Tokyo Ghoul: Re spoilers

Queen Rize fuckin when

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Can someone explain what is going on in the plot to me?

Next chapter

>:re in a nutshell

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He becomes a girl and goes underground to fight the intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor villain, while crazy girl who was actually alive comes back from the dead helping the organization she wanted to defeat because something something and rapes all his friends.

Pretty much.

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Accurate recap, sadly

All the mystery is gone

dead manga, stop making threads

It’s still an international bestseller, despite the drop in quality

There is no hope in this manga

Eto means hope... sh-she will save it!

queen rize will mean nothing once kaneki transitions (hurr) into femtoneki for part 3

Just awtch how the shitty thing in the last chapter was Eto. The shitstorm will be glorious.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I love Kaneki.

Youre dead, Eto

Where the fuck is the story even going?

She's just sleeping.

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I enjoyed Tokyo Ghoul but didn't like the second season because Touka didn't show up much. Is the manga worth reading?

First part is worth reading.
:re is decent for the first half though it's a very different tone
Don't bother past the mid 50s

>t. Eto

please come back

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Its really good up until a certain moment

Can’t tell which one exactly tho

It's great until Kaneki awakens
Then Rue Island is good
and bad everything afterwards

Oh yeah forgot to mention that the anime butchered the story, especially Root A
Just read from the start or it won't make sense.

Touka becomes literal shit and unexistant in re, she doesnt, appear for 100 chapters, then she comes back, jumps into mc dick, kiss, sex, pregnancy and marriage hamfisted romance in the spawn of seven chapters, then she becomes the bringer of fake deathflags so author can do epik cliffhangers unironically more than 10 times, and then she becomes irrelevant again.
Also in root a the studio added many scenes of her thinking about kaneki and making coffee, and those 3 episodes running doing nothing in anteiku raid were also anime original, she was even more unexistant than root a in the manga.
So basically, the touka you knew in original tokyo ghoul is gone, ishida replaced her entire character with being mc cumdumpster.
And besides touka, re is not worthwatching. The og manga is great, and re as well for the first two big arcs (which end in chapter 56) after that the author got mindbroken by a interview with togashi and became absolutely retarded. Season 3 should technically adapt the good part of re, that leaving touka not existing anymore besides is the best part of re, but first episode of the anime already adapted 6 chapters in one episode, and first chapter is 40 pages so actually 7 chapters worth of content.

basically, dont read re for touka, and dont read re in general, dont read og tokyo ghou part 1l for touka because she appears even less, but read tokyo ghoul part 1 in general because its miles better than that crappy adaptation you ate

If you want touka dont read the manga, she is even more unexistant than in root a.
But you should it, it is a really good manga
Dont even be tempted to touch re, it was a mistake

The √a story had potential. Too bad it was so poorly executed.

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>mind broken by an interview with togashi


>Then Rue Island is good
Not really. It was rushed to much. Ui vs Tsukiyama was pointless really. Takizawa development was rushed. Amon, Tatara, Yoshitoki, and Houji were fucked over hard. Tatara/Houji arc was completely ignored with no flashbacks which is unlike Ishita.

Ultimately needed another volume of 12 chapters with volume cover of Tatara for it to not appear completely shitty.

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>All the mystery is gone
But yet none of you can properly predict the story without getting blown out. There's a lot of mystery left.

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>poorly executed.
It honestly felt like literally nothing happened in Root A. Like, I actually don't know what they filled those 12 episodes with. One episode was Cochlea and the last 2 are Anteiku raid, but aside from that I actually have no clue and I watched it twice.
It's also very weird that Eto never once interacted with Kaneki, considering her interest in him and how similar they are. If you're gonna have Kaneki join her organisation, that should be one of the most important plot points, but I guess not.

>Takizawa development was rushed
Takizawa development was one of the best points of Rue, read it again speed-kun.
>Tatara/Houji arc was completely ignored with no flashbacks which is unlike Ishita.
The Tatara memes again. When are you fucks going to accept that he was nothing more than Eto's right hand man, a side character, and nothing more? The Houji and Tatara shit was nothing but subplot for the story, why you complain like he was a central piece of the story is beyond me. Cool Kakuja, cool Chinese lore, that's about it. For all we know he might not even be dead either, I mean he had a Kakuja and ghouls usually survive worse injuries.

People are always complaining about rushed developments, but do you really want to see half this shit last longer than necessary? I'd rather see things wrapped up quickly and precisely over dragged out and boringly.

Takizawa "I was pretending to be retarded" Seidou was handled terribly. He killed his mentor with no remorse and then immediately does a complete turnaround.

Speedreader, you would know that Ishida has always given side characters their moments and some become even important later on.


Everything you said is precisely why other long running manga series have ended awfully because the authors decided to rush it and not wrap everything up properly, leaving readers with disappointment.

That's also why :re is complete shit right now compared to the original.

I don't know why people bring up Tatara so much. He was a cool character and had a nice design but other than that, I don't remember him doing anything serious outside of being in Aogiri. Houji might as well have been a B list side character as well. I mean shit, all he did was help kill his brother with more than likely hundreds of other investigators offscreen and people blow a fuse like he was an integral aspect of the manga. I like how they were both tied into Takizawa's character arc, and he's now best boy so it worked out in the end.

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Based eto poster, what will you do when she comes back?

Tokyo ghoul re is so much waste potential

Makes me wanna write fan fiction with alternative endings

Ishida actually made some drafts for season 2 and they were really good. Interactions between Tatara and Kaneki involving Kanou's nurse, Kaneki actually staying in touch with his crew, Touka being the one to discover Rize in the basement of Anteiku and many more other things. A lot of good shit was discarded for some reason and it's rather sad when you think about it, all the more so when you read the current manga.

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It's true, unfortunately.

That'd be wrong, because everything that occurred in the original happens in :re, read it again. Plot wasn't dragged out longer than necessary and was wrapped up quickly and precisely. Events fluctuated back to back with great pacing. He didn't stretch developments out unnecessarily to focus on deeper symbolism like he's purposely doing in :re to portray shit. For example, did anyone really want to see the Mutsukek and Quinx shit roll out any longer than the 4 or 5 chapters that it was recently? I highly doubt it.

First episode summary

This is the best thread on the board right now.

Touka is literally the same character sperg. The only thing that changed is that she's not angry with humans anymore

There are franxx threads.

Nice damage control. Takizawa didn't like Tatara to begin with, do you forget that he's a large reason why he became a ghoul and had his life altered? He threw him to Noro, proceeded to watch as Kanou tortured and mind broke him, and then had his parents fed to him. Taki getting revenge was ideal.
>He killed his mentor with no remorse and then immediately does a complete turnaround.
Because he was supposed to lay down and die just because his mentor said so right? Fuck out of here. He didn't do a "full" turn around either, if anything it was just the start of his redemption arc. Amon and Akira got through to him, and by the end of the lab raid he realized who he was. You honestly need to read it again.

Yeah, so there is little competition

>DBS ends
>Spic posters flood other threads with their generic shonen shit nonsense
More cancer soon boys

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Is Franxx even good? I heard it was a failed attempt to recreate Diebuster or some shit. 02 looks cute though

Good for shitposting.

Unironically, the :re anime is going to be rushed to oblivion and cuts out quite a lot of shit. It'll still be eaten up regardless though because anything that resembles battle shonen is a minefield for money

I don't think they are going to adapt Christmas chapter.

Its good for memes and drama, bankrupt and derivative from an artistic standpoint

Darling threads don't need any more shitposters.

Takizawa's story is actually pretty fucking tragic to be honest. Even more so than Kaneki's if you think about it.
>he choses to go save Amon in the Anteiku Raid (on one side because he wanted to see Akira happy, on the other because he didn't want to face the One Eyed Owl, being as scared of dying as he was).
>in the end he doesn't manage to avoid neither the danger, nor rescue Amon and meets a fate way worse than death.
>he gets turned into one of the very monsters he was so scared of, gets tortured from the get go both physicaly and psychologicaly, his parent die because of that choice he made back then
>the parents that he wanted to protect from ghouls end up eaten by him, a ghoul.
>he thinks he lost everything, and fully adopts his ghoul side killing investigators, finally becoming powerful, but not quite in the way he thought he would.
>his mentor rejects him, after he defeats Tatara.
>Akira almost dies protecting him. He makes sure to return the favor by also saving Amon, almost dying in the process himself.
His is one of the stories I'm actually hoping we'll more.

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Shit, just like the state of this manga.

Its tokyo ghoul + eva + gurren lagann + diebuster + kidznaiver done good with mechas if eto was the main heroine and touka was the secondary girl who ends up with nishiki
So yes
also milkman

why there isnt a 9-12 edit?

he's got kuro and little bin on his dick he's fine


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You make it sound MUCH better than it is

It is a shameless Eva rip-off, with a self-insert shonen MC, whose cock everyone wants, instead of Shinji and a bunch of one-dimensional sidecharacters

>shameless Eva rip-off
>self-insert shonen MC
You can only say that if you've watched maybe 1 to 2 episodes.

Damn right.

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I watched it up to the current cuckoldry meme episode

Cant wait to see her hair in the anime

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I love Takizawa's character arc, one of the best things in :re. Clown Arc had it's issues but Taki's spotlight of accepting who he was as a ghoul, and essentially becoming Akira/Amon's knight by living for them and getting the chain was so good. I don't really see him doing much more in the story besides maybe helping investigators who turned into ghouls adjust to their bodies, and likely save Amon and Akira again but it's all good.

Is good if you dont have problems with a fat shit getting cucked by handsome depressed chad
not him but
>self-insert shonen mc
>everyone wants his cock.
>a bunch of one dimensional characters
Its pretty obvious you either didnt even watch it or dropped it early.

It's in no way a shameless Eva rip-off. Not sure what world you're living in to believe that.
And Hiro isn't passive enough to be a self-insert shonen MC. He has the design of one, sure, but not the personality.

>The cuck meme
Grow up man.

She looks like shit in the pv

>if eto was the main heroine
So that's why I like 02.

wow nice buzzwords you have there, butthurt evafag. How sad will you be if you discover using your same mentality your beloved series is a shameless ideon ripoff.

This thread has now been darling'd. Discuss best girl

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>best girl

>Cuck in the Franxx taking over the board
What do we do boys

Please don't. I don't want shitposting retaliation in Darling threads.

>bunch of children with psychological problems pilot giant mechas to fight bizarre mute invader creators in a dystopian futuristic world, while being watched over by a mysterious scheming organization

I just described Darling in FranXX, did I?
But I actually meant Evangelion

>with mechas if eto was the main heroine and touka was the secondary girl
So what you're saying is Nishigori has better taste than Sui Ishida?

It's too late for that. Franxx has basically all the attention in these threads now since DBS ended. Not to mention it being a Trigger anime, it's just automatically going to attract shitposting and attention.

She and Eto would have hot sweaty monster/kagune sex.

That's a shallow field of comparison. By that logic, almost every anime is just a clone of what came before.

I don’t care which shows Eva ripped of and how good it is - at all

All I said is that Darling rips off Eva shamelessly

Except Evangelion wasn't made for 12 year olds who like to see people cucked. The cast is deep and relatable, the moral of the story is incredible, and it's a classic. Franxx is just an attempt to rip it off and include NTR for the sake of money.

You're right.
Fucking kill me.

Eh, no
99% of anime don’t fall in the description at some point

Both Eva and Darling so

>I dont care eva is an ideon rip-off, but franxx is a eva ripoff
fair enough

Pls. no.

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Call Vancouver and throw a Party.

Yes, Eva is way better than Darling

But it’s still the same stuff at the core. Each episode focuses on defeating one angel/klaxosaur and on a certain relationship

He created zero two and nia so sure

that hot

This board is dead.

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You and I both know that's bullshit.

>Assumed its an evafag
>He actually was an evafag
Kek so easy to guess.

"I only only saw her from the side. Damn! I'm such a clown."

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>He doesn't want Eto and 02 having hot sweaty lesbian sex
Your a fucking queer dude.

>The cast is deep and relatable
>the moral of the story is incredible

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