What did she mean by "plan C"?

What did she mean by "plan C"?

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plan c-section, because plan birth control failed and now she's pregnant and won't abort the baby.


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Why is an autist allowed to be so sexual?

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Did this title have a connection to NGNL or was it just coincidence?

I knew a girl like her once, 9/10 body 1/10 brain.
What a waste.

she is a yandere?

Plan C is just kill them



Same director, also made Sora Yori this season. She's got a very specific ary style direction that always tells you it's her. Very good director.

that she wants plan b, but will use plan c as a threat.

plan cunny

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Are we saying this is a bad thing?

I am probably the only one who thinks she was best (or at least better of the two) girl.

>tfw no autistic 2D wife

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What the heck? I thought she was pure.

What a waste that I don't know her!

Add those together you get 10/10

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