One Piece

Thoughts on the episode?

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Mama is a treasure

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Post LuNa screenshots

I can't because they don't exist

I can't still believe he's gone bros. He was so young, so full of life. Why did he leave us?

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>last thread
Wew, SaNa friend sure knows how make the other shippers angry

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I just want to know why Oda gave him a devil fruit power in the first place.


You fool, Bobbin doesn't need a DF, his gorgeous bobbing head is enough to induce peace into people.

A literal waste of a character.

>b-but we don't ship Luna
>we are anti spam
>oh wait you pointed out I'm not?
>wow seek help sanafag
Is it bad bullying the Luna shippers?

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So what can we expect for the 900th chapter? Will it be disappointing?

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It's not bad when it's clearly deserved

More running

>those lips were on pudding last few chapters ago and will be all over her eos
pudding is a lucky person

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Not disappointing as Nami not hugging Luffy

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You have been answered countless times by many people. I'll repost my answer because you ignored me the first time.

>Everyone is against diseases. But don't you think it's natural for people to use more energy to fight cancer than to fight influenza?
You are cancer. You are at the top of shitposting ladder. That's why everyone is trying to take you down.

Why respond man? Just let him flail like a spaz. Everyone can see him plain as day.

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Bye bye

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ruffy, become mybuka

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I expect Nami to choose Jinbes cock so sanawhale will kill herself and therefore we can have threads without retarded search for lunaniggers or another of her boogeymen.

Why was his post removed?

Jobbin the Jobber

The Ninth, of course

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That, and maybe because the mod didn't want the discussion in the thread to be about the posters of opg rather than One Piece itself.

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>sanji didn't interact with nami even once
what happened to our lovely reunion bros?

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Why is Dragonball Super so much fucking better than post-ts One Piece?

It really isn't. DB Super is unironically one of the worse anime I've ever watched. I had to drop it.

Nah, of all the early posts the janny decides to delete the anti sana one. Must be a hardcore supporter of the crackship.

It seems you accidentally posted the wrong picture user. Here, let me help you out.

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Are you implying it can be any other way with sanafag around? All those posts are from just the last three days. If they want better threads they should ban him, but that ain't happening.


Stop ban evading Luna cancer

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Then they should ban fatty, which shits here every fucking thread.

>implying you can ban anyone on this cursed website
The only people you can ban for real are the people who are new, can't control their internet connection, and/or are shaken by a ban.
The only real way they could ban Sanafag is to ban the word Sana itself. By replacing it by some other word (like the abbreviation for to be honest that gets replaced by desu when you post it) or including it in the script that detects spam.

Once Sanji shows up with his three-eyed kid sanafag might kill himself but I think we're shit out of luck until then.

>lunafag is throwing another tantrum
Poor guy I think he is broken

She is the janitor herself. This explains 24/7 posting and her retarded behavior.

you didnt watch this week episode which had good pace(for once) and sakuga.

Which ship hasn't suffered a mental breakdown yet?

>We meet again, Strawhat. No, i-is not like I was following you or anything

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Sanji x Nami Luna tards false flagging doesn't count

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It's just sanafag who's broken.

That outfit is gay as shit man.

Fujoshit inherently requires a mental breakdown, so nice try.

Isnt Kizaru unstoppable? He could hit you a quadrillion times in the thousandth of a second.

>Luna shippers were the paranoids after all
Maybe because it isn't one piece related?

>There is only one Sanafag
kek you people are so paranoid. All this time and you still reply as if its gonna make a difference.

The outfit is not gay, he just make you feel gay

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Close enough.

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What happened to the SanRofag with the leg hair theories?

It's a dress with hip slits. Pretty gay my dude.

and what is this supposed to prove? That sanafag shitposts? Didnt we already know that?

I love it. It takes two to tango and I do enjoy debates.

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Would you live in Komugi ( Wheat ) Island?

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Man I wanted to see Luffy forced to work under Luffy during some chapter, I just feel like their rivalry ended too soon

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I mean under Katakuri damn

Are you trying to get banned Luna tard?

I want to be under Katakuri

Nah but you obviously don't like this image so I'm trying to keep it up personally. You gunna play your hand and ban me sanafriend?

End of arc Sanabro

Sanji isnt interested. I heard the same thing when people thought SanVio was a thing too. Sorry but Nami > other women for Sanji.

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Don’t be so shy fatty. I know your retarded manner of searching for boogeyman in every thread.

SaNa isn't the fucking janitor. You are getting as crazy and paranoid as her.

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Yet you still believe Luna fags aren't also cancer. Everytime you attack sana they hide behind you

Okay, believe what you want. You really are wrong so It's just fine with me.

>"stupid brother, you said there were donuts left! What am I supposed to eat now?! I'm starving!"

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Ignore it, that person has been trying to get my attention all morning. Notice his wording, he thinks he is smart trying to get info out ha

You're the source of all evil, Sweetie-kun, once you're removed, almost all the shipping (ironical or not) willl disappear too.

>Katakuri pulls aside his leather jacket, revealing one of his rotund breasts
>”Come, Flampe, let me breastfeed you Mochi”

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I'll give the Brook moment but the big mom stalling was mostly because of zeus being a retard

>watching the fucking toei abomination of One Piece

They're actually doing a pretty good job with this arc so far.

I only watch it because Von Stroheim voices Mont D’or

>the big mom stalling was mostly because of zeus being a retard
half full half empty glass, user

I wonder who will ask what happened with Pudding.
I hope it is Nami. Would be a cute moment

>"y-you don't actually expect me to eat you, do you?! What, do you think I'm going to say you taste good or something?!

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Reminder that the 1v1s were one of the things that made one piece great and its not something that should be abandoned for more Luffy wanking

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Maybe. I'm personally hoping we find out when someone asks Pudding and at the end, when everyone is questioning what happened with Sanji, she tells them that Nami stole him. It makes sense with Nami's epithet.

>being bothered by a hakama
How many manga have you read?
Always I'm sorry user, you're gay.

>”That’s exactly what you’re going to say, my precious little sister. I’ve already seen the future.”

>Don't bite too hard

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Why's your picture about the inner thought process of all women in history? Thought this was a One Piece thread.

Reminder than it's the most generic bullshit you can find in a shonen nekketsu and that Oda is right to avoid it. Brook, Nami, Jinbei, Carrot and Sanji all proved their worth in meaningful ways even tho it was though classic 1v1 fights.

I Miss the old colours, what happened?

it was not through classic 1v1 fights*

Yeah no not really.
Oda should just choose one or two 1vs1 to focus on, Luffy's or someone else's, and leave the rest of the fighting offscreen.

>"What is this? Why can't I resist it? Oniisama feed me more!"

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Why was the camel included

Just fuck already.

idk Ive been really liking the episodes after that hour special last year. Even when the story isnt doing much, animators take liberties from the panels and have cool quirks here and there. Makes them fun in a newer way I think.

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He was part of the team (he was paired with Usopp for the deception). And kinda as a joke

I like it in certain parts but the filler in the next episode preview looks pretty bad.

so how far is ge getting in the marines by the end of the series?


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not even garp was an admiral, vice-admiral at best

Garp's only not an Admiral because of the extra responsibilities that would hamper his freedom as a Vice-Admiral.

Fleet Admiral. He'll do something big to get the recognition of the Marines, Akainu will fall, and Garp will recommend Coby then and there to take Akainu's spot. They wouldn't normally do it but since Garp is recommending him and he just did something huge they promote him.
Smoker becomes an Admiral after Fujitora resigns EoS

Alabasta was sorta magical in that everyone both got a fight and helped the crew in other major way. Plus, the fights happening felt somewhat natural compared to the EL key-game.