Gakuen Babysitters

No thread for the finale?

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>pedo shit

I enjoyed it. Taka is a shit brat though.

Kirin is the cutest.

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What are your thoughts on the series now it is done?

I think I'm gonna go read the manga, I hope the scans are stable.

It isn't tho?

about me to watch the last episode, what am I in for?


>this anime

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No Kotaro, don't enable him!

I'm ready to kill myself

I'm ready to fall back into depression now that there is no more Gakuen Babysitters to cheer me up weekly.

Manga is still ongoing.

Best boy.

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Kotarou is best boy of the season


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Should edit it to "user" instead of Saikawa.

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Come on buddy, gimme dat Babby Chairman and Saikawa goodness.

S2 fucking when?

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>Shoujo series getting an s2 in this age of merch sales and other bullshit

>No Chairwoman
>Saikawa isn't even a baby

I'm glad it ended.

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>Not selling babies named after the kids in GakBaby as official merchandise

Japan missing an obvious market here.

I don't think that's legal.

If Natsume can get multiple seasons, why can't this?

Gakuen Babysitters is in the same magazine as Natsume, not all hope is lost

If getting my own Midori isn't legal, then life has no meaning.

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this anime, jesus...

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>the last baby we got was the guy that ntr fan
kek, I knew it

>No more cute Ryuuichi and Maria moments

The anime skipped out a few of them, but the manga hasn't had anything big in years. I want Maria and Yuki to give him chocolates or something at least.

What'll I do without any more episodes of Ryuuichi and the Babbies?

>No Chairwoman


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So we got Taka-dad I guess?

Wait for the S2.

I've grown to like the chairwoman.

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The part where she thought her son came back hurts me.

>in years
The anime was a nice slice of life with not much story progression but damn. I was sure Maria would have eventually confessed. It just gets frustrating if nothing ever happens.

Do the babies ever grow up? The anime covered almost a full year and they're still just as small. Does Kotaro get any older in the manga?

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Literally the only mention of him even existing was the name drop in the chapter where Kotaro delivered Ryuu's lunch.

Why they bothered adapting so many Kami/Taka chapters, including the baseball and parents day one, only to ignore the actual conclusion, is kinda weird. Would have made a nice first half of the finale to do so. I would have moved the Saikawa/Kotaro chapter to a few episodes earlier.

I want to fuck Kirin so badly.

I feel you man

The manga just jumps around at random in terms of timing. Previous chapter was about playing in the snow? Next one begins with "Uh yeah, this story takes place back in Summer". As far as we can tell, we're still in Ryuu's first year of highschool with the manga. In fact, I'm pretty certain the "It's been a year since we moved here" line was anime original.

The only grown up moment we get is a Usaida dream in Chapter 84, where he imagines the babies and teens/adults having switched ages.

Maria seems to have forgotten her crush on Ryuu. but there are still inklings of it remaining. Yuki is still way too nervous around him. Both probably know they don't have a chance until Kotaro (and Ryuu) grow up a little.

Ok. Which one of you sick fucks impregnated best boy

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Oh no...

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Death flag?

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Suicide pact.

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I was sure this was going with Saikawa laughing at something Kotaro did.

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Ah, damn it.

an antagonist like him needs some time to be properly developed and stablished, maybe for season 2...

When I was much younger my dad always got home from work first, so we’d walk to the main road into town to see my mom driving home. This show really knows how to hit me.

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webm bro, please post the part where kamitani hits usaida

Speaking of that moment, I feel like that was the only time we've actually seen the impact from the punch. Was this because it's the first time he's hit someone who wasn't a baby?

I’m gonna miss these threads.

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He's just autistic like Kami though. He's a good guy at heart, he even buys Taka that gay fish bike thing.

Maybe we can have them when chapters come out?


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Threadly reminder that senpai is the one closest to winning the ryuubowl

>Inui-senpai’s suffering?!
“We Bring You Today’s Love Fortune”
Inui-senpai considers falling in love with the cross-dressed Ryuuichi the worst thing that happened in his life, and wants to forget about it immediately.
He sees his horoscope by chance, which says, “You have a chance of finding your significant other this month!” Deciding to follow it, he goes out one weekend, but all is not going well for him… That’s because he keeps running into Ryuuichi, the person he wants to avoid as much as possible…?
Some stuff in the story include:
>Inui seeing Ryuuichi together with Yuki and assuming they’re a couple and on a date
>Kumatsuka-sensei appearing beside Inui and trying to guess Inui’s thoughts while hiding from Ryuu
>Inui keeps coming across Ryuu and Yuki, and wanting to avoid them so much he ends up renting a karaoke box, singing alone
>Kumatsuka-sensei telling Inui that falling in love is a wonderful thing, no matter who you fall for
>Inui coming across Ryuu and Yuki one more time, but the two are in trouble when three thugs hit on Yuki and want to take her with them, so he tries to come to their rescue but kinda fails and gets hurt
>Kumatsuka-sensei, plus Saikawa-san, Kotarou and Baa-chan, arriving just in time to prevent any serious fight from happening
>Inui being brought to the Morinomiya residence to get some first aid treatment for his sprained ankle
>Kotarou asking “Se-pa, pain?” and Inui assuring him it doesn’t hurt (not so much)
>Inui apologizing to Ryuu for ruining his date, to which Ryuu clarifies that he and Yuki just saw each other by chance
>Kotarou noticing a graze under Inui’s chin, and Ryuu treating it
>Inui pinching Ryuu’s and Kotarou’s cheeks at the same time, noting how they’re soft
>Kotarou being happy when told that he and Ni-cha both have soft cheeks
This is from an official novel with some original stories.

I swear that guy looks exactly like my uncle

>His hair is similar to Ryuu's


he was rich though


He was rich.

Inui will be cucked by his little sister.

reminder that he's both ryuichi and kotaro's real father

gotcha buddy
thought the same, but on the other hand, he's finally picking on someone of his own size.

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This explains everything

>he's actually been hitting Taka just as hard the whole time
>Taka has just gotten used to it and has achieved superhuman resistance

Taka is actually pretty cute if you can't hear him

jeez, kamitani's mom is hot af

Didn't he say "late master". So isn't that just baa-chan's husband?
Not her son and son's wife.


No, that is the chairwoman's son

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No it's definitely her son. Beside who the fuck would the girl he's sat with be if he wasn't the son?

My guess is he thought it was meant to be the Chairwoman when she was younger.

Why is she crying

Saikawa must be some kind of vampire then.

damn it's really over, how will I get my weekly dose of crying now

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> having kids in the show makes it pedo shit.
How retarded do you have to be lmao

Maybe her butt hurts.

Thank you from the author's twitter

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>Smiling Kami

The girls are fucking adorable however

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Maria is still the realest ship

Maria is a pervert and so is Yuki!

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I ship those gals

So, how did this sell?

First BD came out on Friday. Let's see how it ranks... It seems it will sell better than the other SOL-ish shows this season, but I doubt it will surpass 2k


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First volume is around 1.2k in stalker. Female targeted anime usually sells a bit better than Amazon predictions so I think v1 may surpass 2k.