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20 minutes until the LAST GINTAMA EPISODE

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Talk everything Gintama related here

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I should have known it was the feminist, got me again.

So, what is Kana and why Okita wants her?

Tsukki is so cute when she is drunk

A lot of questions for a series that is supposedly ending any day now

And it will be back this July

The did a nice thing with the ED and the OP

Last this cour. Back in July

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I am betting for the manga ending at chapter 701.

so until 2019

Was hard to wait an extra week. And now I'm waiting for the next chapter.

This is Sakamoto and Mutsu.

Say something nice to them.

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Sakamoto was based on today episode.
Mutsu is just the best.

I love them.

so they will cram master son boss fight in one episode?

Next season

in July
man, Gintama threads are going to be dead again

he's just pissed that someone made acheap knockoff version of his waifu
he's going to bitch on /toy/ about it

Post Gintama webms.

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Let's do this one more time

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Maybe not, they'll be surely active for the few first episodes and then start to die quickly after, like in this cour

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I predict the manga to end at 708/709 which will be Gintama's 15th anniversary

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To be continued..

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Subs soon

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they all look so done with putting up with Prince hatas shit
oh jeez, which mysterious person could that be, I wonder loudly

They're a cute pair. I don't think about them enough, despite admiring Sakamoto's attitude. I wish I were caught up so I could appreciate their exploits.

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What were your thoughts on the Gintama and Sket Dance crossover?

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I liked them but I'm and Sket Dance fan.

Episode ends on chapter 631. 2½ chapters.

A lot better paced than episode 349 and 350.

best girl

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I am looking forward to the manga ending in 2020.

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I love Kagura!

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it's the year 2020
Gintama is still in its last arc, Asaemon and Sashi are still missing
wait for 2021 and an interview with Sorachi
yeah, I totally forgot about them

Sub's out.


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That's a cute pig.

Prince Ha- Baka Ouji did nothing wrong.

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He did everything wrong.

Pretty hype episode. I legit thought that guy was dead.

Really nice use of OP and ED.

Are they taking a season off now? Or continuing this arc right away?

They're taking a break until July.

Does he get a boner from war?

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maybe he just really likes flashy lightshows and foreworks?

Boring and generic girl


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Is gintama actually ending? I still don't believe it. I think there'll be some kind of joke and it'll continue in one form or another

don't worry it'll be a while until it ends
but it's still the last arc

Will anime Matako ever be allowed to wear red?

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i fucking hate this season

She's always cute, both drunk and sober.

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shit taste

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Gintoki is /vr/

Would you watch an entire show/arc about Mayo Note?

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Well he's also really obsessed with crusades. So guess that's his fetish. Flashy lights and war.

Sorachi is taking his time, but it's definitely gonna end at some point.

But is it really ending?

In the next season we get his backstory. He gets a boner from someone other than war

Still has a war boner though.

Soon i guess.

but violence was still involved and being (in)directly involved in killing is brother

> no more Gura

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(spoiler) we have kanna now (/spoiler)

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>The Virgin Megane vs the Chad Sadist

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He has promised this so many times. It never lasts

Me too!

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Any idea who voices Master Son?

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a male voiceactor

When will Rumble add a new playable character instead of more assists?

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How is it? I was thinking of importing it soon

waiting for SS-update/DLC

Having read the manga these scene gave me too much feels

I hear it's pretty standard musou. But it definitely has the appeal of finally getting to play a Gintama action game.

Favorite lewd Gintama moment?

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This moment right here

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That was a great arc. They really took advantage of Sunrise's mecha experience with Kaien.

I've just watched episode 152.
Did Gintama jump the shark with the studio change they announced in episode 150?

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wtf is wrong with their noses

Results of the 5th and final popularity poll. The top 10.

Forgot image. The top 10 of the 5th popularity poll.

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Rest of the poll.

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