GuP Girls und Panzer das Finale

Subs never

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What kind of hairstyle is this? Do actual slavs wear their hair like this?

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>we're back in the era of back-to-back GuP threads
It's all downhill from here

Come on user, that has been answered several times in the last threads.

First for Murakami best girl

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I wasn't in the last thread, user.

Best girls animated when?

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why do women have such shit taste?

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It's supposedly some band reference

why is yukari so sad, anons?

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Any webm of Marie making that twirl after she orders the retreat?

Isn't the wait between these episodes a bit too long?

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Neither in the previous one? there is someone always asking that question.


inb4 GuP gets /trash/ed because the mods don't like it and want to pretend all other content doesn't exist

>Years until the OVAs finish
I want to die

Because you're real.

Yeah, you are still here forever anyway.

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That just means you get to spend years with us, user.

It's motivation to ensure specifically that you don't die. You still have like, 3 years to not kill yourself.

Finns =/= slavs
Their hairstyle is taken from the Leningrad Cowboys.

But I hate Sup Forums outside of GuP threads

Also, is the OST anywhere?

Rum dancing must be made into a webm

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I downloaded the raw, can anyone upload the .ass file?

Can't remember if the one from an earlier thread was a webm or a gif. Probably the latter.

Freedom is Free France and BC is Vichy France. Why does the Vichy side have ARL-44s if the tank was developed in Free France?

oh well

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Damn, I missed it.

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When Momo yelled Panzer vor I thought for a moment it would be her moment to shine.
Then the bridge scene reminded me why she gets bullied by the anime itself and that Miho has to do all the thinking and pull all the strings.

Is it true that they'll only release one OVA per year?

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Me too, and despite that, here I am.

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Where were these cute delinquents when I was in highschool?

Why are long skirts so perfect?

thanks a lot

Must be because they have money.

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Getting pounded by Cap'n Chad in the locker room.

What's the best site for uploading sound webms these days? isn't working for me.

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Yeah, they even said recently that there is not a confirmed date for next one. and are my favorites.

I'm going to euthanize you

I get weird security errors from my browser after uploading files on recently.

I feel really bad for Andou, I'll provide for her and be a nice husband

Marie is like a dumb, fat queen. I say it's time for a revolution!

We are in the second darkest timeline. Darkest is a world without tankery

>GuP may go on infinite hiatus

Did they say that they're planning on a yearly basis or just say they don't have a release date yet?

Do you think the artist will make a sequel now that the movie and OVA are out

The later.

Will we ever see cute Japanese girls acting like Aussies?

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T H I C C est girl

Heads are gonna roll, aren't they?

They gave her a Tiger II when she wanted a Panther.

Maybe they'll be the next school Miho has to fight!

Do Australians even have their own tanks?

>Implying that anyone can top Marie

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Actas should get Princess Principal S2 done first. GuP bros can wait a littler longer. They must be used to it anyway

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Yes, a few types of models AC4, Sentinel, Thunderbolt. Not used since by the time they began production or had finished pre-production, Aussie units were already given British tanks. Aussies also captured the German's oldest tank

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Holy shit that frog ass.

And this OVA was amazing.

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Isn't it pompadour?

So fat
>"Today, on 'Highschool girls singing in tanks as they cross remarkably flat fields' we have BC Freedom High with a heavily accented rendition of La Chanson de l'Oignon"

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According the game, KMM has a A7V too

I want to sexually beat Marie's spoiled fat ass

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If Marie has a fat, soft aristocratic butt made large on a diet of cake, would Andou have a really tight and well defined one for all the hijinks she got up to in her working class upbringing?

They better deliver in future parts. I need more Nishizumi doggo.

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So basically it's just an assumption and we don't know anything.

Erika is the Nishizumi doggo

Just finished the OVA. I'm in love with this fucking series.

>Shark team, that whole underground being corny as fuck.
>Literally getting to a drinking game.
>the new school being cute as hell and fucking hilarious.
>the tank battle.

Anyone got webm of this scene with Flint doing the hip swagging?

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Must be

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>French school has immigration problems

This is hilarious on so many levels.

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Are Darjeeling, Katyusha, and Maho going to get WHITED in UK, Russia, and Germany?

Darjeeling probably wants to be a real brit.

based fucking rosehip

They even have a rape problem

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Why was she such a bitch?

Does user like aristocratic, elegant BC girls or working class down to earth Freedom girls?

What happened to Freedom's ship anyway?

BC, I love the hair

>Darjeeling probably wants to be a real brit.
>Darjeeling becomes a slag
Oh no, the memes were true!

I wonder how disappointed she will be by the realities of life in the UK?

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She'll run into a gang of Pakistani men

Miho is a monster. Compare to Demon Lord of the Round Table

Freedom are the best!

I can't say the reason without develop some fights.

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wew, didn't expect team shark to instantly go from who? to best.

the whole thing was too short really.

It's a reference to either the two Frances of the WW2 era or a social strife at the late 18th century. But of course you had to project your political agenda, showing your ignorance
That music just never gets old.

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How do I make this movie non-laggy in MPC? This happens everytime when rippers encode their shit as HEVC.

I love Marie

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