Sora yori mo Tooi Basho

What are your expectations for the final episode?

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if theres no momsicle we riot

I cum on idol’s face as a final hurrah.

To cry.

a bittersweet ending and an obnoxious amount of shitposting

Why would there be anything bitter? Everything is better for everyone then when we started.

Help Shirase to find her mom.

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we still have to deal with takako's last message, and the girls saying goodbye to each other


Hinata being best girl, as usual.

This anime would have been perfect as a movie.

Kimari make up with the bitch and in the last scene there is a timeskip where the observatory is finished and Shirase stands in front of it smiling.

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With 30 y.o. actresses as usual.

>takako's last message
Will serve as a new goal for Shirase to pursue. She'll do everything to fulfil her mother's dream.

>girls saying goodbye to each other
You are aware that two of them are in the same school and three live in the same city.
Also Hinata will join Shirase's and Kimari's school.
Also Yuzuki will find a way to do the same because they're her precious friends and her new role in the drama will probably be in Tokyo anyway, so she'll just move there and they'll be together.

Them going back to school and promising to stay friends, final few minutes show a timeskip of them all flying in the helicopter to their completed observatory and all of them smiling.

This anime has been a 9/10 or more so far, but if they do the usual nip thing and Takako suddenly reappears alive its gonna drop to 2/10.

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Stop being so stupid.

What makes you even consider the possibility?

That Clannad made me cry like a bitch with a similar plot of a mother died and then on the last episode somehow time itself bended to give them a happy ending.

That was just their shitty way of throwing in gaming elements from the VN into the anime.

thats for the movie

Clannad's best part was the Fuko arc, it went all downhill from there.

>What are your expectations for the final episode?
More forced drama and bad writing.

How do you figure? They used every episode of the one cour format for something important. Plus this show has one of my favorite ways of doing episode previews ever.

God I want to do lewd things to their butts

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The dead rose to life in the belief of Jesus Christ the Savior.

why is she so perfect?

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she's like not even the best cake my dude

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I don't think we'll have either of those.

Best girl is whoever currently has the episode focus. So it's going to be Kimari.

Her name is SharkIsland BowGirl

The mom survived for 3 years eating penguins.

All of this honestly.

cute lesbian family

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Why do you autists insist on a corpse?

They go back home and the Megane girl is waiting for the airhead at the docks.
Genki girl joins an athletic club or something.
Idol girl is shown working but then after work she goes to Karaoke with her friends or at least exchanges pics by messaging.
I don't know what Shirase does once back home. Maybe hugs her grandma.

I'm hoping it's a little more eventful than that.

But all loose ends were resolved last episode.
I guess they could attempt to retrieve the body but I really don't think that's a civilian job.

Madhouse has completely failed at crafting a satisfactory execution of this concept. This show might sell BDs, but it won't make much of a profit since it won't sell any merchandise with its unattractively-drawn characters. The melodrama in episode 12 was completely laughable. Only people with no sense of logic or realism found it sad and tearjerking. How can one's brain be so basic to enjoy this seasonal trash?

reminder that anyone who replies to the poster above me is a fucking retard and deserves to get exiled back to r*ddit

Oh, I don't mean any big plot developments, I just mean some a nice conclusion where it's a happy ending and we see all of the characters take away a new perspective. Maybe Hinata attending Shirase and Kimari's school, or a flash-forward to the completed observatory, or something. The plot and characters have had satisfying resolutions, I want a kind of epilogue thing.

Polar bears.

You've mixed up the poles.

Maybe he's sayingi he wants it to be about them planning for an Arctic expedition.

Don't believe their lies. They just want you to think they're not on Antarctica so they can eat you.

I read a post in one of these threads and it made me laugh so I'll pay it forward and post the joke again.

>They look for the corpse of Lilith.
And I'll add my little twist: The banner they made with all of their faces drops and behind it is the logo of Nerv

Because I'm sure Hinata is going to use her time melting powers to stop Takako from freezing.

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You're just saying that to keep us away from the pengis

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too bad she doesn't have fat melting powers

They'll never find a body. At most they'll find a jacket or something.

Do you really want to see a pengi get eaten by a bear?

>Lalala, I can't hear you
>This show is a flawless masterpiece no matter how right the criticisms may be
Worst fanbase of the season.

*thank god

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I didn't say you could reply to me fucktard

Enough of your lies

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I agree that we shouldn't give him any (you)s but it would've been even better if we didn't acknowledge him/her at all.
I know that by writing this post I'm acknowledging him/her so I'm being a hypocrite but wtv.

Did people really not know that she was sending multiple messages to her mom?

It wasn't obvious?

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I personally thought that she was opening up the mail thing and then backing out, never finishing that email.
But regardless that's not the emotional part of that scene.
People aren't going "Omg look at all the emails she sent"
It's the moment where it's actually cemented in Shirase's mind that her mom is dead and gone. This whole time she's been living in an in between state where she's expecting her mom to show up even though she knows she won't and she's still sending mails to her mom. Then at that point where she sees all of her unread emails she finally gets closure, she finally accepts that her mom is dead and gone and she finally cries for the first time. She's now able to move one.

What are the chances that Kobuchizawa Observatory might actually be Fuji Dome in real life? If in that case it might be true then it really makes sense that the laptop had considerable travel time from site to base enough to thaw out whatever frost that had accumulated on it. After all according to the article Fuji Dome is actually 1000 km away from Syowa, travel time is more or less 3 weeks. The inside of a snowcat has a temperature of about 20°C inside, quite comfy but cramped.

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For a different kind of drama altogether. Reminded me of this very interesting article about a retrieval operation near Everest's summit.

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I think that probably heightened the impact for some people, the realization that she really was sending out all of those emails she was writing.

They took a helicopter for some of it, but also I think we've talked before about how there's no reason for frost to accumulate inside the laptop when conditions are so dry.

I she OK?

The plot dictates that she's alright in heaven

Why? Shirase has already come to terms with the fact her mom is dead
Having a body shoved in her our our faces would only be needlessly edgy and out of place

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Exactly. You'd have to be a special kind of autist if you are this numb to what the anime already delivered, and delivered it did in spades.

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I just hope Kimari doesn't make up with that nasty gasses bitch. She's got new friends now. Fuck her.

You're way out of line to even imagine the angel Kimari acting like this desu

Too late, dumbass.

>gasses bitch
Oh my


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I wonder if they are going to use the entire episode with them going back to Japan or if it will be skipped.
Maybe a timeskip with Shirase (And Kimari) going to Antarctica again to finish the observatory.

God, I hope they don't do a time skip, I hate that shit.

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Why? There's literally nothing else that needs to be done at this point.

They have to win the jump rope contest on the way back

my dad works at Madhouse, he told me the last ep would be a beach episode in Sydney

The boat will be sunk on the way back by Greenpeace after Megu frames the expedition for whaling.

Can you pls confirm if there will be a Yuru Camp collaboration OVA?

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Sorry the only OVA in the works right now is a Strike Witches crossover movie

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They've already made up.


Guess I should clarify.
I don't mind if they skip back to Japan or whatever, but I hope they don't skip years into the future.

Okay great we're at the final episode but WHERE'S MY ANTARCTIC BEACH EPISODE

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All of the fun Antarctic playtime is relegated to montage.

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Why would you want to go to an Antarctic beach?

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When Diana declined to crush her, I said "tanks."

I want an OVA of their reports they made.

ɘɿɘʜ ɿɘvo ɘmoƆƆomɘ ovɘɿ ʜɘɿɘ

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Back to hell with you demon

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God I wish that was me

I wish that were Hinata.

Umi da!

Now that the show is over, do you think the girls were alright?

I'm not ready for this to end

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