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Great taste, both of you.

that movie was a piece of shit


"piece of shit with great characters action and plot" is what you meant.

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cant beat them

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Will imaishi ever accept that he's even worse than yamakan when it comes to ambitions and its implementation
He still can't get out from early 2000s butthurt when he realised that webgen animators came miles ahead of him pulling off his trademark "stlye" which he couldn't get even himself properly and realisation that with his age he is fucking no one when it comes to directing
That's why he get so fucking salty at bahi lol
He's a dead meme, even his fucking studio can't tolerate his shit anymore, the only thing he can do is literally make a minor passive-aggressive moves asserting his ego (luluko) completely shitting on production team that tries to put their shit together to at least produce content that can sell (kiznavier, which he hate but can't do anything hence the butthurt), completely sabotaging and ruining workflow, making industry sunk even further into the shithole where only jewfilx awaits

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can't be a great duo if you don't combine into one

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you sick son of a ...

Can't argue with quad 5's.


Not that sicko user, but

Can't argue with random luck.

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Best bros.
Mitsuhashi is a little shit, but is a good guy who goes through hellfire for his bros.
Itou is a good guy, but he isn't above being a little shit to get back at someone hurting wronging him or his bros.
Literally bro ying and yang.

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I prefer these two.

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I love these guys for how retarded they are

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I still like itou and mitsuhashi better, like they clash and shit talk eachother at times, but they always come through for eachother no matter what.

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>pairing that makes the most sense
It'll never actually happen in the canon.

look man judging by this arc the gorilla still has 50 chapters in him

let me believe

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Hard mode: post two characters that make a good duo, but aren't written as a duo (as in, they can each function as decent characters by themselves)

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Yuno and her gf!

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sasuga Sup Forumsnon-sama

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>this scene


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I love her hair. Is there a name for this style?

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You must be a slutty underage boy to pull this hairstyle off.

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The OTP.

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i called the fbi

The best.

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Well played, sir.

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>thread populated by literal children

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Oh brother.
You had to go and bark up the wrong tree, didn't you?
You must be all tuckered out after that post.

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>That's why he get so fucking salty at bahi lol
When that happened and what was about?

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Nailed it

Delinquent bros are the best

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This guy knows whats up.

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Best duo...

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You know what's up.

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Came here to post this.

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we all know MADAO has the silverbowl, Gintoki already bended him

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Best friends.

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objectively, the best duo ever.

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