Why won't Misaka notice me?

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Mi Mikoto

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Its kind of hard when you always look like someone else.

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Post more /d/ raildex art

>Her face is all red, and she's looking at Unabara...
>I wonder if he's her type.
Now if only Touma wasn't a complete idiot and could put 2 and 2 together like that.

Both of them seemed to have so much more fun bathing with the little blonde.

Kuroko is actually pretty hot boys. Hopefully she doesn’t show up in the new anime because we’ll probably all enjoy it a little too much this time around. Last thing I need is my wife walking in on me with a huge bonie while Kuroko is on screen.

Why doesn't she wear a bra?

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She can’t rely on her personality to keep people interested/


Now that she isn’t in the nurse outfit she has to appeal to some other fetish. Too bad that it’s already been claimed by a superior girl.

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Oh dear, was someone triggered by the Accel-tan dumping last thread?

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>we want the Naruto audience

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LO is actually pretty hot boys. Hopefully she doesn’t show up in the new anime because we’ll probably all enjoy it a little too much this time around. Last thing I need is my wife walking in on me with a huge bonie while LO is on screen.

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Accel himself is literally the Sasuke of Raildex.

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Accel actually does shit to redeem himself though

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Fukiyose is more than what she seems.

KamiKuro Doujins soon lads

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I'm fairly convinced that Kakine was going to bring that anyway.

She's the key to all of this.

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Do they all look better with stars?

Only thing better would be a heart.

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Kakine will bring the fujo audience in general.

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Fuck off

This is the most sad thread I've seen in quite a long time.

Welcome back then. Must have been a while.

You fags have been saying that for the past couple threads, and I'm inclined to believe that you're just trying a new tactic since the shitposting on the PV is obviously failed. If not, then fucking contribute or shut up. Nobody cares that you think the thread is sad and you're helping nothing. If you're frustrated with the current state of things but can't be fucked enough to do something about it other than complain, then go take a break. No one is forcing you into these threads. And no, telling people to stop making threads isn't going to do anything either. People will continue to make threads regardless, no amount of griping is going to stop it. Either make the best of it or leave.

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So, Fall is the answer?

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Saved for prosperity

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Based imouto poster

I rarely post imouto pictures though. I just picked out a picture randomly

As expected

Looks like it

Fall is the answer.

Every anime ive rewatched in the past 6 months has had a thread with a pic of the episode i was on before coming onto Sup Forums this is some mind fuckery right there,

Good shit


Then what DO you normally post?

Random pictures unless I'm going for a very specific reaction image?

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Nice. I do hope that we get a new logo or something soon

I expected nothing less. Now to cryo-freeze myself in my basement freezer until fall.

trips confirm, make sure you thaw out in time

Shitposters BTFO

What else is new?

Ah, this is true peace

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>Nobody cares that the thread is low quality and full of porn spam and samefagging
Are you sounding dumb on purpose?

I don't see a fall airdate there. Its in the "coming soon" section.

Misaki a pile of shit

Fuckin read user

>He doesn't know his seasons

No, you seem to be trying to miss the point on purpose though. I said nobody cares what YOU think about the thread. Of course people care about thread quality. We are all abundantly aware when shitposters start trying to shit up things. What we need to do at that point is ignore them, report if it's out of line, and strive to make the thread better. What we DON'T need is the billionth post of "man, this thread sucks, the threads have been so bad lately this is so sad guys golly gee I miss the old days of Raildex". You aren't telling anyone anything they didn't already know. You aren't special, you aren't the only one who see the obvious patterns of samefaggotry. We fucking know. Commenting on it does literally nothing to help the situation and usually inflames it because a shitposter likes to see that people are getting frustrated. So if you actually give a god damn about the threads, you can either try to actively make the thread better, shut up, or take a break.

Now, youre either going to act deliberately obtuse like a certain shitposter I think you might be, or youre going to actually attempt to take some of this to heart. Either way, this discussion is over.

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>High Score Girl

Does anyone even care about Danmachi? I've heard literally no one talk nor care about it after the anime ended.

I love Mikoto-sama.

Your blog posts aren't helping with thread quality anymore than the porn posting or the spamming, so you're attacking the wrong people here. Instead of wasting space with posts like this you can either add to the discussion or you can sage and make a thread with a thoughtful OP, hypocrite.

Based mikoto poster

user, you must be new to this thread.

I'm sure lolifaggots will flock back to Danmachi threads and spam their Hestia pics ad nauseum.

>Your blog posts aren't helping with thread quality
Agreed, which is why I said this discussion is over regardless.

Shitposters are BTFO though. Again.

I honestly can't wait for the anime to air because it'll bring fresh people here, shitposters or not.
Raildex threads are always the same ~50 people shitposting about the same things day in and day out. The anime will bring some much needed variety.

"People" includes individual anons so if someone wants to speak up about it they're going to. Whether you give a shit or not matters none, nor do you speak for everyone.

I've seen the "discussions" in Franxx threads. It's not gonna be pretty either way.

Franxx is an original so that's a different case. And people aren't inclined to target J.C. Staff like they do with Trigger.

How about you stop being a pessimistic faggot and hope for the best?

>Kakine-poster gets the 222222 sexts declaring a fall release
>Confirmed fall release, new logo
I won't forget his contribution.

How about you start being a realist faggot instead?

>He still believes in stupid ass scripted getposting and "meme magick"
We all knew it was coming in Fall. I'm not going to jerk off some avatarfag for saying what we already knew.

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Don't bother. Some people like to bitch and complain while expecting someone else to magically fix everything. If you call them out on it and point out that it takes effort to have good things, they get offended and feel personally attacked or some dumb shit.

Are you saying you're not going to contribute to these threads by praising a shitposter?
Get out of here, man!


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>Worst Berserker girl

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Still trying to downplay it huh? You've personally accused me of using scripts twice now and I dont even know how to do that shit

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Stop patting yourself on the back, Kakineshit.

How do you even script, by the way? I just austically refresh the catalogue and pages, check which post is the latest and quickly post in hopes of getting it

There's nothing to "call out" If you're going to call someone out then call out the people doing the actual shitposting.

Yea, like how being "realistic" helped us get through dark times on here, right? Or how it was "realistic" to not expect anything for Season 3 because you were too afraid of being let down.

Nah, fuck that. I'll take hope over despair any day of the week.

>this thread sure is sad guise
>da state of Raildex
>I'm totally quiting but I actually wont and will repeat the same thing every other thread
Either shitposting or being a whiny faggot, take your pick.

It's funny how he almost never gets digits until he stops spouting bullshit and actually speaks some truth

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Reminder that Kamikoto won't happen and it will end in a tragic twist with Touma passing away before she can confess to him.

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>he doesn't believe in meme magick
Get a load of this faggot

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your dumb

Whoa calm down dude, you don’t need to take it that far


>pessimistfags at it again
They never learn


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I am sick of this guy.



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We already did