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Is that a boy or girl?

I don't feel a thing

The porn is frustratingly sparce for Ed.

I just want to see her getting fucked sideways while hacking.

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I want to fuck her

What about the one where she gets fucked by Ein?

too brown to be cute honestly

You know she let's Ein lick her toes_ ,right?

Shut it down! The goyim know!

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>no hot springs episode



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Why did she have to leave? She was safe with Spike.

She's also sexy.

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You just know someone on the staff was drawing lewds of Ed. There's some asshole in Japland with a drawer full of model perfect Ed lewds.

Those spats and tummy always made me hard

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A boy.

Whoops, forgot pictorial evidence.

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ed's cunny

Spike is not for lewd!

That bellybutton is driving me insane.

Ein is cuter.

neither is ed

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Isn't that Cowboy Bebop?

Yes, he is.

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I completely forgot. Fuck.

I don't get it

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The original character designer of Cowboy Bebop came and drew a sketch of Spike on a wall at Cartoon Network studios long ago, some dumbshit intern a couple years back erased it and drew that dumb scribble face over it in sharpie


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I'm mad now.

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I did never fap to Ed. Now I'm gonna search in sadpanda for some action.

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Done. The plot twist of the dog starting mounting her was unexpected but good.

Kaolla Su rip off.

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Kaolla was the best Hina.

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What does Blondie have to do with anything?

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Cowboy Bebop aired before the first Love Hina manga was published. I know you're just shitposting but hey.

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Who cares?

Her expy's are even better.

Shit...forgot pic.

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and I stopped remembering

I always wondered why you couldn't see her nips, since she didn't wear a bra and had white clothes on.

High-res anime wasn't even invented in the 80s, ofc you can't see his nips you dolt.

Mushroom Samba best episode.

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On the one hand that person is a cunt with a shit tier art style. On the other hand, if they have some drawing wall where any schmuck can scribble on it, then they should have taken precautions to preserve it.

That's not Jupiter Jazz. Who do you relate to the most lads? Probably Faye here.

I want to hug her

I want her to reprogram my system in a decent, easy to operate, and most importantly, stable OS.

I want her to bear my children.

This character was so poorly written it confuses me. I think they intended her to be a sort of Shakespearian fool, but her dialogue wasn't good so she just broke up the atmosphere and wasted your time.

Too bad she's in a trash manga

Now we're talking

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Comedic character to break tension. Since the last 2 episodes are completely serious, she was written off the show.


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But she was so unfunny. Bebop in general had such mediocre writing.

The episode where she leaves the Bebop is easily the saddest.

Waltz for Venus


Is that anything like sparse?

I want her to help me dredge up all my favorite now-defunct websites because the internet archive is an utterly worthless disgrace to its stated purpose.

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literally wat

Sadly I can't post the rest of the doujin

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a man needs a name

I'm pretty sure she's the reason for my foot fetish.

Getting shot in the crotch sucks.

He's not the one getting shot at

it's a wall full of drawings

everyone draws over everyone else

calm down

No you fucking retard, you draw on the sides or at most you try to blend your drawing without fucking others'

I like Spike the most, but I prob relate to Faye the most

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That tells me nothing. And that's not what I asked in the first place.


>suddenly up and left
>didn't even leave any contact information

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Just exhentai it dude

I honestly don't fucking care about this. Jesus, find something more important to get mad about.

This, jesus christ. The original artist wasn't even mad. It's a wall for scribbles, that's the whole point. Knock off this whole authority bullshit.

Isn't there anywhere else I can find it?

>doesn't matter to me = doesn't matter at all

The fuck is this guy babbling about? "Authority" ?

Sure is samefaggotrocious in here.


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All reverse image search functions have FAILED. Take that and shove it where the sun don't shine on ya.

>lurk more

This is the first time it's EVER been posted.


Keep misapplying that term, you worthless demagogue.

>slippery slope

Fail more.

I wanna have sex with a shotafied Ed!!

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>ears white

>raping an extremely autistic girl
you monster