How big is good big?

How big is good big?

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oh hey it's this thread again where someone asks a simple yet sometimes provocative question about boobs and it's really just an excuse to post a lot of boobs on Sup Forums

ok thats cool

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why would a dragon need tits?

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why they wouldn't?

I ain't never seen no lizard with titties

WE need it

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Any size that causes envy

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hhhmmmmmmm...... Lucoa....
her voice aswell.....
>I want to be shouta-kun so bad

I was expecting more of the breathy "ara ara" voice from her

This is the biggest I'd be willing to be if I were a 2D girl.

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nice taste
but i prefer bigger

I like the somewhat lower motherly-ish voice

Yuuko has the ideal height and proportions.

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Yuri fags > Tomboy fags > Fetish fags >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>lolicon fags >
Shit > sadistic fags > harem fags > cowtits fags > sluts fags > trap fags > incest fags

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I think most girls would be bothered if they were bigger than that.

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are you homo?

Aren't you that Houkifag? Then you should see the appeal of Yuuko, she's the epitome of Yamato Nadeshiko beauty.

Rent Free

what's wrong with sluts
what's wrong with idiots

If you can't see them from behind they aren't even big enough.

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One and a half heads each is more than enough, user. You would die.

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>jeans and topless
Don't do this to me user

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Like that.

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I'm not a fan of the "ara-ara" voice. I prefer my big-boobied ladies to have a harsher tone.

What is this from tell me now

r u mad?
ara-ara is the best voice of big boobs character

Am I the only one who finds her more cute than sexy?

peak perfection

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they are boys

google the file name

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Hope is inverted

Senran tumblrinas.

boku no newfag

To attract a mate, and to feed their human/dragon abomination children.

vast magical power

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why would a boat need tits?

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>human/dragon abomination children.
Do not call my wife and mine children abominations

>I go outside
>Every woman doesn't look like this
>In fact no woman, looks like this
>Go back inside

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Do you are a pretentious shit?
>she's epitome of Yamato Nadeshiko beauty.
Why your head is so fullfill of bullshit
What is wrong with all of you stupid sluts with cowtits fags

virtual reality please hurry up

>This isn't a doujin

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She's not even fat though

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C is the maximum. D can be acceptable only if their body is proportional to it and not some titty monster freak.

>Titty monster
You do realise that D/DD is the average breast size right?

So they can float, duh!

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wtf i love buoyancy now

They should be somewhere close to the size of the girl´s head. From there on, it is a matter of fine balance.

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God, she needed to open her eyes more often.

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Seek a psychiatric assessment.

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absolutely based

Or hips
Or thighs
Or ass
Dear god I want to breed with Iowa

More than a handful is wasteful.

Big enough to sag heavily

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My brother. Anons here have no taste. I want those titties huge enough to see physics, dammit.