Young man is unemployed, poor, and depressed

>young man is unemployed, poor, and depressed
>gets tricked by lolis into spending what little money he has left on crap he doesn't even want
Is this a metaphor for the anime industry?

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Actually, Abe wants to awaken your paternal instinct

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>crap he doesn't even want
No because of that part.

cutest moment

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Shaved or not?
Which Nono is the best?

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Sacchan is cute, CUTE!

damn op that's a quality-ass image. Fuck silver link


I don't get this meme.

That 500 yen only make him struggle. With that gone she can use his tie to just end it all.

God I wish I was that corn

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Kotoha has no neck!

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Bushy Nono!

Why are the colors so /fa/?

She actually is cute in that shot.
Color me surprised.

He looks like my aunt

This poor man has been literally abused by the colors

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The Colors kidnapped that man and sacrificed him to the anime gods so that we could get a Bocchi adaptation. RIP

>Satchan and Satmom will never take a shit on your face and dick
Do we live just to suffer?

why would I want them to do that?

i wish that was me

What if he just grabbed Kotoha and started kissing her?

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Why would you not? Just imagine her mom pushing a thick, solid and snake-like turd into your mouth in one long pull while Satchan laughs like a maniac at your hard cock covered in her unko and piss.


Police go! and rape in jail later

Get laid, go out, have fun?

Well after reading I know I certainly do not want them to do that.

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Isn't Abe a strict traditionalist even by Japanese standards? Wouldn't surprise me if he was trying to get Otaku to leave their rooms through progaganda in anime

>get laid, go out
Kill yourself, Reddit.

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>Is this a metaphor for the anime industry?

But user, she is always constipated

Ban-evading is wrong.

Nice QUALITY face on Kotoha there

>lolis will never feed your strawberries
why even go to interviews

Changing IPs to get around warnings is wrong as well.

Nice. Doujinshi when?

Scat-chan is very cute!


What's funny user?

This was the best episode so far. A really nice ending for the anime.
I miss them already though.

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The only thing that can awaken a man is a cute loving wife sucking down his milk and money.

You are a man of superb taste.

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That's a good thing though, it means when she's finally ready, it will be huge!

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I must be the only person here who doesn't like this show.

Well yeah, people usually don't go to threads of shows they don't like.

I meant on Sup Forums in general.

Also, people don't go into threads they don't like? Just how new are you?

nobody likes this show

I do.

Don't worry, having bad taste and being unable to enjoy fun things are two common diseases in the current Sup Forums. I hope you can get cured of them one day.

Some people treat Sup Forums like a collection of isolated fanbases instead of a single community.

You have shit taste, but it probably seems more popular than it is because it's the only good thing to air today and it's the weekend.

You are poo, like your taste.

That was a nice choice of chapter for the finale.

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