continent.

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You know just as well as anybody else that if threads were deleted merely for that then super, one piece and hxh threads would literally never be up.

What do y'all think about those colored chapters reddit is doing

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God I hope, it would be awesome

Mods have been autistic about snk for over a year now.

Look who's talking.

>Jean hesitates in killing Falco
>Magath has Jean on his aim
>Magath has his head blown up by someone behind him
>some of the marleyan soldiers that were with him were actually disguised eldian restorationists

The quality is inconsistent
They often blur shit for whatever reason

28 pls
That post was alive when I replied shit for brains

That's actually what got me to watch the movie to begin with, funnily enough.

>zeke trying his best to kill Eren
Guess no alliance then.

Is he even trying to kill Eren on that pic?

>The letters for his "friends" were sent to the restorationists, the friends of Grisha and Kruger
>Eren is more and more influenced by the memories of the previous shifters

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It's pretty obvious Flocke will die. Isayama already heavily hinted at it in the recent QA. Not to mention Jean and Flocke constantly fighting over muh morals since they appeared.

If Flocke dies, I hope it's saving Jean from hesitating so that moralfag mans up and never hesitates again

>Isayama already heavily hinted at it in the recent QA.
I require proof of this outlandish claim

What else could he be doing? He is tossing shit at someone.

Are you a newfag? Don't tell me you don't know about the "belly" or the "Dwyanes and bamboos"?

>Three cups...?
>Inside of the walls!
>The Female Titan hair is simalar to Annie's
>Titans doesn't move at night,why don't we move at night time?
Yeah,I bet he changed the invasion plan in the middle of it being put in action because he knew where and when the destroyers was coming,Sasuga Arming saved the day.

Also Eren:
>Kills Zophia

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Fuck off uber HUE

I hope he dies brutally eaten by a Pure Titan.