Why doesn't he just lose weight?

Why doesn't he just lose weight?

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Why don't you?

Oh shit

Why don't homeless people just get a house?

Lazy fucks both


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Too much effort. He's fat for a reason.

why are like 90% of americans fat af?

Because I'm lazy and do not have a girl to impress.

delet this

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His name is literally "Fatboi" He's never losing weight

Sup Forums sure has low standards nowadays.

Delete this

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You mean Sup Forums with some anime here and there.



This is true. Especially when it comes to fatties.
There is no excuse for being fat.
The cause of it is: Unhealthy diet and a lack of exercise. If you can't be bothered to take care of your own body, how the fuck can you be trusted with anything at all? It speaks volumes of your character, or rather lack thereof.

So glad fatty got btfo. Fuck fat people.

Why don't you just get a law degree and become a successful lawyer?

>There is no excuse for being fat.
There is also no excuse of smoking and being alcolic yet people do it regardless.

Not low enough for Fatoshi.

Fat fucks on suicide watch.

But smoking is cool and alcohol makes you funny and interesting

There is no excuse for being ignorant.
Smoking, drinking, using drug, being obese or anorexic are all forms of mental illness and there is an underlying problem that ha snothing to do with lack of "motivation" or "character".
You're wasting your time on Sup Forums, they waste it drinking, eating cheetos or using drugs, you're not in a position to speak of "character".


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how does one even get fat while being a child soldier in a dystopian future with high tech medicine widely available

smoking > alcohol

>wasted an entire episode on fatty

Should've just killed him off in the first few episodes

I don't think liposuction nanobots are a thing in that universe.

Because smoking and drinking are fun. Being fat is disgusting.

Maybe he was actually made that way, like, that line of "We trained him the wrong way, as a joke!" in that ninja movie.

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The caretakers make a lot of food, and he takes like 10 bread with him to snack on them all time

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Eating isalso fun.
Having lung cancer or liver failure is disgusting as being fat.
You're confusing the cause with the consequences.

>smelling like shit is fun
>staggering around like a retard who easily gets aggresive is fun

you can't see liver or lung cancer. you can see fat.

Have you seen the show? He is literally eating ALL the time, from the moment he wakes up until he goes to bed.

We're talking about anime smoking and drinking.
Which is something reserved for cakes or bad boys.

She says while cheating.

Genetics and health conditions are real

Would him being normal weight have really made a difference?
I suspect Kokoro would have dumped him anyway, just for whatever it was she saw in Mitsuru that attracted her.

>Genetics and health conditions are real
Yeah, big bones too.

The cholesterol is what has clogged up his brain in the first place.
He wouldn't have been such a desperate beta.

He snacks all the time. He appears to do some exercise, but obviously not enough to compensate for everything he eats. Hell, he even stores bread from breakfast in his locker.

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To a certain degree. But for the vast vast majority it is just an excuse people make to justify their obesity.
I know a man that was fat because of medications he took for his back. They made him really really fat, but when he stopped with the medications, he slowly worked his way down to a normal wieght, all while having a back so bad that he could abrely walk.

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Not really. She didn't reciprocate his feelings from day one, but it was more of a problem with his overall personality and attitude, rather than his weight

Because unlike him I don't give a shit about women. I can afford to be fat, he can't. That's why the fat fuck got BTFO by milkman.

>Relying on alcohol to make you funny and interesting

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It's funny because it's from an NTR doujin where she cheats on her husband - just like Kokoro-chan!

It goes both ways. I'm more interesting to people and people are more interesting to me.

>Words from a NTR slut
lol yeah no thanks.


>Why doesn't he just change attitude AND lose weight?

That doesn’t explain current obesity epidemics.

>Genetics and health conditions are real
Genetics are all but disproven. There is no fat gene. There is evidence that you might inherent bacterial colonies from your family that make it easier to be fatter, but it won't make you a tublord.

There are some health conditions that will make you fat, but they are pretty fucking rare. I knew a woman that had some kind of ?liver? problem. She couldn't use soap or eat certain food or she would swell up. She was a huge sack of fat most of her life, but once her doctor got her figured out in her 40s she lost 200 lbs without doing anything. This wasn't some lazy person, she had worked on a farm her entire life.

That kind of shit is rare though. Most people who are over weight are just lazy and/or unhealthy turds.

>only bulking
>decides that its time
>gets fucking swole
>kokohoe comes running back
>nah bitch
>quiet glasses girl is my lover now
if only

>Genetics and health conditions are real
Not if you works hard enough.
My friend got into an accident and was bedridden for some time. It wasn't very long but it was enough for him to reach 110kg, which is really fucking fat for an Asian. It took 3 damn years for him to went back to normal level (70kg) but he did it regardless.

I am calling bullshit on that one. 110kg is the most I have ever weighed, and I am 194cm tall and that was at the peak of my powerlifting days.
To get to that weight without actually trying to is insane, especially if you are stuck in the bed and your normal wiehgt is 70kg


>Get cucked by qt 3.14
>Start crying like a little bitch
>Make threads on /r9k/ about women degeneracy and Chad cuckolding
>Realize that he is a shitbag and need to change
>Go /fit/
>Comeback as an alpha
>Cuckoro start to turn around his cock because mitsuru is hirosexual
>"How about no ?"
>Bang Nana in front of her face

This might be a message from Japanese to fat Americans


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And girls these days generally dislike smokers, nor they like heavy drinkers outside of college.

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It's not because he's fat.
It's because he's a clingy weirdo who she's not into

anyone else legitimately, unironically disgusted by fat people? They're like living, breathing trash- I see them as almost subhuman, just failed human beings.

how will they make him fit without timeskip


There doesn't seem to be much need or access for exercise at their dorm, so if you consume more than you burn like Futoshi you're kind of stuck. The adults probably think fitness is stupid too.

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He was bedridden and being taken care of by his mother. Basically it was just eating and sleeping all day long.

>The adults probably think fitness is stupid too.
>2 pilot meme instead of 1
>Don't fuck
>childrens piloting meme
I surprised they survive this long

Everyone except fatties are like that. And I suspect most fatties themselves do as well.

She fucking hates me
Trust she fucking hates me
La la la love
I tried too hard and she tore my feelings like I had none
And ripped them away

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By "taken care of"
Do you med, fed massive amounts of junk food?
Because gaining 30kg of fat takes some serious effort, and not the good kind.

Goro and the fattie need to fucking die. The obly good thing they can do for the show is to die so that their deaths can move the plot further.

>Literally sleeps with a bread daki
This is just start of his journey. He's going to start hating women and he'll learn about a parasite imageboard where other Stamens like him share the same view.

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Which can be overcome by discipline.

Pretty sure it's an actual bread

>other stamens
You mean adults.

Because I actually get laid despite being 260lbs

Houses cost a lot of money. Putting down a slice of cake is free.

How is Kokoro feeling right now, that the person she thought was a mysterious lone wolf is just a gay boy sulking over his straight friend not returning his feelings.

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Doing the math, he'd have to eat 575 calories over his tdee to gain 30kg in a year. It's not hard for someone bedbound. A pound of fat is 3500 calories.

What is his fucking obsession with bread anyway?
Like, I get that he's fat. But why the fuck does he hoard it and sleep with it in his bed?

What's his fucking problem?

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>wanting based Goro killed off
Fucking edgy teens.
Also Fatty deserves a chance to better himself before he is dismissed entirely.

If you really want something ye gotta earn it, even love.

Every time I see these fat useless idiots refusing to improve with the excuse that they "look for someone who will love them for who they are", digusting. Man up instead of expecting people to accept your shitty flaws regardless.


Cheating whore but that's not a lie though.
Unironically, life and social relationships are almost based on looks.

Moar cushion for the pushin

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"almost" is a big word there.

>Genetics and health conditions are real

>people are far because of genetics
This couldn't be more stupid. Having a hard time to lose weight because genetics is real, but being a fat fuck because of "genetics" is not.
No body is just naturally "fat".

I don't know. She seems to care about him instead of the fat fuck anyway.

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A deep and dark past.

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Because the fat cunt deserved it. What made him lose Kokoro wasn't so much the fact he was fat more than the fact he's a thirsty, needy nice guy bitch boi. And THAT is much stronger pussy repellent than being fat.

There's SCORES of fat fucks who score and land cute girls, and that's because these guys have learned to remain ALPHA CHADS nonetheless, despite even being fat! Because they know, like all alpha male do, that keeping and securing a girl for yourself is all about DOMINANCE. Exalting confident masculinity and ease of mind is key and is possible(albeit more difficult) while being fat.

But our Fatoshi was being a needy doormat SINCE DAY ONE. What happened was INEVITABLE. He was such a unattractive manbaby that kokoro had to settle for next least alpha boy on the team, who looked pretty fly by comparision to Fatfuck.

But now, let him embrace his pain, let it teach him how to stop being momma's little bitch and grow into a man, a CHAD. He will realise that being a nice guy that puts THOTS on pedestals was a BIG mistake and, perhaps, start lifting and become the man he ought to become if he doesn't want to finish last anymore.

For him, It's only uphill from now on.....
P.S.: Please lose weight, anyway. Thanks.

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Well, there is a basic dress code for most places, people will always first judge you based on your overall looks, and for more personal, romantic relationships people always takes looks as the first step (that's why they get dressed all pretty for their partner)

You don't need solely junk food to get fat user. Asian moms stereotype is not a meme. They actually can make you fat very quickly.
I gained 18kg just by eating my mom's cooking for 3 months while working on an office job.


>There is no excuse for being fat.
except certain medicine and your genetically determined body type.