Can you sit like Taiga?

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Yeah lemme just break my legs first

wtf is wrong with her face

Maybe her but hurts.

Yes, I just did, is it weird?

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if you said 'could' then I might have said a yes, sadly early onset arthritis has nixed that as my hips are not quite what they used to be.

Yeah I used to do it all the time but I started worrying about blood clots.

early 90s style

You need wide hip to do it

on a similar topic, is sitting cross-legged with one leg over another suppose to hurt by crushing your balls? I can do so comfortably while all my other real life friends say that it is painful. Am I a faggot?

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No you have superior joints

Her what hurts?

Well, look at your balls and see if it's crushed. Let us know.

no, my legs too fat

I can't see my balls when I cross my legs.

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Yes, and I literally never exercise, am underweight, and have typical male hips. Stop eating and drinking so many doritos and mountain dew you disgusting fatties

I can do the lotus pose with a bit of effort. Doing that is easy.

It hurts my joints when I do.

>being a holier than thou faggot at any and every opportunity
bitch I weigh 97 pounds and it hurts my knees after a while

Minorin is so cute

Yeah, but it's uncomfortable as fuck. In other news, wud fug Taiga.

>sitting cross-legged with one leg over another
You mean like that lady from basic instinct?

You either have small balls or no balls at all
Please be in london

I'm 5'8 and weigh 98 pounds, I admit it hurt a little but if you can't sit in that position for more than a minute you deserve to be shamed.

a girl that small could only survive sex with a japanese man

no idea what you mean by that, but something like this
well fug

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I'd seat Taiga on my dick.

Yes exactly that.