10th Strike Witches anniversary soon

10th Strike Witches anniversary soon.

Are you expecting big things?

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It's still over 3 months away mate.
Not really, they announced music event for the anniversary date on July 8th as says in your picture and that's what I just about expected to happen. Literally no expectations that they'd announce anything else in summer either, but I'll keep hoping for new manga series as always.

What are the chances of a new anime?

SW3, BW2, New series it's all good

Impossible to say since no one is Kadokawa employee, personally feels pretty low these days with how they've shut down everything but one manga series by now.

High. So far they always made new anime project every two years and it's two years since BW.

Aren't there two manga going? Also game soon.

I don't know who to believe

Did Brave Witches do alright? It got a dub at least

Who knows. I hope we get idol witches after seeing the designs of the girls.

That literally means nothing. Just because they made Slayers every year for six years, doesn't mean it continued to this day. Even after they tried reboot seasons, it didn't catch on afterwards. Not everything lasts forever as sad it is.

Only BW Prequel manga is ongoing anymore, Contrail ended just this week or so. The game shut down its services last month, I'm not sure what are you talking about. There have been no cases of new game news at all.

Nobody has numbers on how merchandise has done and what sort of contracts they've had in place, looking at BD's in 2018 is also useless determining future things. They ended figma line pre-emptively last year or so and there really isn't much else in the plans from manufacturers. Alter is also sure taking their sweet time with Hikari scale. Don't know about no dubs.

Oh, now I realized. You're talking about that VR game? It's just getting some small patch to it. The whole game is a fucking joke anyways with how cheap and barebones it is and it released half a year ago. Yeah, I can see it getting some smaller patches to it over time, but it's really niche since it's only for VR users.

I could literally jump in the air if they announce an anime based of the Storm or the Silent Witches.

Wouldn't SW be safer?

What about Noble Witches? My friends and I believe they would be the most likely candidate to get a show next.

Storm or Noble Witches anime would be amazing. One thing I did enjoy a lot about Brave Witches was how the enviroment played a big role in the combat, hopefully if we get a Storm Witches anime we can see some tactics where the witches use the sand and stuff to their advantage.

I don't like Noble witches that much, I love Africa manga and Misfits LN though. I know the later is not exactly the same JFW but I wanna see them animated anyway.

On one hand I want more Marseille because best girl but on the other I want more Prinzessin and Heidi. Shit this is a hard choice.

506 has manga too.

Noble Witches is getting it's 8th and final Light Novel, they're releasing a novelization just based on Episode 6 of Strike Witches, and the 10th anniversary event scheduled for July 8th with 15 VAs were all announced this weekend. Add in to that the Noble Witches manga that's still going, the Contrail of Witches manga that just finished up, and both the Brave Witches Prequel LNs and manga and I'd say things are looking pretty good for the witch love.

I'd expect Brave Witches 2 considering all the radio stuff they keep the VAs around for, but Noble Witches is always a possibility. Either of those or an OVA series/movie.

BW sold very good. Stop with your autistic doom posting in every thread it's getting fucking annoying.

Excellent, user, you get Tina, I get Raisa. Everybody happy.

Is it wrong that personally I really, really want an anime of tenkuu no otome-tachi or in the very least for them to finish it properly?

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Yeah, I don't know how I forgot about that. So, still two mangos ongoing at least.

It's kinda sad they couldn't even get all the seiyuus for the literal biggest anniversary event that's happening. But it's understandable since two of them are getting old and slowly stepping down from seiyuu work, and the two others are really busy with new roles all the time.

Define very good, BD sales do not matter that much in this day and age, especially for Kadokawa and we don't have numbers on other sales. All figurine related merchandise has stopped pretty much too. As much I try to remain hopeful, I'm not blind as to how Kadokawa operates and does anime shows in modern era.

Nope, it sucks when things aren't finished.

>two of them are getting old

Rie Tanaka and Chiwa Saito. Granted all of them are getting old and into their middle-age phase now, but they're taking less and less roles now.