ITT: realistic portrayal of young women in anime

ITT: realistic portrayal of young women in anime

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oh, give it a break you asshurt virgin

Come on now.

They mock you because its true OP

I want to fuck Kokoro

Can't deny that.

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Best anime character.

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aw, baby

Remember, you allowed this to happen.

its true 70% of men fall below female expectations

its a sad sad truth

She's too nice about it. Real girl would tear your heart out while letting you know she's fucking the other guy she left you for.

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these bitches ain't loyal

Haters gonna hate

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I only started liking her character this episode, I like her more as a nice bitch

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so you admit the 80 20 principle is true?

>actual, literal sluts in anime
Picked up

This anime brought me to Sup Forums. I remember many anons hated it, but I enjoy bittersweet romances.

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>be a clingy fuck and declare your eternal protection to m'lady
>your partner doesn't want to be with you anymore

Am I missing something? What did Kokoro do wrong?

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I want to hate fuck her after this episode

Kuzu no Honkai

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it's not the "what" it's the "how".

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fuck off spoonfeeder



saying she wants to make that promise to him is like saying the girl that passed out on your sofa is ready for sex

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user asked, why shouldn't I reply to him? It's called being nice, maybe you could try it too. It feels good to help someone.

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It most certainly does not.

I really hate this stupid fucking whore.

t. futoshi

but futoshi loves her

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I don't even consider fat people human but I place women below that.